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What if there's a way to make your Porsche even better? That's not a question any more thanks to Pedal Commander! Once you install Pedal Commander, you won't look back!

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Unlock Your Porsche's Full Potential with Pedal Commander

Porsche has always been a performance-oriented company, and they’ve built some era-defining sports cars for automotive enthusiasts’ enjoyment. While they have a storied history in motorsports, especially in endurance racing, they’ve broadened their portfolio to include some great wagons, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs. In usual Porsche tradition, all these cars have class-leading performance and appeal, and those are some of the reasons you have one. Porsche cars are as quick as possible, but they can still benefit from Pedal Commander. Keep reading to learn more!

Pedal Commander is a safe performance upgrade that will be welcome in any car, even in your Porsche. It is a throttle controller that won’t void the warranty. Pedal Commander is multi-purpose. You can use it to remove the throttle lag for instant acceleration or to smooth out the response for a safer experience for teenagers and as a valet mode. Pedal Commander will help you get the best experience out of your Porsche. Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to see our customers react to Pedal Commander! If you are intrigued, scroll down and select your Porsche to learn more

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Got Something on Your Mind?
Porsche Owners Asked, and We Answered

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How Can Porsche Performance Parts Help You Control the Beast in Your Porsche?

You know that the Porsche name and badge mean performance if you own one. Enthusiasts well know Porsche performance all around the world. Porsche produces fantastic sports cars and SUVs that would make their customers happy. They design their vehicle to give control to the driver, but even Porsche doesn’t let you customize all parts of the car to your liking, especially when it comes to the throttle response. However, you can fine-tune your throttle responses with the right Porsche performance parts.

When you need speed, you put the pedal to the metal. But it takes some time for your car to accelerate, even when you are driving a Porsche. It doesn't matter how fast or hard you press the gas pedal, as the link between the throttle body and the pedal is electric, and there’s a factory-set delay. Pedal Commander is here to solve this problem. By putting you in charge of how your Porsche behaves, Pedal Commander helps you fully customize your car. One of the safest Porsche performance parts, If you love how your Porsche handles but want a little more kick, this product is one of the finest Porsche upgrades you can make to your car.

Porsche does offer multiple drive modes to customize how the car feels depending on the model of your vehicle. However, to fully control how your throttle behaves, you might want to invest in a Pedal Commander. You can command when and how much of your car’s throttle body will open when you press the accelerator with this product. Pedal Commander can be considered a way of Porsche tuning. However, this doesn’t mean it will void your warranty as most Porsche aftermarket parts do.

Porsche cars are expensive, and if some unfortunate thing happens, fixing them may prove very costly. That’s why the factory warranty is crucial for most Porsche owners. Porsche performance parts that won’t void the car’s warranty are limited, but the demand has steadily increased. Because let’s face it, even Stuttgart’s finest cars can get a whole lot better with faster throttle response. However, most Porsche performance parts are also pretty expensive. Thankfully, Pedal Commander will help you unleash the true potential of your Porsche without voiding your warranty or costing a fortune.

 Can Porsche Aftermarket Parts Add Value to Your Build?

Unlike most Porsche performance parts, Pedal Commander is easy to install and even easier to use. It’s the perfect Porsche modification to add to your car. Most people can install Pedal Commander within 15 minutes with standard hand tools. Removing the product is also straightforward, which is why Pedal Commander is one of the best non-destructive Porsche upgrades you can make.

With Pedal Commander, you can unleash the beast in your Porsche by reducing the throttle delay. While this Porsche performance part doesn’t increase the horsepower or the torque, it can improve Porsche performance. So, if you need easy to install Porsche upgrade ideas, give Pedal Commander a chance.

With the right Porsche aftermarket accessories like Pedal Commander, you can improve many aspects of your Porsche. Pedal Commander is similar to Porsche tuning but better. Pedal Commander is fully customizable and untraceable. With four different modes with nine adjustable levels each, you can fully control how your car behaves. Pedal Commander can be considered a Porsche racing part as it reduces the throttle delay up to 95%.  However, what makes Pedal Commander unique in Porsche performance parts. You can make your car more suitable for everyday driving and reduce fuel costs with the Eco mode.

Porsche cars are mean performance machines. They have powerful engines and tight chassis designs. However, you don’t need to use all the power all of the time.  Fuel consumption matters, even if you drive a Porsche. While Porsche fuel economy is widely related to how you drive your car, you can improve the fuel economy with some Porsche performance parts like Pedal Commander. By using the Eco mode of Pedal Commander, you can gain some MPGs.

Is It Worthwhile To Perform Porsche Tuning?

While Porsche is one of the best performance brands, Porsche tuning will still help you solve the common issues your vehicle faces. Even if your car doesn’t have any problems, fine-tuning your vehicle is a great way to get that extra bit of performance out of your car. Finding good Porsche mods that won’t decrease the value of your car can be tricky, though.

Now people take advantage of the newly introduced Porsche chip tuning. However, chip tuning is not always great. Yes, it can extract more performance out of your car, but if it isn’t done right, it will do more damage than enhance your experience. If you think you have Porsche acceleration problems, you might solve them without chip tuning your car.

Chip tuning can save your fuel and give you better acceleration. However, using Porsche performance parts like a high-quality Porsche throttle controller like Pedal Commander will be better for you and your car. For example, Pedal Commander will give your vehicle a more agile feel by cutting most of the throttle delay. It can also tune your car’s feeling, so you might not need Porsche tuning. Unlike a chip tune, Pedal Commander is reversible and untraceable, so your warranty will still be valid after performing this Porsche mod. Pedal Commander is also a great way to cut down on Porsche tune up costs, as it’s cheaper than getting chip tuning done on your car. 

Do Porsche Mods Ideas Work?

Porsche mods are enjoying newfound popularity. People are getting older Porsches and modding them with newer parts. While there are some advantages to restomodding your Porsche, Porsche engine mods can cause significant problems on the tired internals of some cars. Porsche performance mods like Porsche Tuning and Porsche performance chips can damage the powertrain parts like the Porsche gears and engine. You might want some safe Porsche mods ideas like the Pedal Commander to avoid this. 

Which of the Porsche Tuners on the Market is the Best?

Porsche chip tuning can be safe and very effective. People looking for Porsche horsepower upgrades usually go for Porsche tuner chips and programmers, as these mods can be game-changing. However, Porsche tuning should be performed by professionals who use high-quality Porsche performance tuners.

However, even if you get your car tuned by a professional, installing Pedal Commander to control the throttle map and reduce throttle response lag can be beneficial. Pedal Commander is compatible with any performance add-on and Porsche tuning using a Porsche tuner, and it is very safe.  With this Porsche performance mod, you can take advantage of all the performance and acceleration your car has to offer.

Why You Might Need Porsche Upgrades?

Porsche makes fantastic cars with all the performance you should need. The raw numbers Porsche specifications list are more than enough to make most gearheads dizzy. However, Porsche owners are not like most people. Most owners want to keep their cars crisp with Porsche updates.

Even if the cars have good horsepower and torque, Porsche owners want more, and they deserve it. However, Porsche cars are made with very tight tolerances, and sometimes Porsche performance upgrades can hurt your vehicle. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for Porsche engine upgrades, too. It all depends on your car. Sometimes, you might want to beef up your car's internals before adding aftermarket performance parts.

Still, there are some excellent Porsche mods you can perform without risking any damage whatsoever. For example, a high-quality throttle controller like Pedal Commander is one of the most popular and most beneficial upgrades you can do to your car. This way, you can get an exact feel for how the car responds to your actions. It can change the whole feel of your car.

Why Should You Use Porsche Accessories?

No matter what kind of Porsche you have, Porsche car accessories are great ways to customize your vehicle. Now, you might not need Porsche performance accessories. These can be expensive, and frankly, most Porsche cars have all the performance features most car buyers will ever need.

As mentioned, a stock Porsche is enough for many people, but some gearheads are constantly looking for Porsche upgrade parts. Now, one might think that improving upon perfection is not possible. However, if you have gasoline in your veins, you know adding the correct aftermarket parts to your car can make it better in many ways. For example, you can customize your car even more by adding Porsche tuners to perform Porsche tuning. However, if you don’t want to void your warranty, you can also go with Pedal Commander’s excellent throttle controller.

How to Customize Porsche Vehicles?

One of the best benefits of being a Porsche owner is that you can customize your Porsche according to your requirements. You can even customize your car on the fly. Most Porsches have driving modes to change the vehicle's feel, but if you want the best Porsche customization, you might need to look at Porsche aftermarket parts.

Now, there are a lot of ways one can customize their cars. One of the fantastic options for customizing your Porsche is changing the Porsche performance parts. Porsche custom parts and Porsche custom accessories like custom Porsche tuners can be very expensive, though. 

Another way of customizing your Porsche is fitting Porsche performance parts like a high-quality throttle response controller such as the Pedal Commander onto the car. It will have profound effects on the car’s acceleration, and if you use the Eco mode, you can gain some MPG’s. However, the best part of Pedal Commander is having total control over how the car’s throttle responds. So you can customize your Porsche precisely the way you like it

Do Porsche Cheap Parts Offer Good Value?

Pedal Commander offers one of the safest and most affordable Porsche online parts with its throttle response controller.  Throttle response controllers are similar to Porsche tuning programmers like Porsche tuners, but the two are not the same. Pedal Commander is quite beneficial for customers who want Porsche performance parts at a reasonable price without compromising the quality and performance of this critical Porsche gear. While Pedal Commander doesn’t change the Porsche engine options, it can change the car's feel.  If you want to fully customize how your car feels, you can give this Porsche part a go.

Why You Should Be Careful When Shopping For Porsche Parts Accessories?

No matter what kind of Porsche you have, Pedal Commander provides the owners with a Porsche performance part in a reasonable price range. While Pedal Commander doesn’t make Porsche accessories, our Porsche performance part is high-quality, safe, and easy to install and remove, unlike most Porsche aftermarket parts like Porsche tuners. So, if you want to customize your car with Porsche auto parts, you might benefit from checking Pedal Commander out.

Porsche Coupe Part Accessories to Help Your Coupe Accelerate Faster

The Porsche coupe aftermarket parts available at our online store make it possible for our customers to enhance the feel of various Porsche coupes. If you are on the market for Porsche coupe accessories to add to your new build, check out Pedal Commander’s throttle response controller.

Porsche Crossover Part Accessories For Your Not-so-Ordinary Family Car

Porsche is not known for its crossovers, but this doesn’t stop them from making some of the fastest and most exciting crossovers on the market. Porsche crossover aftermarket parts can also enhance the sporty feel of your Porsche crossover. Discover Pedal Commander’s throttle controller if you want Porsche crossover accessories and Porsche performance parts.

Porsche Liftback Parts Accessories For Your Stylish Liftback

Porsche liftback aftermarket parts can be hard to come by. However, you can find some Porsche upgrade parts for your liftback Porsche. Porsche liftback accessories like Pedal Commander’s excellent throttle controller can make you fall in love with your car again. With Pedal Commander, you can fine-tune your vehicle without needing Porsche tuning devices.

Porsche Roadster Part Accessories to Make The Wind on Your Hair Faster

Roadsters are some of the most popular cars that Porsche sells. That’s why you can find many different Porsche roadster aftermarket parts. However, when choosing Porsche roadster accessories, one should be very careful. While Porsche’s engines are very reliable, you still want to exercise caution. If you're going to enhance the feel of your car with Porsche performance parts, you can go with safe options. Pedal Commander’s throttle controller can be the product you are looking for if you want safe and impactful Porsche upgrades

Porsche Station Wagon Parts Accessories to Surprise Others

The performance-oriented Porsche station wagons are significantly in demand nowadays. These cars are the best choices for car enthusiasts with a family. If you want to make your Porsche station wagon safe and enjoyable for the whole family, there are Porsche station wagon aftermarket parts available. With Porsche station wagon accessories like Pedal Commander, you can customize your throttle pedal response. With Eco-mode, you can save on fuel consumption and accelerate slower if an inexperienced driver wants to drive your car. 

Porsche Targa Part Accessories for Enhancing Iconic Porsche Feel

Targa-top Porsches are very popular. You can upgrade your Targa-top Porsche with Porsche Targa aftermarket parts. By incorporating Porsche Targa accessories like Pedal Commander into your build, you can enjoy a versatile car that will put a smile on your face every time you put your foot down. 

Porsche SUV Parts Accessories to Make the Big Car Feel Faster

While most enthusiasts sleep on them, Porsche makes mean-performance SUVs. However, if you want to enhance your vehicle with Porsche SUV aftermarket parts, you can do so with Pedal Commander’s excellent Porsche SUV accessory. With Pedal Commander, you will have complete command over how your throttle behaves, and with four modes and nine settings in each mode, it’s the ultimate customization for your Porsche SUV.