ClickCease 10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Performance Upgrade
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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Performance Upgrade

Cansu Erdal
June 23, 2023

If you feel like a real car enthusiast, you must hear about car performance upgrades. As some people have no information about car aftermarket parts, they are more likely to plan to buy a new car. But, new car prices are so high that many customers cannot afford them. The reason is that Covid-19 has led to a long period of quarantine and supply chain disruption. But, you should know that this situation cannot prevent you from experiencing fantastic driving pleasure. This is because there are really high-quality performance parts on the market.

Today’s rapidly developing technology enables manufacturers to produce a lot of different performance parts in the field of performance, acceleration, fuel economy, safety, appearance, cosmetics, etc. If you decide which of these you want, you can find the most useful car upgrade part to upgrade your car. This is a more reasonable and affordable alternative than buying a new car. The reason is that buying a new car is a depreciating investment and also requires extra charges like sales taxes and insurance costs.

performance parts

When you discover why you need a performance upgrade for your car, you will try to find a reliable and versatile aftermarket part. We have a great suggestion for you in this regard. If you read this article till the end, you will understand how a performance part is a better investment for your car compared to buying a new car. Thus, let’s look at the 10 compelling reasons why you need a performance upgrade.

Does Performance Upgrades Means Better Financing?

When you buy a new vehicle, you will have to pay more money for sales taxes and insurance costs. On the other hand, a high-quality aftermarket part does require some extra fees upfront but cost much less than a new car. For example, you can upgrade your vehicle’s performance, acceleration or fuel economy before you get a new car. As you can see, a right aftermarket part contributes to your budget with better performance per buck ratio. So, we can say that a reliable and useful performance part is completely worth your money and time.

 aftermarket parts

You Might Not Have to Risk your Warranty

Many people want to buy a new vehicle to benefit from a new warranty. When you consider the money you pay for it, which is 0 dollars, the new car warranty given to you is great privilege. But if you want to upgrade your vehicle while keeping your warranty, all you need to do is know that there are reliable performance parts on the market that won’t void your warranty. In fact, they offer their own product warranty.

 car warranty

Can You Achieve Better Technological Integration with Performance Upgrades?

While many people follow the latest model vehicles on the market, they generally have no idea about state-of-the-art auto upgrade parts. In fact, we appreciate the advanced technology of the latest model vehicles, but the high-quality and reliable brands of these products also benefit from the same technology. You can ascertain it from the presence of different aftermarket parts that are designed to improve performance, acceleration, fuel efficiency, safety, comfort, or style. Thus, you can buy performance parts equipped with advanced technology instead of buying a new vehicle. 

Are Better Features and Comfort Possible with Performance Upgrades?

One of the most important reasons why you need a performance boost is based on better features and comfort. As some performance upgrades are produced with advanced technology, they can offer the most practical usage from a mobile phone with a Bluetooth connection. For you, we will suggest this kind of high-quality performance part which gives priority to your comfort at the end of this article. So, all you need to do is keep reading to explore the advantages of aftermarket parts. 

aftermarket parts

Does Performance Upgrades Help With Environmental Compliances?

As you know, the latest model cars on sale are super environmentally friendly. But, auto performance upgrades don’t fall behind them in this regard. Even, some aftermarket parts are ambitious enough to compete with them. The reason is that some manufacturers take a CARB certificate for their products. The presence of a CARB certificate is very significant in terms of environmental protection and the reliability of aftermarket parts because it makes your vehicle’s upgrade parts legal to use in California and 19 other states. So, you can buy aftermarket parts with a CARB certificate.


Can Performance Upgrades Provide Better Safety?

One of the most significant reasons why you need a performance upgrade is based on better safety. As you know, almost all old vehicles have poor handling and ride quality, especially in difficult weather conditions. For this reason, if you have an old vehicle and don’t have enough money to change it, you need to buy a versatile aftermarket part to make your driving safer. Some performance upgrades offer a lot of features like different driving modes according to different weather conditions. If you want to learn the best one, you should keep reading!

Does Performance Upgrade Mean Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs?

Another crucial reason why you need a performance upgrade is related to reducing maintenance and repair costs. As you know, it is quite necessary and useful to create a regular schedule including maintenance and repair for your vehicle. If you want to preserve the overall ride quality of your vehicle, you need to buy a reliable aftermarket part like a performance tuner or throttle response controller. These products allow you to adjust the acceleration settings of your vehicle according to weather and road conditions. 

Why Achieve Better Performance and Acceleration?

One of the most popular reasons why you need a performance upgrade is based on getting fantastic performance and acceleration. We claim that you can transform your veteran car into a wild beast with a high-quality performance part. It offers a more affordable and reasonable alternative than buying a new car. So, whenever you buy an aftermarket part or change it, you can always benefit from rapidly developing technology every year. If you want to buy the most advanced and reliable aftermarket part on the market, you should keep reading!

How to Achieve Lower Fuel Costs and Increased Fuel Economy?

As you know, many old vehicles have poor fuel efficiency and lead to a great gas cost. There are some aftermarket car parts designed to save fuel economy on the market. Some people find this claim false because they are totally unaware of how aftermarket parts work. All you need to do is get rid of your prejudices about it. Our product, Pedal Commander offers these above-mentioned advantages. Let’s talk about what Pedal Commander does.

The Most Versatile Performance Upgrade: Pedal Commander

Multiple SEMA award-winner throttle controller, Pedal Commander should be the most compelling reason why you need a performance boost because it is quite assertive about unlocking your vehicle’s full-throttle potential in just 15 minutes. Pedal Commander is designed to offer instant access to the engine’s power and eliminate throttle lag from your gas pedal. When you get Pedal Commander, you can feel like you’re driving four different cars thanks to its cutting-edge versatile technology including four adjustable modes. Also, you can operate it from your mobile phone with its practical application. So, Pedal Commander is completely beyond other aftermarket parts in every respect. If you learn more about it, you can watch our YouTube video below:

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Performance Upgrade