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Pedal Commander vs Pedal Monster

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

Jumping on to the latest trend, we will be returning to other aftermarket part manufacturers! We have to accept that we were late to this train because we were too busy listening to reviews, fixing problems, and improving our devices while trying to find new ways to increase our products’ functionality further. But that is not an excuse because it’s our fault that we didn’t stop and spare some seconds to answer another company’s accusations, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing now! Let’s get down to it.

Pedal Commander vs. Pedal Monster: What Is The Purpose of Throttle Controllers? 

Most current cars and conventional accelerators feel the need to use "drive-by-wire" throttle technology. Typically, the sensor used by this system to determine the pedal's location is what causes the delay in your throttle. It triggers a signal to be sent to the car's engine computer, transforming the whole thing into acceleration. 

An electronic throttle system.

A gadget that aids in the pedal-engine reaction of a car is called a throttle response controller. Optimizing the pedal sensitivity, you may change your vehicle's response to your throttle pedal and get a sense of how much power you wish to use. A throttle controller increases safety while also making driving more enjoyable! 

How Pedal Commander connects

Many of these drive-by-wire systems exhibit a noticeable time delay, a significant drawback. The throttle controller is helpful in this situation. It enables the user to adjust the signal coming from the accelerator pedal. This is done with various built-in settings to ensure that one finds an environment that suits the individual's driving style.

Pedal Commander's curve

Now that the throttle can be adjusted to your preferred setting, you no longer have to worry about the pedal sensitivity being too high or low to create a unique experience each time. More control over the vehicle's speed, acceleration, and throttle response. Imagine it as an adjustable throttle booster for city driving, poor weather, or a livelier ride.

Pedal Commander vs Pedal Monster: Which One Is Better

Pedal Commander is better. Why? You get the same job done with even more optimization freedom. You get a free OBD2 port to work with. You can order 75 spicy deluxe from Chick-fil-a instead of spending that much on a throttle controller! 

It is a fact that Pedal Monster offers “more” but what Pedal Monster doesn’t offer is all of them together. Advertising and promising you the world isn’t worth it if you’re going to want more and more bucks for those additional features. You can’t control your device without your smartphone if you haven’t paid another 295$.

Pedal Monster vs Pedal Commander: What Does Pedal Monster Offer?

Pedal Monster is a throttle sensitivity controller attached to the car's +12 Volt OBD-II connection to read vehicle data. The intended pedal reaction and improved safety features are provided using this link and vehicle information. 

ActiveSafety: The mechanism seamlessly restores the pedal to its original state in the case of an internal or external circuit failure. Other components render the car unusable when they malfunction. 

ReverseSafety: When in reverse gear, PedalMonster restores the vehicle's standard throttle response so you don't zoom out of the garage backward and smash your car.

Low-Speed Trim: Throttle sensitivity is gradually increased based on speed. Even in Sport/Track mode, user-adjustable with six settings enables smooth control.

Pedal Monster vs Pedal Commander: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

Pedal Commander offers what a throttle response controller provides. 

At a reasonable price. 

Without voiding your warranty or leaving any flags.

Safely, with cutting-edge technology and sturdy design.

While we’re at it, let’s put ‘em all in line:

  • Pedal Commander is a single device with a built-in controller and Bluetooth.
  • Pedal Commander doesn’t occupy your OBD2 port, so that you can combine it with other performance tuners and aftermarket parts.
  • Pedal Commander doesn’t cause voltage shorts. It is battle tested and is built for safety. Only small amounts of mini amps are being used. Your throttle would still have plenty of overhead power.
  • Pedal Commander has many awards and certifications, including CARB certification, which makes it legal for use in California. Pedal Commander also has multiple SEMA Awards. Pedal Commander also has CE, ISO 9001, and TÜV Austria certifications!
  • Pedal Commander has a great two years of product warranty.  Pedal Commander also has a 30-days-no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!
  • Pedal Commander’s headquarters are in Camarillo, California. This means you will have a much better after-sales and service experience! 
  •  Pedal Commander also has one of the best customer services in the automotive aftermarket industry with a team of highly skilled experts. You can reach our customer service via live chat, phone, mail, website, and our application! 
  • Thanks to Pedal Commander’s Bluetooth capabilities and the great app, you can also receive OTA upgrades, and better yet, we can push a custom throttle mapping if none of our 36 modes satisfy you. 
  • Pedal Commander is specifically designed to work with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and ECU, so you’ll get peace of mind by buying a product for your car! 
  • Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis, Evan Bogovich, Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company. 
  • Pedal Commander also supports sports and motorsports events all around the globe, including sponsorships at UFC, NASCAR, and Formula Drift. Currently, Pedal Commander sponsors Formula Drift, Odi Bakchis, and Evan Bogovich. 
  • Pedal Commander is battle tested! If you are a Formula Drift fan, you probably saw the Pedal Commander Nissan S14.9 win Prospec ST. Louis at the hands of Evan Bogovich. 

Evan Bogovich's Pedal Commander S14.9

Pedal Monster vs Pedal Commander: Godzilla versus King Kong! 

Gotta give it to Banks; even though they get a little bit spicy on the pocket, Pedal Monster knows what to provide. That doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to provide it. Pedal Commander’s over 10.000 reviews is enough to say that we know what we are doing! 

Although it’s enough, it’s not the only reason. Talk about secrets! Maybe the fact that they’re so involved with Pedal Commander using “too much voltage” is a way to cover their flaws. Pedal Commander just uses milliamperes, and your throttle wiring has more than enough overhead to support Pedal Commander. Pedal Monster connects and occupies your OBD2 port so you can forget about combining a throttle response controller with any other type of data needing performance tuners or OBD2 readers. Even if you could connect a tuner or an OBD2 reader with an OBD2 splitter, Pedal Monster loses its voltage advantage.

Also, PedalMonster uses the busy CAN bus to communicate with the ECU. The CAN bus is busy because many sensors use CAN and fight for traffic. This probIem is especially worse if  your vehicle has auto start/stop, according to many users. PedalMonster advises their users to use No-OBD mode to negate these ill effects. However, if you use your PedalMonster with No-OBD mode enabled, you get an inferior product that’s priced the same, or twice as much with a control module, as the Pedal Commander.
Most of the advertised features of the PedalMonster, such as the Reverse Safety, only works for a few select vehicles, and PedalMonster’s customer service is not a huge hit with the customers. Also, Pedal Commander customers state that they don’t have any issues with the reverse gear. 

Speaking of data needs, a simple act such as surfing the internet can make it clear that people who use both Pedal Commander and Pedal Monster notice that “low-speed trim acceleration” doesn’t exist. If any difference, reviewers say, Pedal Commander is more responsive to the settings it provides. Since Pedal Monster chose the OBD2 port to give you the privilege of “smoother acceleration” and then failed to achieve this acceleration, it also caused some voltage problems, so why are they occupying your OBD2 port? Even if the OBD2 connection works flawlessly with your vehicle, most users choose Pedal Commander over PedalMonster because it is much easier to install. With PedalMonster, you must route the included long OBD2 cable to a place where it won’t snag, which is a chore. Pedal Commander is much easier to install!

For 295$, you get Pedal Monster, limited only to your smartphone for control. Only if you pay another 295$ you get a controller for your car. Pay a total 695$ to buy everything advertised by Pedal Monster, many of which are said to be not functional by the reviewers. Pedal Monster's OBD2 connection is an interesting gimmick, but it is a gimmick nonetheless. If you want functional, stick to the best, Pedal Commander! Click here to select your vehicle and engine to get started! 

Pedal Commander vs Pedal Monster