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What is the Pedal Commander?

The Pedal Commander is the World’s Most Advanced Throttle Controller. The Pedal Commander gives you complete control over how you want your gas pedal to respond, whether it is faster or slower (to improve fuel economy). The Pedal Commander is designed to unleash the hidden power of your engine.

Will NOT Void Your Vehicles Warranty

Bluetooth Equipped No Extra Charge

2-Year Product Warranty With Tech Support

30-Day Money Back Guarantee unseen on automotive industries

For All Major Manufactures

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation

The Pedal Commander is a two-time SEMA award winner and holds CE, E24, ISO 9001, and ISO 140001 certifications, compliant with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Why do I need the Pedal Commander?

The Pedal Commander is designed to re-create the instantaneous throttle response of mechanically operated vehicles.

In the past, vehicles:

  • Were mechanically operated
  • Utilized a cable to connect the accelerator pedal directly to the throttle body
  • Allowed a linear connection between your foot and the pedal, giving you an immediate throttle response


Now, vehicles:

  • Are equipped with systems controlled by an Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Replaced the mechanics of the cable with an electronically controlled system utilizing drive-by-wires
  • Use an accelerator pedal position sensor to determine the position of the pedal, send this information to the ECU, and then the ECU commands the throttle body to open or close.

The drive-by-wire system has limitations, including a significantly slower throttle response.


That’s why we need the Pedal Commander.

The Pedal Commander will:

        • Completely bypass a large portion of the traditional electronic throttle control system
        • Use its own control circuits to quickly gather and compile the pedal’s position data, then send it directly to the ECU
        • Remaps the throttle curve and opens the throttle body wider than your factory settings

With the Pedal Commander, you can finally experience 100% of what your vehicle has to offer. Take your vehicle’s power back into your control and drive the way YOU want.


If you want to save fuel, use ECO mode.

Need the perfect balance of power and practicality? City mode is the way to go.

Want to make your daily commute more exciting? Use Sport mode.

Want an extra unbeatable edge? Then Sport + mode is the only option.


With 4 modes and 9 different sensitivities within each mode, you have 36 options to explore and make your own.

Our goal is to stop you from adapting to your car and make your car adapt to YOU.