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pedal commander
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Kick Off 2021 Right With Pedal Commander!

Emre Buğra Çetin
December 27, 2020
Goodbye 2020 and hello to a fresh start! Just like you, we are happy to close the book shut on the last twelve months and jump into 2021. The New Year is about beginnings and a recommitment to one’s passions and goals. If you’re like us, your project car or your daily driver is at the top of that list of passion’s you’d like to commit more time to.

Getting started or picking up a long forgotten project can be hard, so let us make it easier for you! The Pedal Commander is the perfect performance modification to kick the year off with. Unlock your vehicle’s full throttle response in minutes with one of these bad boys! With easy plug-and-play installation, you can have your Pedal Commander up and running in a matter of minutes. Once installed, the Pedal Commander is in the control of your hands via either our bluetooth app or manually on the device itself.
For a limited time, from December 28 to January 3 you can snag a Pedal Commander throttle response controller for $30 off using code “NEWYEAR30”. Start your new year off with a bang and take one home today.

To find the perfect Pedal Commander for your vehicle, use our make & model finder tool on our website.

Kick Off 2021 Right With Pedal Commander!