The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Performance Upgrade
January 03, 2023

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Performance Upgrade

You must have heard of performance upgrade parts if you are passionate about cars. However, since there are many different aftermarket parts on the market, you can encounter related car terms on the Internet. We can put these terms together in a kind of dictionary. As you can guess, one of the most fundamental terms is related to the car definition. 
Accordingly, cars can vary in size and shape, from small sedans and hatchbacks to larger SUVs and pickup trucks. They are used for various purposes, including commuting to work or school, running errands, and taking long trips. So, this situation has led to many performance upgrade terms over time. All of them are designed to fulfill a driver’s different needs on the road.
Thus, when you know performance upgrade terms as detailed as the car definition, you can transform your veteran vehicle into a wild beast by choosing the right aftermarket part. If you buy the wrong performance part without knowing its functions and features, you may face a severe breakdown in your vehicle.
More specifically, we will explain the meanings of performance upgrade terms like spoiler car, steering bar, arm intercooler, axle tramp, etc. Also, if you read our ultimate glossary of terms about performance upgrades till the end, you will learn the best aftermarket part on the market.

Take a Closer Look at The Meanings of Performance Upgrade Terms

One of the most important performance upgrade terms you might encounter. A spoiler is a device typically attached to a car's or truck's rear to improve stability and traction by disrupting airflow over the vehicle's body. So, the spoiler car has good handling and performance, particularly at high speeds. Also, spoilers are often made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or plastic and can be adjusted or removed.

a spoiler can improve the aerodynamics of a car

There are many performance-part terms for car chassis, including suspension components, brakes, and drivetrain components. We can describe car chassis as the frame or structure of a car that supports the body and all the other components. For this reason, car chassis is also known as a car frame. The car frame is usually made of metal and is designed to be strong and rigid to support the weight of the vehicle and its occupants.

For example, the steering bar and ride brakes fall into the category of performance parts for car chassis, that is, the car frame. The steering bar is a car's suspension system that connects the front wheels to the steering mechanism and allows the wheels to turn. Ride brakes are designed to bring a ride to a quick and safe stop at a specific point, even at high speeds.

Let’s look at some familiar terms like covering the brakes and cornering. Covering the brakes means a driving technique in which the driver lightly applies pressure to the brakes to reduce the distance required to stop the vehicle in an emergency. Well, what does cornering mean? Cornering is the act of turning a vehicle around a corner or curve. This term is often used about a car’s handling characteristics and ability to navigate turns at high speeds.

Moreover, manufacturers introduce intercoolers as a sure cure for all car problems, like an axle tramp (a condition that occurs when the rear wheels of a vehicle lose traction and start to bounce up and down). Let’s talk about what the intercooler is. We can associate an intercooler with a heat exchanger used to cool the air compressed by a supercharger or turbocharger.

turbochargers can improve horsepower

Even though intercoolers are a standard performance upgrade for turbocharged and supercharged engines, they are costly and complex to install. Also, turbochargers and superchargers can void your car warranty because of their risky functions. If you want to buy a more affordable and safer performance part, all you need to do is keep reading us!

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 pedal commander is the most underrated performance upgrade ever

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