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Pedal Commander for Camaro

Nobody denies the legendary Chevrolet Camaro name tag comes with experiencing the pure firepower and the performance of a screaming engine with an aggressive design. This is a car that gives you an incredible feeling of power whenever its tires touch the road. 

While Chevrolet Camaro is fantastic, Pedal Commander will make it absolutely perfect! Pedal Commander can be easily installed in 15 minutes. After you install it, you will see an instant increase in your vehicle's performance as it overcomes the delays in the gas pedal’s response. Pedal Commander achieves this by giving you the tools to customize and optimize throttle response. If you want rapid acceleration, select Sport mode, or get better fuel economy in ECO mode.  It is the most impactful Chevrolet Camaro performance part on the market. . Click the button to learn more about how Pedal Commander can help your Chevrolet Camaro. 

Pedal Commander for Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a car that is no stranger to high speed and performance. That’s because underneath it is a potent engine that generates a tremendous amount of horsepower on demand. The Mustang's motors produce incredible acceleration at an unbelievably fast rate for a production car!

But if you regularly feel the need for speed, you would want your Ford Mustang to accelerate quicker. Fortunately, installing Pedal Commander is a safe and easy way to do that. Pedal Commander allows you to extract more performance from your Ford Mustang by bypassing lengthy checks and giving you a faster throttle response. It is a compact aftermarket part that lets you manage and optimize the throttle response of your Mustang. Getting instant acceleration or better fuel economy has never been easier! Click the button below and learn more about how Pedal Commander can transform your Mustang!

Pedal Commander for Challenger

The Dodge Challenger, one of the most powerful muscle cars, is a beast. The solid combination of strong exterior and energetic performance distinguishes it from miles away. It may deliver excellent performance along with how sporty it looks, but it can be better!

Pedal Commander is a Dodge Challenger performance part that can make your Dodge Challenger that much better! It is the simplest solution to fulfill all of your demands and wishes for quicker acceleration and faster throttle response. You can get an extra boost to the performance with quick installation in 15 minutes and experience enhanced throttle response of your Challenger.  It will wake the beast with Sport and Sport+ modes and give you a chance to tame it with its Eco mode! Click the button to learn how it can help your Challenger. 

Pedal Commander for Charger

One of the purest forms of American Muscle is a Dodge Charger. If you have one, you don't need us to tell you that you've made a fantastic choice!  Its engines are potent, and it handles well while offering a comfortable ride. However, Pedal Commander can make it better!

You can improve your car's performance without hurting the engine using the Pedal Commander, which is an excellent Dodge Charger performance part. The Pedal Commander features four modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+, and you can control it with its smartphone app! Once you install Pedal Commander, you will get an instant boost in acceleration with Sport and Sport+ modes, get better throttle response around the city with City mode, and get better fuel economy with Eco mode. If you want to learn more, click the button!