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Can Performance Chips Ruin Your Engine?

Cansu Erdal
February 13, 2023

One of the most well-known aftermarket parts is a performance chip. As it is designed to reprogram the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), it can be called engine tuning, ECU chip tuning, and performance chip tuning. More specifically, performance chips change the parameters of the vehicle computer and control the engine operation with a new algorithm acquiring higher power at lower fuel consumption.

Even though many car enthusiasts find performance chip tunings effective and useful, these auto-upgrade parts can lead to serious engine breakdowns. However, you need to know that chip damage is not associated with a performance chip’s possible problems. Let’s talk about what chip damage is. It refers to the small fractures that can occur on the surface of a material, such as on the edge of a piece of glass or on the surface of a chip in an electronic device.

Performance chip tuning

So, chip damage, often caused by impact or abrasion, can weaken the structure or affect the material's performance. Considering that chip damage is totally different from performance chip tuning, you should learn the right answer to the “are performance chips bad for your car?” question. Let’s talk about everything about performance chips.

Are Performance Chips Bad for Your Car?

Before adding a performance chip to your vehicle, you should know the right answer to this question if you want to protect your vehicle’s warranty. Our answer is not an absolute no or yes. This is because there are many different conditions for a good-performance chip that won’t damage your car. We can sort them as reputable chip brands, high-quality tuning equipment, and professional installation.

If you decide to upgrade your car with a performance chip, it’s best to do research and choose a reputable brand with a proven track record of producing reliable chips. Additionally, performance chip tunings have a complex and risky installation process. If something goes wrong during installation made by an inexperienced mechanic, this situation can damage your car hood parts.

Checking ecu chip parts

For this reason, you need to get professional help for the proper installation of the performance chip tuning. This means an extra budget. Also, the installation process of performance chips should be made with high-quality tuning equipment. Otherwise, performance chips can potentially cause engine damage, misfires, poor fuel efficiency, and increased emissions. As you can see, a good-performance chip that won’t damage your car requires sufficient money and time.

Two mechanics vworking on a car chip tuning

So, those who ask, “will a performance chip damage my engine?” should know that if they don’t spend enough money on reputable chip brands, high-quality tuning equipment, and professional installation, a performance chip will damage the engine. Now, let’s answer another burning question from you: Will a performance chip void my warranty?

Does a Performance Chip Void Warranty?

Yes, but not an absolute yes. Adding a performance chip to a vehicle may void the warranty because of its complex installation process and risky operation. If you get professional help for properly installing the performance chip tuning, this can eliminate the risk of damaging the engine to a certain extent. However, the way the performance chip works tend to break the factory settings of the original car engine components.

Toy car and stethoscope

Performance chip tunings add horsepower and torque to your vehicle. The reason is that they have a direct and radical intervention in the operation of the engine. Thus, even though you buy a reputable performance chip brand, this car mod can void the car warranty anytime. So, do performance chips void warranty? As you can see, the answer seems closer to yes.

On the other hand, there are more practical and reliable aftermarket parts on the market. Thus, the good news is that if you keep reading us, you will learn the best car modification in every respect.

Ready to Explore a Perfect  Electronic Throttle Controller?

Pedal Commander is the most practical and reliable electronic throttle controller on the market. It modifies the electronic signals sent from the accelerator pedal to the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). So, Pedal Commander improves the throttle response and, consequently, a more engaging driving experience. Let’s talk about the reasons why Pedal Commander is totally different from other throttle controllers.

Installing Pedal Commander is as quick as a wink that takes only 15 minutes. So, it is more affordable than installing performance chip tuning. The reason is that you can easily install Pedal Commander on your own without paying extra money for a mechanic. Also, you can operate it from your mobile phone thanks to the Pedal Commander app equipped with Bluetooth control.

What is Pedal Commander?

Unlike performance chip tunings, Pedal Commander does not void your car warranty because it has no intervention in the operation of the car engine. Thus, it promises you the most risk-free and compatible auto-upgrade by adding versatile specifications to your vehicle. Because Pedal Commander has four adjustable driving modes (Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+).

Thus, Pedal Commander considers your comfort in all seasons and road conditions. All you need to do is customize your acceleration with these modes. As you can see, Pedal Commander is completely worth your money and time. If you learn more about our device, you can watch our YouTube video below:

Can Performance Chips Ruin Your Engine?