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Pedal Commander

Rule the Asphalt
Break The Limits of Your Lotus with Pedal Commander

Get your Lotus' throttle response where you want with Pedal Commander! Accelerate faster with the push of a button and use every advantage of your car's light chassis and powerful engine!

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Pedal Commander is the Most Impactful Lotus Upgrade

There are not enough good words to tell the tale of Lotus. Lotus perfected the formula for lightweight cars that are exceptionally fun to drive, and they used motorsports, especially Formula 1, to get there. The brand has a long and decorated history in racing, and each Lotus car carries a piece of the same glory with it. If you have a Lotus, you should count yourself lucky. However, you might want to take another step to make your car perfect! Keep reading. 

While Lotus owners like to tinker with their cars, not all upgrades are equal. Pedal Commander is the perfect addition to your Lotus. It is a small, lightweight performance part that will improve your car's throttle response. With Pedal Commander, you can accelerate without throttle lag and enjoy a better feeling Lotus all around. Thousands of Lotus owners use Pedal Commander. Scroll down and select your Lotus and join them! Watch this video to witness how our customers react to Pedal Commander’s capabilities and see it in action!

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

Lotus Evora

Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

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Pedal Commander,
Throttle response controller.

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Got Something on Your Mind?
Lotus Owners Asked, and We Answered

What Are Some Highly Demanded Lotus Performance Parts?

Lotus cars have many different Lotus accessories and Lotus racing parts thatl meet your demands. Lotus performance parts provide the exact customization that you need. Our team assures you of the best service for Lotus modification and much more from all the best quality. 

Technology advances at a neck-breaking speed, and the gap between drivers and the road widens. Driving your Lotus and asking more from it is only natural, now you can easily access this improvement, thanks to Lotus performance parts, Lotus tuning, and Lotus upgrades. Lotus modification to electronic throttle controls has been the most noticeable of these implementations.

You can have more control over your Lotus race car with Pedal Commander. While it can increase the sensitivity of your gas pedal for a sportier feel, it also contributes to your freedom in its ECO mode and helps you improve your Lotus fuel economy. The Pedal Commander is a device that links the gas pedal sensor to the vehicle's ECU. The Pedal Commander modifies the signal before it reaches the ECU by catching it before it gets there. It gives an optimized sensation without affecting the overall power output or voiding your Lotus vehicle's warranty.

Can I Buy Lotus Aftermarket Parts Online?

Replacement parts for Lotus automobiles are known as Lotus aftermarket accessories. Approved Lotus aftermarket components are sometimes less expensive than OEM parts, and they should not affect the safety or insurance of your vehicle as a Lotus performance part. When you discover more about Lotus aftermarket parts and Lotus upgrades, you can shop for them online and implement them into your car. 

Lotus aftermarket parts are sometimes made to catch some direct effects on older vehicles. Older throttle systems are pretty straightforward. A rod or a wire connects the throttle body to the throttle pedal. When you press the throttle, you instantly accelerate. The Lotus aftermarket part, Pedal Commander, enhances your throttle response and provides you the Lotus upgrade and Lotus tuning that you're seeking in Lotus aftermarket accessories and Lotus mods. Lotus aftermarket parts indicate performance, which might result in leaving you thrilled to press that throttle. The Pedal Commander has the most comprehensive Lotus upgrade ideas, thinks about your fuel efficiency as a Lotus tuner, and adds an ECO mode which lowers your fuel consumption up to 20 percent.

Where to Go for the Best Lotus Tuning?

There are Lotus cars for racing and there are Lotus cars for normal daily life. Nevertheless, you can adjust your Lotus cars for performance and sustainability with Lotus upgrades and Lotus performance parts, and in either case, Lotus acceleration problems are a thing both racers and drivers face. Meet the most performative Lotus mod, the Lotus throttle controller Pedal Commander. It reduces the time it takes for your electronic accelerator pedal to respond. It permits your engine to respond more quickly as a Lotus upgrade. As a result, your vehicle will be able to accelerate more swiftly.

Many people use Lotus chip tuning to improve their vehicle’s acceleration. A Lotus upgrade, the Pedal Commander, is better than chip tuning because this Lotus mod doesn't hurt your engine in the long run and it doesn't create any insurance voids. When comparing every expense spent on both the chip tuning and throttle controlling subjects, the Pedal Commander Lotus upgrade provides a better Lotus tune up cost-efficiency and doesn’t stop there. The Lotus tuner Pedal Commander introduces the ECO mode which helps improve your fuel efficiency by 20 percent and perfect situational performance.

How to Apply Lotus Mods?

Lotus designs cars for a global market and consists of product owners of all ages. Whether owners want Lotus mods or Lotus engine mods, they all want to ensure compliance with international standards, care about the fuel consumption and keep the vehicles authenticity while adding some Lotus upgrades.

There are four Lotus performance modes for the Pedal Commander Lotus mod: ECO mode for better fuel economy and safety. City mode for moving through traffic. Sport mode, which is for spirited driving. Sport+ for racing and track use.  The Pedal Commander provides 36 different driving options to match every driving style, with nine different levels for each Lotus mode providing optimization without voiding your insurance like Lotus performance chips. Improving acceleration speed enhances pedal sensitivity, bringing older drivers to the "drive-by-wire" experience with the Pedal Commander. There are many Lotus mods ideas, but none like the sweet feeling of keeping your authenticity and reaching full performance with the Pedal Commander.

Do Lotus Tuners Really Affect Your Car?

Lotus tuning is here to provide you precisely what Lotus performance parts provide you with. Pedal Commander is a Lotus performance part and a Lotus performance tuner that exactly does that. Pedal Commander Throttle Pedals offers Lotus tuning as a Lotus performance part and helps you accelerate faster than ever. 

Pedal Commander removes the throttle latency or optimizes it to suit your needs. Using its 4 major modes and 9 sub-modes, you can have the most personalized experience possible. Lotus performance tuners all imply that with tuning, your Lotus engine will reveal its potential and optionally provide fuel savings to give you all you want with tuning. Many enthusiasts install Lotus performance parts to compensate for a Lotus acceleration problem. Lotus enhancements that may be obtained with Lotus tuner chips aren’t even close to using a Pedal Commander in terms of what it provides for your vehicle. Being different from Lotus tuner chips and their Lotus horsepower upgrades, Pedal Commander won’t be hurting or damaging your engine.

Are the Best Lotus Upgrades Affordable?

Lotus owners have the freedom to install as many Lotus engine updates and improvements as they wish. If the Lotus performance upgrade isn't done correctly, it won't function. Lotus’ speed and performance may be increased in a variety of different ways. Lotus performance tuning is one of the most well-liked and commonly approved customizations on the market. Pedal Commander Lotus tuning upgrades the vehicle's acceleration and throttle performance in a broad sense. The difference from Lotus tuner chips is that your console won’t flash and your ECU won’t be at risk, thus not creating any insurance problems.

Updating a car's computer is a delicate process that frequently necessitates circumventing security measures. In terms of its internal security and safety safeguards, this results in a fully naked ride. There are many Lotus specification parts that don't have engine brakes, speed limits, or other safety features. That's a lot of problems to give it up for a few horsepower boost. Instead, opt for a Lotus update that will not compromise your vehicle's internal systems. The Pedal Commander is a throttle regulator, not an engine component. This Lotus performance part alters how your Lotus responds when you speed or floor it.

There are some Lotus updates that may get very pricey, but the Pedal Commander isn’t one of them. Pedal Commander is very cost-efficient and has the ability to lower your fuel consumption by 20 percent in the ECO mode. ECO mode is one of its four possible tones to choose from. Others being City, Sport and Sport+. Optimize your Lotus to be the king of the road!

How to Implement Lotus Accessories to Your Vehicle?

Lotus is such a magnificent car brand worldwide, and we've all wished to upgrade our cars with delicate Lotus performance accessories. Installing Lotus car accessories and Lotus performance parts enhances the vehicle's efficiency and performance. Upgrading your automobile is a costly habit to develop. Depending on the complexity of equipment you employ, regular Lotus accessories might cost expensive. While not everyone desires pricey Lotus performance accessories, everyone appreciates the improved performance of the vehicle. You can install the most cost-efficient Lotus upgrade part, the Pedal Commander, in less than 15 minutes. Pedal Commander is a throttle controller that intelligently adjusts the vehicle's sensitivity to the accelerator pedal.

Lotus components come in a variety of qualities. You must locate the best Lotus performance parts for Lotus customization. And it is for these that the majority of Lotus performance parts are required to stand out and show their quality. The Lotus performance part Pedal Commander is the one with the most exceptional performance. Combining it with other Lotus performance parts will get you a coherent and highly performative Lotus. If you're looking for a trustworthy Lotus accessory that improves the power and solves the Lotus acceleration problem, there are a plethora of Lotus aftermarket items but the best one is Pedal Commander.

Will Lotus Customize the Driving Experience Soon?

Attitude is reflected in your Lotus custom parts. An automobile might reveal a lot. Many of us want our Lotus to be customized to our preferences. There are common Lotus customization, but rare accessories have their unique allure. These are made especially for this reason. Assuming you enjoy using Lotus custom accessories to enhance your vehicle's appearance, performance, and handling, then you'll definitely need a Pedal Commander. 

This Lotus custom parts addition will vastly increase the quality of your drive. This Lotus performance part optimizes signals travelling to the ECU, which allows it to react exactly how you need it. This will not boost your car's speed, but it will let you lift off making you question where this performance boost was the whole time!

Do Lotus Cheap Parts Exist?

If you’re looking for Lotus cheap parts for Lotus tuning, look no more! Our Lotus online part is cost-efficient, making it more convenient to provide a great experience. You don't have to sacrifice all of your time installing it too. 

Lotus has been around for a long time, and any Lotus engine options or Lotus gears can be found on the market; this doesn’t mean that every choice will improve your car’s performance without voiding your insurance. Lots of Lotus parts are available at unbelievable discounts thanks to e-commerce but having a proper Lotus tuning means owning the best one out of those parts.  Our Lotus aftermarket part, the Pedal Commander, can be acquired for a reasonable price to apply as a Lotus tuning, enhance your vehicle's throttle response and avoid any insurance voids!

Pedal Commander is a clever gadget that tells your car's ECU to react to the accelerator pedal more quickly. This Lotus Performance part will not harm your engine while increasing your vehicle's response rate even under stock circumstances to develop and upgrade your dream Lotus car.

Where to Find Inexpensive Lotus Part Accessories?

Lotus accessories come in a variety of qualities. You can quickly locate the best Lotus aftermarket parts for your car's improvements. What are the best Lotus accessories at affordable costs and easy to install with benefits? Look no further than our cost-efficient Lotus part that is easy to apply, and start feeling your pedal’s upgrade with the Pedal Commander Lotus tuning device.

What Are Some of the Lotus Coupe Parts Accessories?

If you’re thinking about improving your Lotus coupe to its full potential, the Lotus coupe accessories help you do just that. Unique Lotus coupe aftermarket parts can help you optimize your Lotus tuning capability. These coupe accessories do many things; for example, the Pedal Commander aid with the enhancement of your throttle response by offering customized options to release the monster within your car.

Are Lotus Roadster Parts Accessories Necessary for Unlocked Speed?

Due to their extensive features, Lotus roadster aftermarket parts, like the Pedal Commander, are considered one of the top speed accessories. They have the advantage of being one of the best  Lotus roadster aftermarket accessories that can be fitted without the assistance of a professional. Spare 15 minutes of your time, and you’re ready to go!