Watch Episode One & two of our 10for10 Hosted by AriandCars now.

Over the past month, the Pedal Commander Media Team has been hitting the streets of Southern California and meeting up with some of the most well-known Automotive YouTubers on the internet. With the help of our host AriandCars we gave them the opportunity to experience the difference a Pedal Commander makes. 

Episode one features, Model, Producer, supercar aficionado Amber Leigh AKA Kill.Bambi. Amber, who owns an Audi R8 and a Ferrari 488, is no stranger to speed and fast acceleration. Even still, When stepping into Ari’s M4 with the Pedal Commander on Sport+ she was blown away by the difference in response the Pedal Commander made. 

Watch her full reaction below! 



Episode Two - Features Chris Harikian the face behind the wildly popular Supercarsuspects youtube channel. Chris has been recently breaking in his new Audi R8. Ari thought it would be good for Chris to get some RWD Seat time again. This episode takes us into the beautiful Southern California Sierra Mountains to see what the Pedal Commander did for the M4. Watch the Episode now:



Episode Three features 'Sidewayz' Shawn Illingworth, professional Drifter and all around automotive lover. Shawn has been racing in the automotive community for years and has a made a name for himself as one of the top drifters coming out of southern California. Shawn took the Ruckus Company M4 out for a test drive with the Pedal Commander and found he had a rough time keeping the wheels from spinning.