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Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

Two specific performance tuners rise and shine in a world of custom tunings and aftermarket parts! Even though one of them is a throttle response controller and the other is a chip tuner, they’re still going to pump all the blood to their muscles and show off their skills in our text here. They want to inform you about who is the best and who wins! There can only be one who becomes the ultimate throttle response controller in a fight between Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT! Hop on in, it begins!

Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT: Which One Does What? 

An acceleration delay is when you press down on the accelerator pedal, and the engine responds slowly or poorly. This can be annoying when attempting to squeeze through a narrow hole on a crowded roundabout or dangerous while trying to pass a caravan traveling at 90 km/h in the center of the road while dodging any "shooting" bullets in the right-hand lane.

When talking about Pulsar vs Pedal Commander, Pedal Commander is a plug-and-play device that plugs in effortlessly and lets you optimize this accelerator lag in every way you wish. You can lower the lag to accelerate faster or raise the lag to save some fuel in ECO mode or take on hard terrains with slow tire rotations.

Pulsar LT tries to do more than throttle response control by also checking your tire pressure and stuff like that. Checking and adjusting things in your car need permission and access to its computing devices, that’s why Pulsar LT actually connects through your OBD2 port to read and change all types of things other than throttle response.

Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT: Which One Is Better?

Pulsar has 36 reviews and Pedal Commander has over 10,000 reviews on our website only. It may seem like overkill, which it is, but this is simply due to the fact that Pulsar only makes their aftermarket part for 2019-2022 GM gas trucks. You can find a Pedal Commander specially made for your make and model anytime! Meaning more people has access to Pedal Commander.

But that’s only the “ability to access product” situation. After receiving the devices, people tend to have a bad time with Pulsar LT as it is reportedly causing some electrical problems on the car’s ECU. Pedal Commander is better if you want a boost to your throttle response. Tread carefully when working with Pulsar LT and always wear some gloves!

Pulsar LT vs Pedal Commander: What Does Pulsar LT Offer?

Pulsar LT Features:

  • Speed Limiter Adjustment (82-140 MPH)
  • You can adjust your speed limit to your needs. Having access to optimized speed might come in handy in various situations but beware that meddling with such options have resulted in some electronic misfortunes for reviewers.

  • TPMS Adjustment (1-99 PSI)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System will let you adjust your various settings to match your exact number of pressure for your tires.

  • Tire Size Correction (29” – 50.9”)
  • Tire Size Correction will let you adjust your speed-o-meter to match your exact number of size for your tires.

  • Axle Ratio (2.00 – 6.99)
  • Let’s you set your Axle Ratio.

  • Clear DTCs
  • Let’s you clear some of your Diagnostic Trouble Codes

  • Auto Start/Stop Disable
  • Such a quality of life improvement, now optimizable for your needs

  • DFM Disable
  • Dynamic Fuel Management systems can have a lot of downsides. You can disable them with Pulsar LT.

  • No PCM Modification Required
  • Pulsar LT doesn’t require your Powertrain Control Module to be modified to function.

  • No Trace Once Removed
  • Pulsar LT promises you no trace after removal but remember, it is an OBD2 plug so there is always a chance that it leaves a flag on your vehicle.

  • Multiple On-The-Fly Throttle Sensitivity Levels
  • They advertise the multiple choice ability on their throttle sensitivity levels. Let’s see if they can compete with Pedal Commander’s 4 Main (ECO - City - Sport - Sport+) modes and their 9 setting levels

    As much as Pulsar LT offers, they offer with limitations. For over 500$, they’re selling these products only for 2019-2022 GM gas trucks. Pedal Commander is made to work with over 500 different cars, so you can get a Pedal Commander that's specifically made to fit your car's make and model.

    Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

    Pedal Commander doesn’t only offer and leave. The reason why Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT puts Pedal Commander forth is that there exists complete product support that you will be receiving. You won’t simply buy a performance part. You’ll be joining a family. Customer Service, installation videos, Over the Air Updates, mobile access, fuel efficiency in ECO mode, and many more will be at your pedal! We are only doing throttle response, but we’re doing it well. Let us show you how we do it briefly:

    • Pedal Commander is a single device with a built-in controller and Bluetooth.
    • Pedal Commander doesn’t occupy your OBD2 port, so that you can combine it with other performance tuners and aftermarket parts.
    • Pedal Commander is the sturdiest. It is battle tested and is built for safety. 
    • Pedal Commander has many awards and certifications, including CARB certification, which makes it legal for use in California. Pedal Commander also has multiple SEMA Awards. Pedal Commander also has CE, ISO 9001, and TUV Austria certifications!
    • Pedal Commander has a great two years of product warranty.  Pedal Commander also has a 30-days-no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!
    • Pedal Commander’s headquarters are in Camarillo, California. This means you will have a much better after-sales and service experience! 
    •  Pedal Commander also has one of the best customer services in the automotive aftermarket industry with a team of highly skilled experts. You can reach our customer service via live chat, phone, mail, website, and our application! 
    • Thanks to Pedal Commander’s Bluetooth capabilities and the great app, you can also receive OTA upgrades, and better yet, we can push a custom throttle mapping if none of our 36 modes satisfy you. 
    • Pedal Commander is specifically designed to work with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and ECU, so you’ll get peace of mind by buying a product for your car! 
    • Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis, Evan Bogovich, Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company. 
    • Pedal Commander also supports sports and motorsports events all around the globe, including sponsorships at UFC, NASCAR, and Formula Drift. Currently, Pedal Commander sponsors Formula Drift, Odi Bakchis, and Evan Bogovich. 
    • Pedal Commander is battle tested! If you are a Formula Drift fan, you probably saw the Pedal Commander Nissan S14.9 win Prospec ST. Louis at the hands of Evan Bogovich. 

    Pulsar LT vs Pedal Commander: Clash of Clashes! 

    After analyzing the Pulsar vs Pedal Commander duo, it is a decisive victory for Pedal Commander regarding throttle response capabilities and reliability. Checking out all the reviews and going through the existing problems with both products, Pedal Commander finishes the race first! 

    You pay more for Pulsar to get more, but what Pulsar wants to offer you isn’t customizable. Pulsar intends to combine all the tuning aspects into a plug-and-play device, but that plan fails brutally when customization goes out the door. Having a device that is not customizable is precisely what makes the users and reviewers unhappy in the first place.

    You pay less for Pedal Commander, and you get more. You get better customer service, better optimization, a great warranty plan, one of a kind device that is small and sturdy, the ability to make optimizations with built-in control, and the freedom of the Bluetooth mobile app to always be ready on the road! Command your pedal with Pedal Commander!

    Pedal Commander vs Pulsar LT