Why Pedal Commander is One of the Best Kept Performance Secrets
November 25, 2022

Why Pedal Commander is One of the Best Kept Performance Secrets

Some people associate the best performance car with a new car, so they complain about high car prices. There is no need to buy a new car to experience the best car performance. Almost all car enthusiasts are interested in performance upgrade secrets. However, the most popular performance upgrades usually adds horsepower, such as turbochargers or ECU flashing. 

Most cars have more than enough power to make driving fun. However, they lack the throttle response to have a great driving experience! That’s where one of the best kept performance upgrade secrets shine; Pedal Commander.  

Why Pedal Commander Is a Hidden Treasure

Pedal Commander is designed to offer instant access to the engine’s power. It establishes strong connection between your accelerator pedal and your car’s ECU. One of the main functions of Pedal Commander is to eliminate throttle lags from your accelerator pedal. It allows your vehicle to reach the ultimate level of performance, acceleration, and fuel economy. 

Pedal Commander promises you the best car performance at an affordable price. While other aftermarket parts are not worth your money and time because of their risky operation, Pedal Commander turns your vehicle into a kind of beast without damaging the engine components. If you want to understand how it is a perfect and easy performance upgrade, all you need to do is learn everything about it. So, keep reading!

Discover the Advanced Technology of Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander is the most cutting-edge throttle response controller on the market. It promises you versatile technology that includes performance upgrade secrets. One of the most important performance upgrade secrets of our product is related to the installation process and practical usage. It is quick to install and remove as quickly as a wink. Without going to a mechanic, you can easily install Pedal Commander on your own. It takes just 15 minutes. 

Also, Pedal Commander has a cutting-edge mobile application equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. It has an advanced Bluetooth control available for both iOS and Android. You can operate Pedal Commander from your mobile phone with its app. As you can see, Pedal Commander offers comfortable ride quality with its practical usage. Thus, Pedal Commander is completely beyond other performance parts in terms of technology.

Another significant performance upgrade secret of Pedal Commander is based on its versatile features. It has 36 different mode settings designed according to different driving styles, road and weather conditions, with four adjustable modes and nine additional levels for each mode. You can easily control all of them by using Pedal Commander App.  So, how you use Pedal Commander is totally up to what you need on the road.

Let’s talk about Pedal Commander’s four different driving modes which are ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+. Eco mode decreases the throttle response sensitivity and improves fuel economy by up to 20%. City mode offers smoother and slower ride quality. Sport mode makes your vehicle even faster for spirited driving. Sport+ mode takes your vehicle to the ultimate level of mind-blowing acceleration and lets you show off on the racetrack. So, Pedal Commander offers smoother ride quality, gradually increasing acceleration, and fuel efficiency at the same time.

Moreover, no matter your vehicle brand or engine, Pedal Commander’s advanced technology satisfies your need for a throttle response controller. Our product is specifically designed for each vehicle. So, all you need to do is select your vehicle's body and engine to try it. It offers a state of art technology beyond your dreams. If you want to discover the reliability of Pedal Commander, all you need to do is keep reading.

How to Keep Your Car Warranty with Pedal Commander

As you know, a car warranty is considerably significant to preserve the original engine parts. Many people wonder whether there is a reliable aftermarket part on the market. The good news is that Pedal Commander is the most reliable throttle response controller on the market. It is designed to add instant access to the engine power of your car. Pedal Commander makes you experience the peak of comfort, acceleration, and gas mileage without voiding your car warranty. Let’s talk about how it keeps your car warranty safe.

Unlike performance tuners and chip tunings, Pedal Commander does not damage the original engine parts of your vehicle. The reason is that it has no intervention in the engine operation. So, Pedal Commander does not add horsepower to your car. In fact, the more you explore Pedal Commander, the more you will say goodbye to risky and time-consuming aftermarket parts. As you can see, when you buy our product, wasting your time and money on useless performance parts will be completely history.

Moreover, Pedal Commander has multiple SEMA awards and a CARB certificate that makes your car legal to use in California and 19 other states. So, you can buy it with peace of mind. If you have difficulty believing how perfect Pedal Commander is, you can look at the reviews of its users. Pedal Commander has over 9.000 5-star reviews and over 500.000 users worldwide. When Pedal Commander’s price is taken into account, we can say that it is a complete price-performance product. In short, if you decide to upgrade your car performance with our product, you will experience fantastic driving pleasure in every respect!