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Pedal Commander vs Injen

Cansu Erdal
September 21, 2022

As you know, there is fierce competition between aftermarket parts in the auto market. But, none of them are as safe and effective as the ways that improve throttle response. For this reason, one of the most competitive aftermarket parts is the throttle response controller in terms of reliability and efficiency. The reason is that the throttle response controller maximizes the performance and acceleration of your car without damaging the original engine components. Even though it is a reliable and efficient aftermarket part, you need to be careful while deciding which throttle response controller is worth buying. Actually, you are right because all brands make the same claim: “our throttle response controller is the best.” on the market. It is quite normal when it comes to economic interests. However, there are some important differences between all throttle response controllers. As our product: Pedal Commander has the most functional and versatile features on the market, it is subject to its rival companies’ unfair and false comments. You know that the tree that bears fruit will be stoned.

But, competition is good for us because we find the opportunity to introduce you to the high-quality technology of our product. Also, thanks to the competition, car enthusiasts around the world get a better throttle response controller: Pedal Commander.

Today, we will compare our product to one of our competitors, Injen, in an honest way.

Pedal Commander vs. Injen: What They Do?

If we make a superficial comparison, we can say that Pedal Commander and Injen aim to have the same function; give you great driving pleasure by improving the electronic throttle response system.

A stock ETC System

Let’s look at the way they work. As you know, today’s cars use ETC or drive-by-wire systems. These electronic systems create a deliberate inherent delay and lag due to the processing, safety measures, and many other factors. Our product establishes a connection between your accelerator pedal and your car’s ECU. Once you press the accelerator pedal, the electronic signal coming from your press is amplified or reduced depending on the mod you select. In other words, Pedal Commander offers instant access to the engine’s power by reducing throttle response time.

Pedal Commander's contribution

Throttle controllers are designed to eliminate annoying throttle lags from your accelerator pedal. Compared to other aftermarket parts, these small devices have more reliable and practical specifications because they don’t intervene in the way the engine works. However, when it comes to different brands and manufacturers, you can come across poor quality or high quality of the same product. For this reason, if you want to buy the best throttle response controller, you need to read our extensive comparison between Pedal Commander and Injen.

Pedal Commander vs Injen: Which One Is Worth Buying

These two brands are the most popular throttle response controllers. If you want to understand which one is worth buying, all you need to do is make an objective comparison between Pedal Commander and Injen. You know money does not grow on trees. So, when many people decide to get a throttle response controller, they need to know whether it is a good investment worth their money or not.

You can make sure that there are a lot of important differences between Pedal Commander and Injen. For this reason, let’s talk about the similarities between them in the first place. Actually, the only similarity is that people recommend these products to each other as throttle response controllers. No kidding! That's the exact point where the similarities end.

Injen vs Pedal Commander: What Does Injen Offer?

Injen is one of the most familiar throttle response controllers on the market. Let’s learn everything about it.

  • Injen is $229.95.
  • Injen has 2 driving modes: Eco and Sport.
  • Eco mode decreases the throttle response and offers fuel economy to a certain degree.
  • Sport mode offers better performance and acceleration.
  • Sport mode has 9 different levels.
  • Economy mode has 7 different levels.
  • It has 16 different settings in total.
  • It can be operated with a knob.
  • It has no practical mobile app.
  • There is no sufficient information about how to use Injen on the official website.
  • There is no sufficient information about how to use Injen on the official website.
  • There is no specific information about Injen’s dimensions on the official website.
  • Injen is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Pedal Commander vs Injen: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

Let’s discover how Pedal Commander is better than Injen below:

  • Pedal Commander is $299.99
  • Pedal Commander has 4 program selections. ECO, City, Sport, Sport (+).
  • Each mode has 9 different sensitivity levels (up to 36 settings in total) and can be changed by pressing the program button.
  • ECO mode decreases the throttle response sensitivity and improves fuel economy by up to 20%.
  • City mode offers smooth and slow ride quality.
  • Sport mode makes your vehicle even faster for spirited driving.
  • Sport+ mode takes your vehicle to the ultimate level of mind-blowing acceleration and lets you show off on the racetrack. 
  • You can easily operate Pedal Commander from your mobile phone with a cutting-edge app equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Pedal Commander’s dimension is 2.7×1.9×0.6 in.

Pedal Commander vs Injen; One Pedal Commander to Beat Them All!

If you read this far, you can easily notice that Pedal Commander has more effective and versatile technology than Injen. As Pedal Commander, our priority is to provide you with clear and consistent information about our product on our official website. But, Injen’s website is full of insufficient information about how to use its product. As Injen has no practical mobile app, so we don’t know how to compare it with Pedal Commander. You can easily operate Pedal Commander from your mobile phone with its cutting-edge application. So, while Pedal Commander offers clear information from its usage to dimension, Injen hides its inadequate and impractical features.

If you look at the technic specifications of these two products, you will understand that our product: Pedal Commander is considerably superior to Injen. While Pedal Commander has four different modes and 36 settings, Injen has two different modes and 16 settings.

For this reason, Pedal Commander is more affordable, reliable, and versatile than Injen in terms of its modes, settings, and usage. We can objectively define Pedal Commander as a very advanced version of Injen. The reason is that Injen’s modes and settings are poorer than that of Pedal Commander in terms of numbers and features. Therefore, if you look at the websites of these two brands, you will definitely access more detailed, clear, and reliable information about our product from its dimension to its features.

When the subject is commerce, many manufacturers can put their economic interests first rather than product quality. However, as Pedal Commander, our priority is to give customers clear and accurate information. Some concepts like product success and customer satisfaction cannot be measured with profit or money. For this reason, Pedal Commander attaches great importance to high quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Sincerely, we can say that Pedal Commander is better than Injen or any of our competitors. Let’s talk about what makes Pedal Commander better than Injen below:
  • Pedal Commander has many awards and certifications, including CARB certification, which makes it legal for use in California. Pedal Commander also has multiple SEMA Awards for Data Excellence and Packaging Design. Pedal Commander also has CE, ISO 9001, and TÜV Austria certifications!
  • Injen does not have the CARB certification, so technically, it is illegal in California.
  • Pedal Commander has a great two years of product warranty. 
  • Pedal Commander also has a 30-days-no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!
  • Injen does not have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. (You can tell who is more confident in itself.)
  • Pedal Commander is made in Türkiye, but its headquarters are in Camarillo, California. This means you will have a much better after-sales and service experience!
  • Pedal Commander also has one of the best customer services in the automotive aftermarket industry with a team of highly skilled experts. You can reach our customer service via live chat, phone, mail, website, and our application!
  • Thanks to Pedal Commander’s Bluetooth capabilities and the great app, you can also receive OTA upgrades, and better yet, we can push a custom throttle mapping if none of our 36 modes satisfy you.
  • Injen has no practical mobile app.
  • The website of Injen does not indicate sufficient information about how to use Injen.
  • While Pedal Commander has four different modes and 36 settings, Injen has two different modes and 16 settings.
  • While Pedal Commander offers clear information from its usage to dimension, Injen hides its inadequate and impractical features.
  • Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis and Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company.
  • Pedal Commander also supports sports and motorsports events all around the globe, including sponsorships at UFC, NASCAR, and Formula Drift. Currently, Pedal Commander sponsors Formula Drift, Odi Bakchis, and Evan Bogovich. If you are a Formula Drift fan, you probably saw the Pedal Commander Nissan S14.9 win Prospec ST. Louis at the hands of Evan Bogovich.
Evan's S14.9
This is the most objective comparison between these two throttle controllers. All you need to do is visit their official websites and see the significant differences between them in terms of capability, quality, and technology. Pedal Commander has over 10.000 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars, as opposed to Injen’s 405 with an average of 4.6! As you can see, Pedal Commander is quite assertive about beating its competitors. If you want to Live Life Full throttle, the best choice is Pedal Commander!

Pedal Commander vs Injen