Mistakes of New Drivers When Driving a Car

Driving a car can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be stressful, especially for new drivers who are new to the game. They have a lack of experience on the road and it’s easy to make some mistakes such as speeding, distracted driving, mistaken between the accelerator and the brake pedal, and more. In this article, I will figure out some mistakes of new drivers when driving a car. Now, let’s find out.

  1. Mistaken between the accelerator and the brake pedal

Mistaken between the accelerator and the brake pedal is a common mistake that new drivers make. Accelerator on the right, brake on the left. But sometimes, many new drivers have the wrong foot pedal and accelerator pedal while circulating on the road. In fact, there have been many accidents when driving mistakenly manipulating the accelerator pedal.

Therefore, to avoid this mistake, drivers should be familiar with manipulating the brake pedal and the accelerator when the vehicle has not started yet. Besides, drivers should create a habit of pulling the hand brake when stopping.

Plus, the driver should adjust the driver's seat and seat position so that the most comfortable. The brake pedal and the accelerator are always within the pedal range.

  1. Do not turn on the turn signal when changing lanes

In fact, many new drivers often forgot to turn on the turn signal when changing lanes.  The new driver forgets to turn on the signal light or turn too suddenly when the car changed lanes, changing direction is not only dangerous for yourself but very likely to cause accidents for other vehicles involved in traffic.

  1. Driving when tired

Another common mistake of new drivers is driving when tired. The truth is that when you’re sleepy, your senses are dulled and reaction time will be reduced.

With new drivers, they have not many experiences in dealing with unexpected situations on the road. They are not the ability to solve this problem effectively. So if they drive when tired, it is easy to cause some accidents.

  1. 4. Speeding

When driving, most drivers occasionally speed. Experienced drivers can control their speed better. But new drivers often don't have a good sense of how a car's speed can affect their response time. Speeding significantly raises the chances of accidents happening.

So it's better for new drivers to drive without breaking the speed limit.

  1. 5. Holding the steering wheel too low

According to statistics, drivers who use the correct technique to hold the steering wheel of their vehicle are less likely to have an accident. For new drivers, they sometimes hold the steering wheel in the wrong way.

The best position to hold the steering wheel in the left hand in the 7-9 o'clock position, the right-hand position at 2-5 hours. If the driver puts his hand too low, it is easy to break his hand when he encounters a broken airbag.

In addition, before you begin to drive, try to take a few moments to ensure that all of the vehicle’s available adjustments are customized for your comfort. 

  1. Switch between the reverse gear and forward gear when the vehicle has not stopped completely

This is also a mistake that new drivers should avoid. Typically, switching between reverse and forward modes is often used when parking in tight spaces. Some new drivers often have the habit of dragging the brake, but when the car has not stopped completely they shift the gear selector from D to R. Shifting from D into R without the safety would reverse the torque on the gears. If this habit happens regularly, it will cause damage to the gearbox.

  1. Following too closely

Keep a respectable distance between cars is always a key way of preventing accidents. Cars need a certain amount of room when stopping. Unfortunately, new drivers fail to do so.


To ensure safety when driving, the driver should make sure to ease up on the gas and give as much distance as possible.


The above are just some common mistakes of new drivers when driving a car. They should try to avoid these mistakes and hit the road with care to ensure safety.

Apart from these mistakes, your vehicle condition also plays an important role in driving. When your car is in good condition, you are less likely to face any vehicle problems like brake failure or engine failure.

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