Discover Pedal Commander Dos and Don’ts!
July 22, 2022

Discover Pedal Commander Dos and Don’ts!

If you want to get a reliable and effective upgrade, you will feel lucky after exploring Pedal Commander. Better yet, if you have one right now, you know how great the Pedal Commander is! However, there are some dos and don’ts about Pedal Commander that you should know!

Learn more about Pedal Commander's dos and don'ts!

Even Pedal Commander dos and don’ts help you realize that Pedal Commander has brilliant technology with its easy-to-use app, installation, and removal process. If you have any bad experiences with aftermarket performance upgrades, Pedal Commander will help you forget all of them.

Pedal Commander Dos

Pedal Commander is the most popular throttle controller on the market. While Pedal Commander only improves the electronic throttle system of your vehicle, it is very effective. Pedal Commander unlocks your vehicle’s full potential without harming the engine. You can use Pedal Commander if you want;

  • A safe performance upgrade,
  • Better control over your vehicle’s power,
  • To have immediate results,
  • Multiple people using the same vehicle with different requirements.

To use the Pedal Commander unit to its full potential, you should learn about its capabilities.

  • DO use Pedal Commander to customize your vehicle’s behavior.
  • DO use Pedal Commander to enhance the throttle response
  • DO use Pedal Commander’s modes and experiment with them, as each mode has different characteristics.
  • DO use ECO mode to do more than just get better fuel economy, as ECO mode can help you during harsh weather conditions, seemingly unpassable off-road trails, and the safety of your loved ones.
  • DO use ECO mode as some kind of valet mode. ECO mode smoothens and slows the acceleration curve of your vehicle. This is useful for people who are inexperienced with your vehicle, such as valets and teenage drivers.
  • DO use ECO mode for sitting back and relaxing. ECO mode will give your car an almost chauffeured feeling.
  • DO use City mode to have that classic 1:1 throttle ratio. With City mode, how much you press the accelerator is how much and how fast you will accelerate. It will remove all the factory lag and make your car feel better in crowded city traffic.
  • DO use Sport mode a lot! Sport mode is extremely fun and safe to use on highways. It will enhance the acceleration and make your car feel more powerful.
  • DO use Sport+ mode to have some harmless fun. It will give your vehicle a racecar-like acceleration, and you will be shocked at what your car’s stock settings can do!
  • DO contact our customer service if you have any problems.
  • DO download our mobile app, which has some unique features and advantages.

As you can see, Pedal Commander is one of the safest and most effective performance upgrades. However, you should also know that Pedal Commander has some don’ts to consider.

Pedal Commander Don’ts

As mentioned above, Pedal Commander has four modes that can work wonders on your car. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you will benefit from our product. However, you need to keep Pedal Commander don’ts in mind, too.

  • DON’T use Pedal Commander with the expectation of higher horsepower figures. While Pedal Commander will make you feel like you just added 50 horsepower, it won’t change your vehicle's horsepower or torque numbers.
  • DON’T change modes while driving. Changing modes while driving can cause your car to be confused. If you want to change modes, just take your foot off the gas and change it. If you want to be safer, only change modes while stationary.
  • DON’T use Sport+ mode on public roads. You should only use this mode for track days and closed roads.
  • DON’T forget to unplug the Pedal Commander when going to the dealership or the mechanic if you have a warranty. Pedal Commander is completely undetectable, so it won’t void your warranty. However, if you have it plugged in, it will be detected, and the dealership might void your warranty for it.
  • DON’T worry if you have any problems with Pedal Commander. Your unit has a 2-year warranty, and we have an expert customer service team that will take care of you and your product.