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Pedal Commander

Your Genesis Will Go As Fast As It Looks
When You Install Pedal Commander

Your fantastic Genesis is about to become extraordinary with the help of the Pedal Commander. Meet the only performance upgrade for Genesis that can carry your car to the next level!

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Genesis Luxury Will Meet Unmatched Performance with Pedal Commander

While Genesis is a relatively new brand, it left its mark on the market. The Korean luxury automotive manufacturer has some of the most exciting lineups, and every vehicle is equally compelling. Genesis also offers some outstanding value for the money. Korean marque’s cars are priced more reasonably than most of its competitors while offering more exciting driving characteristics, better design, and a premium feel. If you own a Genesis, you made a fantastic choice. To make another, just keep reading.

While any vehicle Genesis makes has exceptional performance, you can improve it with Pedal Commander. It is a safe performance part that won’t void your warranty, which is extremely important if you drive a Genesis. Genesis cars have some of the best warranties in the business, and you’ll want to keep it intact. Pedal Commander won’t damage the engine or leave any flags on your ECU, making it untraceable. It will remove the throttle lag for faster acceleration. Don’t just take our word for it.  Watch this video to witness the customers’ reaction to the neck-snapping acceleration provided by Pedal Commander! Join Team Pedal Commander! Scroll down and select your Genesis! 

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Genesis G70

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Genesis G80

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Genesis GV80

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Genesis GV70

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Genesis G90

Got Something on Your Mind?
Genesis Owners Asked, and We Answered

What Sets Pedal Commander Apart as a Genesis Performance Part?

The Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that reduces the time it takes for a vehicle to react. It’s worth noting that it’ll only work in automobiles with electronic gas pedals. Each Pedal Commander is customized for a certain make, model, engine, and transmission. In addition, each Pedal Commander has four distinct performance modes: ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+. These modes also have eight sensitivity levels that can be adjusted.

The Pedal Commander does not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty or endanger the vehicle’s safety. It’s also really simple to set up.

Pedal Commander is the world's top throttle response controller in improving Genesis performance. Genesis modifications are done in cars to compete with other luxury cars. There are also Genesis racing parts to improve the performance of the vehicles. Pedal Commander will help to adjust acceleration in all Genesis vehicles so you can customize speed as per your desire

If you want to attain Genesis fuel economy, Pedal Commander helps you with that too! In its ECO mode, it will make your gas pedal less sensitive to slow down the throttle response. You can save up to 20% on fuel. The Genesis performance part Pedal Commander will boost and speed your car by controlling the gas pedal’s responsiveness.

Is It Possible to Get Consistent Performance with Genesis Aftermarket Parts?

People usually want to upgrade their Genesis cars by using Genesis upgrade ideas. These ideas are implemented via installing Genesis aftermarket accessories. The original producer does not produce the Genesis aftermarket parts. Genesis aftermarket accessories are made by some other producers established for Genesis upgrades. This is why you should be careful when choosing which parts to use in your precious car. 

People usually replace Genesis original parts with Genesis aftermarket accessories because the original parts depreciate with time. The Pedal Commander can easily be installed in Genesis vehicles with a plug-and-play method as a Genesis aftermarket addition. You can increase the acceleration through Pedal Commander, an option from Genesis parts aftermarket. 

The Pedal Commander sends a signal to the engine to accelerate the throttle response. This Genesis aftermarket part removes the delay in the response of your gas pedal without damaging your car’s engine. Pedal Commander is efficient in making your drive smooth, fast, and enjoyable. Suppose you want to experience a sportier drive at responsible maintenance cost. In that case, Pedal Commander is the be

How To Achieve Optimum Performance without Genesis Tuning?

Custom Genesis chip tuning is often used to draw maximum power from your Genesis. It makes changes in the computer system of your car. This can, however, lead to many issues as chip tuning raises the danger of unplanned malfunctions when combined with poor-quality automotive repairs and maintenance.

Genesis tuning can increase the speed and efficiency of your car. You can use Pedal Commander with peace in mind instead of the risky Genesis chip tuning. Pedal Commander also takes the place of Genesis performance parts and Genesis aftermarket parts. You can install Pedal Commander by yourself and hassle-free. You just need 15 minutes!

People mostly turn to Genesis tuning to solve their Genesis acceleration problem. Pedal Commander will remove the acceleration problem of Genesis cars by plugging a sensor circuit between the accelerator and the onboard computer. You can get a Pedal Commander and eliminate your Genesis tune up costs! Pedal Commander is a Genesis throttle controller which increases your control over the speed and performance of your car with its four different modes.

How to Upgrade Your Car with Genesis Mods?

Is your car’s stock throttle response lacking in power? A Pedal Commander can help you save money on gas while also allowing you to accelerate quickly

You should think about what your car needs if you want to spend money on Genesis performance mods. Pedal Commander as a Genesis throttle controller removes the problem of warranty breach and additional risks that come with most Genesis modifications and Genesis tuning. People install Genesis performance chips to save fuel with better speed and acceleration. Pedal Commander does it all! It is fuel-efficient, saves 20% fuel with its ECO mode, and gives you fast acceleration

Pedal Commander has four modes, which are ECO, CITY, SPORT, and SPORT+. Each mode has four-level settings. You can enjoy real-life racing speed and fluency with SPORT and SPORT+ modes of Pedal Commander. Most importantly, Pedal Commander is a completely safe Genesis engine mod, which means it is not harmful for your engine like some other Genesis mods ideas. Pedal Commander is a Genesis upgrade providing swift engine response and faster acceleration without damaging and risking your car.

Why Pedal Commander is an Cost-Effective Genesis Tuner Replacement?

Genesis tuners and Genesis tunings are generally used to improve the performance of cars. The purpose of Genesis tuning is to upgrade your car and eliminate any performance issues. It generally helps in increasing efficiency, speed, and general performance

Some Genesis aftermarket parts and most Genesis performance chips change the programming of cars’ ECU. Sometimes, these Genesis performance parts and Genesis tuner chips cause acceleration problems. Such Genesis upgrades and Genesis tuners are complex and costly. Genesis tuner Pedal Commander doesn’t interfere with your car’s engine, it’s completely untraceable. You can install it by yourself in just 15 minutes

Unlike Genesis horsepower upgrades, Genesis tuner Pedal Commander improves your car’s performance without any risks. You can do your Genesis tuning with Pedal Commander. It even has an app which provides you digital control on functions and the chance to adjust your Genesis upgrade according to your liking. Pedal Commander can also be used with Genesis performance tuners if you face lags in acceleration after the tuner upgrade.

Which Aftermarket Genesis Upgrades can Tip Your Vehicles Over the Performance Scale?

Cars require a Genesis upgrade and Genesis update to improve their power output, speed, and performance. With Pedal Commander, Genesis specifications can also be controlled by the mobile app. You can change modes by using our app on your mobile phone. Pedal Commander is also compatible with all Genesis engine upgrades and Genesis tuning. 

Pedal Commander sends a signal to the engine to reduce the response delay of the throttle. Pedal Commander increases the speed and acceleration on roads, highways, or even off-roads without hurting Genesis engine updates. Pedal Commander will help you make Genesis performance parts more practical for a fantastic driving experience. Genesis performance part Pedal Commander will be your reliable partner if you face acceleration lags while increasing speed or during acceleration

Pedal Commander does not increase the horsepower. It helps to reach horsepower faster, improving Genesis performance even after the Genesis performance upgrades because of its compatibility with engineering upgrades. Unreliable Genesis tuning is a trade-off between power boost and your car’s warranty. If you want to save your warranty with power output, Pedal Commander is the ideal device for you

Genesis performance part Pedal Commander will improve speed by giving you a more responsive controlled throttle. Genesis aftermarket part Pedal Commander also enhances the performance of cars without voiding vehicle’s warranty as it is undetectable. Suppose you want to avoid lags while accelerating. In that case, you can use the Genesis performance part Pedal Commander. It will make your driving experience lag-free and smooth even on highways, roads, off-roads, and streets.

Do You Need Aftermarket Genesis Accessories for More Performance?

Genesis accessories are purchased to make your car more comfortable. Genesis car accessories also make your car more personalized. Genesis performance accessories, on the other hand, facilitate the driving experience. Genesis performance parts are used in cars to enhance their standing and performance. Sometimes Genesis upgrade parts conflict with the engine of the cars. So it is better to play it safe and not use parts that affect the engine

You can easily install and plug Pedal Commander in as it is suitable for every Genesis model. It does not harm your engine or reduce its lifespan. Pedal Commander makes throttle response more sensitive to increase your control on speed significantly. The Genesis performance part Pedal Commander will remarkably increase the acceleration in your car as the perfect Genesis performance accessories. 

Pedal Commander does not conflict with other Genesis performance parts while helping to improve the performance of cars collectively with other Genesis modifications. Thus, Pedal Commander is safe to use, making your rides lag-free and efficient

Why Pedal Commander is a Good Genesis Customize Tool?

Genesis custom part Pedal Commander will give you all you need from your car. The racers are using custom racing parts to enjoy the fastest drive. People usually choose custom performance parts to get a higher performance from their cars.

The Genesis customization device Pedal Commander is a reliable option to obtain desired control over the car’s acceleration without lags after this custom upgrade. Genesis tuning Pedal Commander is helpful because it is designed specifically for your car unlike other Genesis performance parts. You can customize your speed level on Genesis custom accessory Pedal Commander through your mobile phone without any trouble. 

Pedal Commander is customized according to the specification and modifications of your car. It increases the vehicle’s speed and performance with less fuel consumption than typical rides. So, Pedal Commander will take you to lag-free speedy rides on the roads with low fuel consumption. The Pedal Commander Genesis performance part is easy to use and super safe for your car.

Are Genesis Cheap Parts Worth the Price?

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your Genesis’ performance, you can look at Genesis online parts. Pedal Commander provides a lag-free enjoyable driving experience in cars produced with electronic throttle control. There are many Genesis engine options available, and regardless of what engine you have, Pedal Commander is sure to give you more control over it.

Electric throttle causes lags when you accelerate speed. Pedal Commander is modified so that it provides convenience and control to its users. You can control throttle response through it. Pedal Commander is convenient for Genesis gear change as it allows for a smooth drive with manual gear

Pedal Commander sells online Genesis parts at a cheap cost compared to other Genesis performance parts. Pedal Commander will increase the throttle sensitivity and let you take full control of your car. It is a cheap Genesis part if you want to increase the performance you get from your car. Pedal Commander is CARB certified and a three-time winner of the SEMA Award, reflecting its reliability at an affordable price.

Which Genesis Parts Accessories Can Boost Your Performance on the Road?

Genesis part Pedal Commander operates within your car’s factory safety standards, ensuring that your vehicle is never damaged. Because it does not link directly to the ECU, there is no chance of it hurting it. It simply modifies the signal supplied to the ECU by the gas pedal. With the mobile application of this Genesis accessory, you can control your vehicle at any time. You won’t need any other Genesis auto parts after you install Pedal Commander. 

Where to Find Genesis Sedan Parts Accessories

Pedal Commander is the perfect Genesis sedan aftermarket part. It can also replace other Genesis sedan accessories and parts with better performance. It is compatible with all types of engines, and its shipment is free of cost. You can purchase it from our website anywhere in the world.