Toyota 4runer with pedal commander
February 06, 2023

Why Toyota 4Runner is Great (How You Can Improve It)

The 4Runner may easily survive over 300,000 miles with the right upkeep. The Toyota 4Runner is still highly popular despite its growing age. The 4Runner continues to be one of the most expensive new and used SUV vehicles on the market. The Toyota 4Runner 2022 continues to win honors, so what's the big deal?

The Toyota 4Runner does really have a high resale value. The value is just one of the numerous factors that contribute to its high user popularity. After five years of use, it should still be worth roughly 58% of what it was before. Of all the SUVs in its class, it has the highest resale value. The 4Runner is a secure investment because it can generate savings over time.

What Actually Makes Toyota 4Runner So Popular

The Toyota 4Runner is a well-liked SUV for a number of reasons, including its dependability, adaptability, and off-road prowess. The 4Runner has a long history of being a trustworthy car that people can count on. It is a great alternative for families and explorers because of its roomy interior, smooth ride, and flexible luggage options.


For people who prefer outdoor activities, the 4Runner is a well-liked option thanks to its off-road characteristics, which include its high ground clearance and possible four-wheel drive. Overall, the Toyota 4Runner is a well-liked option among SUV purchasers due to its blend of usefulness, comfort, and toughness.

How to Make Toyota 4Runner Better

There are several ways to make the Toyota 4Runner better, depending on the individual's needs and preferences:

  • Upgraded suspension and wheels: Improving the suspension system and installing larger wheels can enhance the 4Runner's off-road capabilities and provide a smoother ride.
  • Improved lighting: Upgrading the headlights and adding auxiliary lights can enhance visibility and make off-roading easier and safer.
  • Enhanced interior features: Adding extra storage, improved sound systems, and updated infotainment systems can enhance the overall driving experience.
  • Performance upgrades: Installing performance upgrades, such as a performance exhaust system or cold air intake, can improve the engine's power and efficiency.
  • Protective gear: Adding skid plates, rock sliders, and other protective gear can help to safeguard the 4Runner while off-roading.

Photo of a red Toyota 4Runner

Photo Credits: Ashton Robinson

It's important to note that any modifications should be performed by a professional and be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. But if you’re looking for one perfect performance upgrade that will be absolutely safe for your 4Runner and it’s warranty, be legal and won’t require a professional to install, we recommend checking out Pedal Commander. 

Other than that, let’s get deeper into the best and worst mods.

Best Mods for Toyota 4Runner

Modding a Toyota 4Runner is a good idea because it offers several benefits to the owner. Firstly, it allows for customization and personalization of the vehicle, making it unique and reflective of the owner's personality and style. Secondly, modding can improve the performance and capability of the 4Runner, making it better suited for off-road adventures and other outdoor activities.


Modding can increase the resale value of Toyota 4Runner, making it a more attractive option for a certain spectrum of potential buyers. Modding can also enhance the overall driving experience, providing a more enjoyable and comfortable ride. With so many benefits, modding a Toyota 4Runner is a great choice for people looking to bring the best out of their vehicle.

Trailer Brake Controllers

You'll need a dependable brake controller if your trailer has independently operating electronic brakes. This controller will keep track of the brakes on your car and imitate that action on the brakes of the trailer. 

That significantly reduces the braking stress on your 4Runner's brakes. The plug-and-play, self-calibrating brake controllers work with both electric and electric-over-hydraulic brake systems. They are a great choice if you don't want to spend time figuring out to understand how a brake controller works in detail and only need it to function when you need it.

Lights Under the Hood

On a 4Runner, having a set of under-hood lights come in handy numerous times. A variety of things can be done with under-the-hood lights, including nighttime tire inflation and deflation, battery jump starts in the dark, engine bay switch maintenance, and much more.

Throttle Response Controllers

They improve the acceleration of vehicles by adjusting the throttle response time, providing a smoother and more immediate acceleration. This makes the driving experience more enjoyable and responsive, especially in high-performance capability cars like Toyota 4Runner. Throttle response controllers can also enhance the engine's overall performance by optimizing the air/fuel ratio, leading to improved fuel efficiency and power output. 

Additionally, throttle response controllers are easy to install and use and often come with customizable settings to match the driver's preferences. Furthermore, they can be integrated into other aftermarket performance upgrades, making them a cost-effective and practical solution for improving their vehicle's performance. Currently Pedal Commander is the leading throttle controller in the market.

Choosing the Tire 

Tires are perhaps the most crucial component of your overland design; it is strongly advised against cutting corners here. Off-roading will be significantly more secure with good all-terrain or mud-terrain tires on the ground. In other words, increased traction from your tires will make things easier for you to move through various terrains.


A/T or M/T tires will deteriorate more quickly than highway-terrain tires, especially on paved surfaces. Tires are pricey and can quickly wear out with long, regular journeys, so keep that in mind if you use your 4Runner every day. Consider an A/T tire over an M/T if you frequently need to drive long miles on a daily basis but still want to venture off of man-made roads because all terrains perform better and wear more gradually under these conditions.

Worst Mods for Toyota 4Runner

Although there are probably an unlimited number of bad mods for Toyota 4Runner, the performance of the final product will eventually decide if a good mod turned out to be useless or not. Bad mods are probably just a concern only if you don't research them or conduct a straightforward cause and effect analysis.

For instance, adding ladders or simply soundproofing the hatch makes the door heavier. If you had done your homework, you would have previously known this and would have purchased replacement hydraulic lifters that could support the added weight needed to properly open the hatch. Let’s get right into the homework then!

Also Tires

Changing the size of your wheels can certainly add style and perhaps improve the performance of your car. The wheels on your vehicle can, however, be changed without doing much damage, preferably none though. Remember that changing your wheels or rims usually necessitates changing your tires as well. Here are a few things to avoid when changing tires and wheels.

Evidently, there are universal wheels. There is no such thing as a safe or appropriate universal wheel, despite the concept that it may be attached to any type of vehicle. There is definitely not one wheel that can fit every car because wheels and tires are quite customized to your car. This is a significant financial waste, and it will probably have a detrimental impact on the way your car drives.


For handling and performance, buying the wrong size wheels or tires is a problem. Typically, automakers advise against changing the wheels' size (larger or smaller) from what was originally specified for the vehicle by more than 3%. Don't just buy whatever wheel size you want and assume it will fit your automobile; it won't.

Chip Tuning

Chip tuning, or modifying a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) to improve performance, can be sweet but it may negatively affect the car and its owner.

Firstly, the chip tuning can void the vehicle's warranty. The manufacturer will not cover the repairs under warranty if the car experiences any problems related to the modified ECU.

The chip tuning can reduce fuel efficiency, as the ECU's programming may prioritize performance over efficiency. This can result in higher fuel costs over time. Chip tuning can strain the vehicle's engine, transmission, and other components, potentially leading to decreased lifespan and increased maintenance costs.

Moreover, the chip tuning can also affect the vehicle's emission levels, causing it to emit more pollutants than it would otherwise. This contributes to air pollution and may result in the car failing emissions tests, which can result in costly repairs or fines.

While chip tuning may temporarily boost performance, it can also result in numerous long-term negative consequences for both the vehicle and its owner. It is generally recommended to avoid chip tuning and to consider other methods of improving performance, such as installing 4runner performance parts like throttle controllers and upgrading the vehicle's acceleration system.

Best Mod for Toyota 4Runner Pedal Commander

Toyota 4Runner’s performance will be up to you and you only. There are ways to make it worse, and there are ways to make it better. One of the best ways to improve performance and make 4Runner better is to include Pedal Commander in your final build. Whatever tuning you do, whatever state your 4Runner is in, Pedal Commander will work coherently with it and optimize your acceleration performance. 

A fully tuned Toyota 4Runner needs Pedal Commander to control how to final build accelerates. This is important because your vehicle’s tire grip and throttle body’s flat valve (butterfly) needs to be optimized along with the modifications done to your 4Runner.

A stock Toyota 4Runner can greatly benefit from Pedal Commander because it is one of the only performance upgrades you can do to your vehicle to protect it’s originality and warranty. Pedal Commander is the safest throttle controller with FCC and CARB certifications along with TÜV and multiple awards with SEMA. 

Discover how easy it is to use, install and achieve everything better for your Toyota 4Runner with Pedal Commander!


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