In-Depth Guide: How to Wash Your Car in Summer?
September 21, 2022

In-Depth Guide: How to Wash Your Car in Summer?

As you know, the arrival of the summer season encourages travelers to plan long trips. One of the sources of inspiration that gives your soul the enthusiasm and freedom to travel is, of course, your car. We can define you as a car enthusiast if you are already aware of this. But, some people only see their cars as an instrument that takes them from A to B, so they can often neglect car wash and detailing services.

Your car is an important part of the summer experience

However, your car is a necessary part of creating summer memories. While resting and seeing new places during an extended vacation, your car is exposed to different kinds of road grimes in hot weather conditions. So, if you want to preserve the working life of your car, you should keep reading our detailed guide to the summer car wash.

How to Wash Your Car in Summer?

As you know, many people consider car washing a simple and ordinary action, so there is no difference between a summer car wash and a regular car wash for them. On the other hand, some people are aware of how important car washes are to maintain the general quality of their cars. So, wherever they travel in the summer, they do detailed research on “full-service car wash near me” on the internet to get a professional full-service car wash.

What if you cannot find a full-service car wash near you? All you need to do is learn important tips about how to do a summer car wash. The first thing you need to know is never to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight because it can lead to serious damage to car paint. Another important point is to select reliable cleaning products which don’t react to hot weather.

Spray your car with soap, but do it in shade!

According to where you travel, you should do car washes without delay. For example, if you spend your summer vacation in a coastal environment, you must be careful about warm winds carrying sea salt. The reason is that salt increases the degree of rusting, so we can describe salt as a serious enemy of steel.

Moreover, one of the most significant pieces of information about summer car wash is that bird migration increases in the summer so that you can face very acidic bird droppings on the surface of your car. If you do car washes regularly, you can prevent acidic bird droppings from ruining your car paint.

Keep reading to take the right steps about car wash summer!

Some Tricks to Keep In Mind While Washing Your Car in Hot Weather

Even though the summer car wash seems simple and ordinary, it requires the implementation of essential stages with fine workmanship. You can start the summer wash, setting a time when the sun is not directly overhead. Let’s take a quick look at the following stages below:

  • Spray your car generously with water before applying any cleaning product to the vehicle.
  • Wash the vehicle by dividing it into small sections, which allows the washing process to be completed quickly.
  • Read every detail on the label of the cleaning products, and check whether there is anything regarding use in the sun or not.
  • Dry with a microfiber towel to prevent water spots on the surface. 
  • Dilute highly concentrated cleaning products with water to avoid excessive foaming and dry the vehicle as soon as possible.

Apply these stages to can maintain the general quality and working life of your car in hot weather conditions. Many people are also curious about the answer to the “should you wash under your car?” question. It is important to do an undercarriage wash regularly but not often.


If you pay attention to the summer car wash stages mentioned earlier, you will realize that there are important details about drying the vehicle. It is important to preserve the quality of car paint. T

Is It Bad to Wash Your Car in the Sun?

The best time to wash car in summer is the mid-morning, evening, or on a cloudy day. Instead of washing car in sun, you should wash your car in moderate weather temperatures. Also, if you find a cool shade in the summer, you should wash your car immediately without missing this opportunity. Thus, all you need to do is to check the weather forecast before starting the summer car wash.

Another important answer to the “do i need to dry my car after washing?” question is based on a big yes. The reason is that if you don’t dry your car after washing, water spots in the direct sunlight can damage your car paint. Thus, as you can see, there is still a lot to talk about the summer car wash, but also drying your car too! 

Discover How to Properly Dry a Car After Washing

If you know the right answer to the “Can you wash a car in sun?” question, you can discover how to dry a car after washing. Before starting the summer car wash, all you need to do is keep your car away from direct sunlight. Let’s talk about how to properly dry a car after washing.

One of the most important requirements about how to dry off car after wash is related to using the right types of equipment like microfiber towels, blow dryers, water blades, and synthetic chamois. These allow you to clean all of the water spots and preserve your car paint.

When you spend your summer vacation in a coastal environment, you can worry about how to wash salt from under the car. But, preparing a mixture including half white vinegar and half warm water is the best solution to wash the salt from under the car. Then, you can wash the salt under the car with this effective mixture.

Accordingly, is it that easy to wash car wheels? Let’s talk about how to wash car wheels. All you need to do is get rid of grimes with a high-pressure hose and then dry all the wheels completely.

Don't forget to wash and dry tires!

As you can see, drying the car after washing is a very significant matter. For this reason, let’s discover how to dry windows after washing the car. While drying your car windows, you need to use a microfiber towel and a glass coating agent to avoid annoying water spots.

As a result, there is no need to ask yourself, “can I wash my car in the sun” or “what's best to dry car after washing” because you can learn everything about the summer car wash while reading our blog. While Pedal Commander can't help you wash your car, it can help your sparkling car to accelerate faster!