Best Early Black Friday Deals For Car People
November 14, 2022

Best Early Black Friday Deals For Car People

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and there are some great deals, especially if you are an automotive enthusiast. If you stumbled upon this article, chances are you are passionate about cars or know someone who is. However, with many deals going around, it can be a little frustrating to shop for a new performance upgrade. If you want some pointers, read along! 

Pedal Commander is Making Its Biggest Discount! 

Pedal Commander's biggest discount of the year.

Pedal Commander is the most popular throttle controller on the market. With its four modes and 36 settings, Pedal Commander will let you command your throttle the way you want when you want it. 

If you don’t know what an electronic throttle response controller is, it is a device that will improve the throttle response and can improve acceleration. It is one of the most underrated performance upgrades.  If you want to learn more about throttle controllers, you can click here

If you are waiting for a Pedal Commander deal or a Pedal Commander discount, now is the time to shop! If you use the code SAVEBIG, you will save $50 on your order! That’s the biggest discount of the year!

A Cheaper Option: Fukin’ Tuned

If you want a Pedal Commander but can’t afford it, Fukin’ Tuned is another fantastic option. It is a cheaper throttle controller, but it will make a noticeable difference as soon as you install it in your car. 

Fukin’ Tuned is currently on sale, but if you use code SAVEBIG, you can save an additional $25! If you want to learn more about Fukin’ Tuned or get one for your car, you can click here! 

Other Deals to Look Out For

OBD2 Scanners are some of the most valuable tools in an automotive enthusiast's toolbox. These tools are handy because they help you read error codes and understand what’s going on with your car. You can find some fantastic deals on OBD2 Scanners at this time of the year. Another useful tool is a jump starter and battery checker for your car. These tools will check your car battery’s health and jumpstart it if it runs out of battery.