How to Improve Fuel Economy with Performance Mods
December 19, 2022

How to Improve Fuel Economy with Performance Mods

As you know, performance parts promise many different features related to improving the overall ride quality of your vehicle.  Well, how would you describe the features of the best aftermarket part? Even though almost all car enthusiasts generally expect mind-blowing performance and acceleration from aftermarket parts, they can never give up wallet-friendly ones. Since one of the most well-known performance parts that increase fuel economy is performance chip tuning, let’s talk about how to save money on it.

Performance tuning chip is designed to reprogram the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), so it can be called ECU chip tuning, or engine tuning. It includes eco-tune specifications which increase fuel efficiency. For this reason, when you research how to get better mpg, you can encounter eco-chip reviews about fuel saving. If you want to have the best performance chip for fuel economy, you need to consider your vehicle model.

If used with a healthy tune that's safe, tuning chips, or ECU reflashers can improve fuel economy.

For example, if you own a Toyota Tundra, you might feel like your vehicle lacks a little bit in the fuel economy department. If you want to improve your fuel milage you can search for the best fuel economy chip for Toyota Tundra. You can also search for for performance tuners for gas trucks. If you own a diesel truck, you can look at performance tuners for diesel trucks on the Internet. So, getting the most out of performance chip tuning, especially for fuel economy,  is dependent on finding the compatible one for your vehicle.

Even if you find the best performance chip for fuel economy, eco-chip reviews may confuse you with negative ones. For this reason, we will give the right answer to the “do fuel saver chips really work” question. This article helps you decide whether eco-tune chips are worth buying. Also, if you read this article till the end, you will learn the best plug and drive gas saver performance part on the market. 

Do Fuel Saver Chips Really Work?

Performance chip tunings enhance your vehicle’s performance, acceleration, and fuel efficiency to a certain degree. We can call them fuel saver chips due to their feature “fuel save” or eco-tune specifications. So, how eco chip does it work? One of the most essential functions of performance chip tuning is to control the engine operation with a new algorithm offering higher power at lower fuel consumption by changing the parameters of the vehicle computer. However, if we continue the Toyota Tundra example, Toyota Tundra tuner mpg is still dependant on the your driving style.

Even though performance chip tunings equipped with eco-tune specifications increase fuel efficiency to a certain degree, they will pose some risks to the engine of your vehicle. The reason is that the performance chip tuning adds horsepower to your car, so it has a direct and radical intervention in the way the engine works. Thus, we can say that fuel-saver chips don’t completely work because of their high probability of damaging the engine.

You should be extremely careful when tuning your ECU. If you set some parameters wrong, you can be in a bit of a pickle.

You know what they say: don't let perfect be the enemy of good. While the best performance chip for fuel economy helps you get fuel saving, it can be responsible for serious damage to your vehicle’s engine. Since many drivers look for how to get better mpg, they can forget to search whether performance parts include risky features. 

As a result, you should know that performance chip tunings known as fuel-saver chips don’t work because of their risky intervention in the engine. However, if you want to buy a reliable performance part designed to fulfill your car’s “fuel save” need, you may feel lucky. The reason is that we will share the best plug-and-drive gas-saver aftermarket part on the market. Just keep reading!

What is the Best Plug and Drive Gas Saver Performance Part?

Almost all drivers are curious about how to get better mpg. The reason is that fuel saving allows you to save money on fuel and oil expenses. This situation also contributes to the increase in energy sustainability and the reduction in carbon emissions and air pollution, in other words, climate change. The good news is that Pedal Commander is ready to fulfill your “fuel save” need because it is the best plug-and-drive gas-saver throttle response controller on the market.

Pedal Commander's Eco mode is a fantastic tool to have

Even though Pedal Commander is designed to eliminate throttle lag from your gas pedal, it has versatile functions like the ultimate level of acceleration and fuel saving. How does Pedal Commander offer a smoother ride, mind-blowing acceleration, and fuel economy at the same time? It has four adjustable driving modes (Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+). Let’s talk about them.

While Sport mode promises you faster ride quality, Sport+ mode makes you feel driving on a racetrack with mind-blowing acceleration. City mode offers a more civil and smoother ride in traffic. Eco mode makes Pedal Commander the best plug-and-drive gas-saver performance part because it saves fuel economy by up to 20%.

Unlike a performance chip tuning equipped with eco-tune specifications, Pedal Commander does not void your car warranty because it has no intervention in the engine operation. Also, it has a more practical installation and removal process that takes just 15 minutes. You can operate Pedal Commander from your mobile phone because it offers a cutting-edge mobile app and Bluetooth control. So, if you want to make a useful investment for your car’s fuel saving, all you need to do is buy Pedal Commander.