Pedal Commander Customer Appreciation Sale
July 30, 2020

Pedal Commander Customer Appreciation Sale

The Pedal Commander is the world’s most advanced throttle response controller. In the age of electronic throttle systems, one of the most common complaints from drivers is a noticeable lag between pushing the gas pedal and the car beginning to accelerate. The Pedal Commander solves this problem and even more!

Here at Pedal Commander, we know that our loyal customers and fans are what has helped us grow into the business we are today. Without the support of our multinational community, we would have never been able to accomplish as much as we have. To say thank you we are holding a customer appreciation sale starting July 31st and going all the way until August 10th. We understand that money has gotten tight for some, and one of the only activities available to the public right now is driving. With that in mind, we want to ensure every driver has the opportunity to get the most out of their vehicle.

The Pedal Commander is an easy to install plug-n-play system, it connects in between your gas pedal and cars ECU. The install can be done by anyone in about 15 minutes and at most requires one screwdriver to install. Once the Pedal Commander is installed, Switching between the 4 main modes and the 9 settings in each mode could be easier. Changing modes can be done from the buttons on the unit or through the Pedal Commander app thanks to the unit’s Bluetooth feature. While the Pedal Commander doesn’t increase the horsepower of the vehicle, it allows for faster access to horsepower. This faster access results in faster acceleration and lower 0-60 times.

The Pedal Commander can also be used to help improve fuel economy. When put into Eco Mode drivers can expect to see a boost of up to 20% in fuel economy. Eco mode is also great for new drivers, making the likelihood of unintentional acceleration lower.

The Pedal Commander is available for any vehicle with an electronic throttle. Visit to check for your vehicle.

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July 31st - Aug 10th.