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The Pedal Commander is Perfection for Rock Crawlers

There are a lot of utilitarian and fun things we can do with our cars, and we are gifted with the privilege of California’s weather and topography to test them all. Whether rock crawling, mud trekking, hill climbing, water wading, or making their way over and through ice or snow, true off-road vehicles can be a blast, and truly amaze with their badass capabilities when experiencing it for oneself!

Not only is the Pedal Commander the easiest and best way to get the instantaneous throttle response you’ve always wanted from your vehicle, but it’s also the perfect add-on for those that want to crawl on and over rocky terrains!

The Pedal Commander simply plugs into your electronic throttle, and once installed, you are able to press the “Star” button to access the ‘Eco Mode’. The Eco mode will help direct the power accordingly to get you on top of and over those rocks, and will slow the signal down, having to press less of the pedal, getting your vehicle to movement from a standing start while placing less strain on your motor.

We at Pedal Commander are compatible with numerous vehicles, and here are the best rock crawling vehicles you can add them to!

Pedal Commander Jeep Off-Road

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Jeep Wrangler: Popular, inexpensive, easy to fix, has many different options for customization, accessories, and submodels, and is also able to handle various terrains. By far, your best choice and most popular for being off-road. Check out PC31 for Wranglers 2007-2018, and PC78 for 2018+!

Pedal Commander Jeep Gladiator

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Jeep Gladiator: Just like the Wrangler, the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator will also take PC78! It’s the perfect rock crawler with its high ground clearance, and heavy-duty front and rear axles, not to mention it’s available in Manual Transmission!

Pedal Commander Toyota 4Runner

Oldham, S. (2020, July 24). The 10 best Factory-built Mud Boggers, Rock Crawlers, and Trail Dogs in Showrooms Now. Hagerty Media. The 10 Best Factory-built Mud Boggers, Crawlers, and Trail Dogs in Showrooms Now

Toyota 4 Runner: Reliable, durable, and it’s easy to fix and maintain. We know what to expect with Toyota.  With electronic stability, descent control, 4 wheel drive, it can handle anything. We support 4th generation 4Runners with PC38 and 5th generation and newer with PC27.

Pedal Commander Ford F-150 Raptor

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Ford F150 Raptor: Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s also built to dominate. Most of the submodels have heavy-duty shocks that can withstand the variances with rock crawling. It’s got a locking differential, high output engine, heavy-duty front skid plates, and terrain mode system, which includes Rock Mode for just the occasion. Check out PC18 for your for your Ford F150. Good news, PC18 works for a lot of other Ford models too!

Pedal Commander Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Mercedes-Benz. “Open Soon: The G-Class Experience in Graz, Austria.” Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, 5 July 2019, Open Soon: The G-Class Experience in Graz, Austria

Mercedes Benz G Wagon: We’ve seen insane videos from the Mercedes G-Class Experience center in Austria. The very posh “Gangster” Mercedes being a total warrior off-road, and its ability to rock crawl doesn’t fall short in the least. While it’s hard to imagine that we’d use a $100k+ car to beat up a bit, it’s more than built for such things, as the G wagon started out roughing it as a military vehicle, and by far, is most impressive. Most of the compatible G class models will be taking PC36 or PC43.

Order your Pedal Commander today and get ready to dominate the crawl!
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