Do I Need Pedal Commander with a Tuner?
August 01, 2022

Do I Need Pedal Commander with a Tuner?

Pedal Commander is an aftermarket part, a tuner, and a performance part. Is Pedal Commander the same as other tuners when we discuss it in the sense of performance? A tidbit difference exists there. There are many types of performance tuners, from ECU remappers to Flash Tuners, Piggybacks, and OBD2 tuners. Pedal Commander falls into the plug-and-play type of tuners. What plug-and-play tuners do is simple, you plug them onto your vehicle by yourself in a short amount of time, and you’re ready to profit. Pedal Commander specifically plugs between your throttle cable and your ECU (your vehicle’s brain). There are certainly positive aspects to this, and we shall discuss them, so stay tuned!


When Pedal Commander is plugged in, it does what a plug-and-play tuner does. It is a small device that lets you optimize your throttle signal traveling between your throttle pedal and your car’s brain (ECU). As this optimization is unlocked, you can select amongst 36 modes to achieve your personal optimization goal and set your throttle to respond however you find suitable. This doesn’t affect your car’s warranty because there is nothing permanently changed in your vehicle. Were you to unplug Pedal Commander, you would take your stock car settings back, and you should also know that this process is not traceable so that you won’t void your car warranty. So would it be okay to combine this throttle sensitivity optimization with other performance tuner chips? How would it affect your car’s health and performance if you did combine Pedal Commander with tuner chips? Let’s dig in with examples!

Should You Combine Pedal Commander With Tuners?

Yes, combining Pedal Commander with tuner chips would be perfectly okay, is the short answer. Let’s talk about Pedal Commander with tuner performance part or aftermarket accessory that improves and adds to your horsepower.

A performance tuner chip will increase your horsepower by 10 to 15 percent for a general stock automobile (i.e., one without any added performance components). Additionally, if you've upgraded your car with performance components like a turbo, cold air intake, or exhaust, the horsepower bump you get from tuning might be as much as 50% higher!

For example, considering you have settled with an hp enhancing performance tuner chip, first you have to know what you are accepting in terms and conditions (yeah, sorry, boring stuff) because there are certain things there. The performance of a chip is influenced by several variables, including the vehicle's make and type, high-quality fuel and lubrication, and the presence (or absence) of aftermarket performance parts. Knowing when it is required or harmful to equip your car with a performance chip depends on your understanding of the roles that these components play in a performance chip's effectiveness. Let's see what Pedal Commander is:

Combining Pedal Commander with performance tuners is coherent. After considering everything written here, you would realize that reaching perfect cooperation is possible. What you would get is increased horsepower with enhanced acceleration speed. But there is one thing you should never forget, a performance tuner chip is a performance tuner chip! Implementing a performance tuner chip in your final modification means discontinuing your car’s warranty and introducing risks that wouldn’t exist with Pedal Commander on its own.

More power may result from advanced timing, but there is also a greater risk of faulty detonation. In the event of this detonation, the knock sensor might not be able to pull enough timing to safeguard the engine. The engine may very well be able to operate at a higher engine speed in the case of a higher redline, but this also entails more elevated levels of wear and a significantly increased danger of catastrophic engine failure if pushed too far. Because of this, chip tuning will almost probably void the power train warranty on your automobile.

Do You Need Pedal Commander With Tuner?

So far, you might have already guessed it; you don’t need another performance tuner chip to get 100 percent performance out of Pedal Commander. Of course, you can boost your values with fine tuning and going into detail for your specific make and model, but you must be careful about your actions. An improper or overseen modification may have catastrophic results.


You can use Pedal Commander as a stand-alone performance tuner to boost your performance without all the “losing your warranty” hassle. Taking advantage of Pedal Commander is enough. Combining it carefully with other performance tuner chips leads to superb results, and in both cases, you’re winning. You can even use Pedal Commander to access its ECO mode and achieve up to 20 percent fuel efficiency. Pedal Commander means freedom to use your throttle pedal and optimize it to your specific needs, be it quicker acceleration times or less carbon footprint with improved fuel economy. Command your pedal with Pedal Commander!