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Find Refurbished Pedal Commander Unit For Your Vehicle

$329.99 $249.99 Save$80.00
pedal commander device

WARNING: All Refurbished Pedal Commander Units are Final Sale!

• Eliminates the gas pedal's response delay

• Plug and play installation.

• 36 sensitivity settings

• We have an app on Google Play and App Store. Easy to control with smartphones with Bluetooth

• 2-year product warranty

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We have no refurbished units for your vehicle at the moment. Still, you can go to the brand new unit page and enjoy our discounts!

Pedal Commander Refurbished Units

What Is a Refurbished Pedal Commander?

Refurbished units are pre-owned units that have been fixed up and reconditioned by us. When we get a return or replace a unit with a new one, we investigate the problem and fix it. If we are completely satisfied that we have resolved any issues with the unit, we resell these Pedal Commander units as refurbished. 

Reconditioned Pedal Commanders are entirely safe as we change the faulty components and test the unit for any potential problems. Refurbished Pedal Commanders are also a great way to get into Team Full Throttle, as these units are cheaper and still have the same 2-year warranty as our new Pedal Commander units.

Pedal Commander Refurbished Units

Get Amazing Deals on Refurbished Pedal Commander Units!

Pedal Commander is one of the safest and most impactful upgrades for any vehicle. However, the price might not be right for you. That’s where our certified pre-owned units come in!

Pedal Commander’s refurbished units are identical to our new units, except for the price! Scroll down if you want to learn more about what a refurbished unit is and what is different!

Pedal Commander Refurbished Units

What’s Different with Refurbished Pedal Commander Units?

Refurbished Pedal Commander units don’t differ much from our new units. They have the same box content, and the refurbished one will provide the same level of performance. Our certified pre-owned units also have the same warranty as a new Pedal Commander, too. So, the price is the only difference between a new and a refurbished Pedal Commander. 

There’s one more important thing to know about before getting a refurbished Pedal Commander. Once you get a refurbished Pedal Commander, you can’t return it. However, you should know that we offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with your refurbished unit, we will take care of it.

FAQs About PC Refurbished Units

We want to make sure each customer is satisfied with their purchase. If you are looking to exchange your Refurbished Pedal Commander Unit for whatever reason, we offer exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order purchased directly from the Pedal Commander website. You can return your product for an exchange with a different Refurbished Pedal Commander Unit.

Shipping the Pedal Commander Unit back to us for the exchange process as well as the return of the correct Refurbished PC Unit is the customer’s responsibility. 

Once the package is received, you will be emailed with the different choice of shipping methods that you would like to have the correct Refurbished Pedal Commander shipped to you. Once verified, an invoice with your choice will be emailed to you.

Each Refurbished Pedal Commander purchase comes with a 2-year product warranty with proof of purchase. This warranty applies to the Refurbished Pedal Commander Units that are purchased directly from the Pedal Commander website. Vitalen Auto Performance Inc. will repair the defective unit at no charge. In the event that our technicians determine that the unit is not repairable, then the customer will be emailed the outcome of the diagnostics and will be provided with the option to have the PC Unit returned back to them as is or a customized invoice can be emailed to purchase a new Pedal Commander with a discount.

If the Refurbished Pedal Commander is purchased as a gift, please provide proof of purchase to qualify under the 2-year warranty.

**Please note that the 2-year warranty is not transferable and is voided if you sell the unit or if you purchase it from a third party and/or an unauthorized reseller. The warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, negligence, abuse, repairs, or alterations by anyone outside of the Manufacturer.