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Pedal Commander

Double the Fun
Set the Standart with Can-Am and Pedal Commander

Get the most out of your Can-Am side-by-side or ATV with a fantastic performance upgrade. Pedal Commander is the only aftermarket part you'll ever need for better off-roading!

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Your Can-Am will Thank You For Choosing Pedal Commander

Can-Am is a legendary company that specializes in off-road monsters. When you talk about an ATV or a UTV, a.k.a. side-by-side, Can-Am is the centerpiece of the conversation, and that’s for a good reason. They make the best vehicles when you want to go off the beaten path! However, there’s a way to improve their performance with a simple performance mod. Just keep reading! 

Pedal Commander is one of the most popular performance mods among Can-Am owners. Most of our customers swore by Pedal Commander, and it is easy to see why. Pedal Commander is easy to install, and it works as soon as you install it. It will allow you to customize the throttle response for faster acceleration or a smoother response for better control on grueling terrain with the push of a button! Scroll down and select your Can-Am to learn how Pedal Commander can help you! Not convinced yet? Watch this video and see how Can-Am owners react to Pedal Commander!

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Can-Am Maverick

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Can-Am Defender

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Can-Am Commander

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Can-Am Outlander

Got Something on Your Mind?
Can-Am Owners Asked, and We Answered

How to Get the Most out of Your Can-Am with Can-Am Performance Parts?

Various driving programs are now available on some high-end vehicles. "Comfort" "Sport" "Sport+" driving modes alter the vehicle's response and suspension settings to provide a more dynamic driving experience. Can everyone afford a high-end car? Even if you can afford it, is it worth the extra several thousand dollars for the Can-Am Upgrades on top of the original kit price? Can you use performance parts on a Can-Am? If you search for the most efficient alternative to obtain the best outcome from your vehicle, Can-Am racing parts are the best for you.

As we've already indicated, dealers still have a job to do if they want to sell these vehicles to the general public under the name of Can-Am performance parts. Their “performance” increases don't always meet our expectations. Their manufacturers frequently restrict new cars to a throttle position of no more than 80%. Even if your foot is all the way down, you won't be able to utilize the features you paid for entirely. These restrictions are no longer an issue, thanks to the Pedal Commander. You'll also be able to control precisely when and how fast you want to unleash your full potential. While also achieving a considerably improved Can-Am fuel economy.

If you want to get a good response from your Can-Am, then the most recent Can-Am update and the most significant Can-Am performance part, the Pedal Commander, is for you. By changing the responsiveness of your gas pedal, Pedal Commander gives you more control over your vehicle. Manufacturers want their cars to appeal to the public to produce more sales; therefore, they are less concerned with customers who want absolute performance. The Pedal Commander works well because it doesn’t have a  "one-size-fits-all" philosophy, and it’s made to enhance each vehicle’s strengths. If you want to tune your vehicle with a Can-Am modification, the most fantastic Can-Am upgrade, Pedal Commander, is 100% for you!

Why Pedal Commander Has a Special Place Among Can-Am Aftermarket Parts?

Many people associate Can-Am vehicles with fun, power, and capability. All-terrain vehicles from this renowned manufacturer are built to last. Are you trying to find a vehicle and a Can-Am aftermarket part that can do it all? Models with four-wheel drive can handle any terrain. A variety of adjustable storage options guarantee that your stuff is always at hand, no matter where you are. A hardtop and a complete cab enclosure are just some of the convenience features of many Can-Am models. However, these vehicles can improve with Can-Am performance parts and Can-Am upgrade ideas. 

Off-road vehicles made by Can-Am can satisfy even the most ardent enthusiasts. Still, many Can-Am aftermarket parts and Can-Am aftermarket accessories will delight the explorer in all of us. It's entirely possible to rely on the long-term Can-Am performance parts of high quality. Pedal Commander is a Can-Am aftermarket part that reduces your Can-Am tune-up costs and is a Bluetooth-enabled plug-and-play throttle response controller that is easy to install and works instantly. With this throttle response controller, the thrill of riding with your Can-Am aftermarket part will be elevated to a new level by allowing you to regulate how quickly the throttle responds to power with the push of a button.

How Does Pedal Commander Work With Can-Am Tuning?

Pedal Commander is a plug-and-play device. This Can-Am throttle controller links between your gas pedal and the ECU of your vehicle. The installation takes no more than 15 minutes, and you just have to use a single screwdriver. 

After completing the installation of the Pedal Commander, it gives you the freedom to switch between the four Major Modes and the nine Sub-modes that are implemented in each Major Mode of your Can-Am performance part. Now the throttle will be better, more responsive, and you’re ready to roll. In addition to the buttons on the device, the Bluetooth capability allows you to change modes using the Pedal Commander app. Although not increasing the vehicle's horsepower, this device enables faster access to the vehicle's horsepower, fixing your Can-Am acceleration problem and reducing 0-60 times thanks to a quicker response.

To find the best Can-Am tuner for your throttle response in Can-Am tuning, you simply press a button on the Can-Am throttle controller, which activates the signal. Also, the best Can-Am tuner kit, the Pedal Commander, only needs to be set up once! After tweaking the settings to your most desired and comfortable point, Pedal Commander will remember your choice, and you will only have to start your car to access your memorized settings. With this new feature, you don't have to crank your throttle "all the way back" to achieve the full power of the engine while riding at high speed on your Spider; instead, you can use the Can-Am tuner for the throttle map to give power to it, exactly whenever and wherever you want it in Can-Am tuning!

Are There Any Valuable Can-Am Mods & Tips?

As a vehicle's engine and other components may be altered in many ways, you can make various modifications. Any modifications made with a Can-Am tuner that depart from the original manufacturer's specifications might be categorized as a Can-Am performance kit and Can-Am tuning kit. However, this does not imply that your vehicle will be altered throughout the repair. It takes a lot of time and effort to modify a car. It's made even more perplexing by the restrictions involved and the influence of your warranty that might become invalid by making modifications and by installing Can-Am Performance Parts. 

A Can-Am throttle controller like a Pedal Commander has been specifically developed to improve and modify how your vehicle drives; however, it wouldn't be considered a vehicle modification that might affect your insurance premiums. As soon as you're planning to modify your Can-Am performance part to your vehicle or already have a Can-Am tuning part, notify your insurance company so that they can see whether it will affect your coverage. But the good news is by installing a Can-Am mod or a Can-Am performance part, like a Can-Am throttle controller, you won’t need to inform your insurance company as it is 100% safe to use.

If you install other performance parts like a turbocharger, your Can-Am will suffer some insurance problems and be more affected by specific alterations. The chance of an accident and the risk of theft are two of the most critical factors determining how much your customized vehicle insurance will cost. If your modifications make your vehicle quicker, more powerful, or more appealing to other people, they may influence the price you pay

Which One is the Smart Choice for Can-Am Tuners?

The difference between tuner boxes, Can-Am performance chip tuning, Can-Am horsepower upgrades, and modifications, and the Pedal Commander is that your Can-Am’s engine won’t be directly affected. As the best Can-Am performance part, the Pedal Commander is a non-intrusive way to access your vehicle's full potential by simply removing the all-purpose latency between your Can-Am throttle pedal and Can Am’s response system. Pedal Commander achieves this groundbreaking technology through its four distinct operating modes to achieve your Can-Am tuning. Each has its own set of eight sensitivity levels, giving it an advantage over the competition. Using our ECO mode might save you as much as 20% in gasoline expenditures which places the Pedal Commander on top of the Can-Am performance tuners. All vehicles, ranging from Mavericks to Defenders and other powerful vehicles to smaller engines, might need Can-Am performance parts. If you're going out to a nice meal and don't trust the person you're delivering your keys to, you can use it in valet mode, a.k.a. the ECO Mode. The easiest way to describe the throttle response in city mode is to compare your Can-Am tuning part to an older vehicle's throttle cable system, which had a linear 1:1 ratio. These Can-Am mods are for those who enjoy a lively drive. These Can-Am tuning mods are not for the faint of heart. The unit is continuously operating within the safety limitations set for the engine limits of your vehicle.

What are Some of the Best Can-Am Upgrades?

Can-Am believes in living life off-road, and its side-by-sides and ATVs are designed for all types of experiences, whether on snowy slopes or muddy tracks. Surviving in this environment necessitates the use of aftermarket parts. Throttle controllers in your vehicle or truck are not harmful to its inner mechanics or your fuel economy. They are solely responsible for controlling the flow of electricity through the gas pedal and have no direct connection to any software components or Can-Am specifications by doing any unasked Can-Am updates. If you disconnect it, you won't be able to tell it was ever there. However, not every throttle controller is up to par in quality and efficiency when searching for a Can-Am engine upgrade. If there is a problem with the quality of the gadgets, your Can-Am tuning may not perform correctly. You'll find a variety of issues if you check out Amazon's unfavorable reviews. If a manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on your Can-Am tuning, they are more likely to employ high-quality components. Hence, bad and good evaluations on places like Amazon, eBay, or private internet retailers are crucial. Ensure to check out the customer service if there are any concerns related to Can-Am upgrades. A good warranty and responsive customer service are essential. So, we conducted our investigation. Our technical team came up with what they believe to be the most effective answer for your Can-Am tuning part, which is no other than Pedal Commander if you are searching for Can-Am performance parts or Can-Am performance upgrades.

Can We Access Bluetooth with Can-Am Accessories?

When we searched for Can-Am car accessories or Can-Am performance parts accessories, we found that in Pedal Controller, there are 36 distinct options to help you get rid of throttle latency. Faster lap times, quicker 0-60 times, and complete throttle control are possible. Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Controller is one of the best accessories if you are looking for Can-Am upgrade parts.

How to Use the Applied Can-Am Customizations?

The best physical way for the Can-am customization is to use the (+) and (-) buttons that appear once you've selected your preferred mode. Nine distinct throttle intensity levels are available in each mode. The (-) button can reduce throttle responsiveness in this mode. As you lower the sensitivity, you'll notice the LEDs below turn red. The (+) button will light up green when the sensitivity is increased, letting you know that you have enhanced the throttle response in that mode of your Can-Am custom part. To locate a driving mode that suits your needs, simply switch to a different one until you find one that does on your Can-Am performance part. A "memory" function is built into the system to remember your last mode and sensitivity level when switching on your ignition for the next journey. Pedal Commander can be turned off at any moment to return the vehicle to its stock throttle response to rid the user of this Can-Am custom accessory.

Where to Find the Best Can-Am Cheap & Budget Parts?

Simply plug and play; the Pedal Commander attaches straight to your factory Can-Am Performance Part position sensor on your drive-by-wire gas pedal. Visit our Pedal Commander Installation Page for additional information on setup and documentation for your Pedal Commander. The Pedal Commander is an excellent addition to any tune, Can-Am tuner chips, or other aftermarket accessories like Can-Am engine options. Because we just remap the Can-Am part, the throttle curve, by activating the electrical signal, its beauty is in its simplicity. You can find many Can-Am online Parts, but not like the Pedal Commander, which can be easily installed to several Can-Am mods and Can-Am upgrades and shift your Can-Am gear.

How to Find the Best Can-Am Parts Accessories?

If you're looking for a vehicle that can take you off the beaten path, go no further than a Can-Am side-by-side or an ATV. The best Can-Am aftermarket parts online and Can-Am Upgrades from the Pedal Commander performance kit are essential for surviving in this terrain. Can-Am Defender, Commander, Maverick, and other models are well-represented in our inventory. Everything from lift kits to winches to lights or any other Can-Am Performance parts and Can-Am accessories may be added to your vehicle. And thus, Can-Am auto parts, Can-Am tuning, Can-Am Upgrades & Can-Am Mods are best for you if you want the cheapest way possible.

Can I Accessorize My Can-Am UTV Parts & Accessories?

Can-Am UTV aftermarket parts can also be found throughout the web, where you can search for the best performance part for your Can-Am. Can-Am throttle controller can also be used on UTV vehicles. Pedal Commander is already manufacturing Can-Am UTV accessories, and they are ready to enhance your UTV riding experience.