Discover the Meaning of FCC Certification
January 16, 2023

Discover the Meaning of FCC Certification

For electronic and electrical products made or sold in the US, the FCC certification is a sort of product certification. It attests that a product's radio frequency emissions fall within permitted ranges set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Based on the type of radiofrequency emitted, the FCC has developed technical requirements for evaluating electrical and electronic equipment.

Any electrical equipment that can oscillate at a frequency higher than 9 kHz generally has to be FCC certified. Manufacturers must ensure that their products won't harm the general public or interfere with other products in any way. For FCC certification, all electrical equipment must pass testing and meet emission standards. Manufacturers will pay a fine and have their products recalled if they sell products without the necessary authorization.

FCC Accreditation Requirements and Locations for 'What is FCC Certification' Pages

The FCC must certify any radio frequency equipment made, sold, or distributed in the US. Due to the fact that these goods were either produced in the US before being exported or are also sold there, the label is frequently encountered on goods that are marketed abroad. As a result, people everywhere recognize the FCC certification mark, not just in the US.


Which Goods Shall be FCC Certified?

To maintain compliance with the EMC regulation, the Federal Communications Commission mandates testing for electrical products that use radiofrequency. The following products frequently require FCC certification:

  • Items made of electronics.
  • Items with electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Adapters for power.
  • IT hardware.
  • Equipment for radio and telecommunications.
  • Bluetooth gadgets.
  • Equipment for wireless local area networking.
  • Transmitters for wireless medical telemetry.
  • Garage door openers and doors.
  • Transmitters for remote controls.
  • Transmitters for mobile radio on land.
  • Tools and safety measures designed for usage in potentially explosive environments.
  • How Can One Become FCC Certified?

    Obtaining FCC certification is a difficult yet simple process. The FCC contracts with a number of recognized, independent labs across the United States to test items and equipment. Finding a testing laboratory that meets your criteria is the first step in obtaining certification for your own idea.


    The device needs arrangements for compliance testing once a reputable lab is located. The process will be primarily handled by the professionals on their own, who will use a variety of cutting-edge instruments to determine your device's RF output and compare it to standards. If the tests are successful, the radiofrequency radiation is at safe levels. On the other hand, failing devices will require redesigning to lower their output and adhere to standards.

    What Doesn't FCC Certification Cover?

    The FCC certification process is a limited procedure that only addresses potential EMI issues. If it's found that a product has met FCC requirements, it means that the product emits radiofrequency radiation at safe levels. It doesn't alone signify the full quality of a device. For car performance parts, a CARB certification should also be visible for it to signify full quality. For example, Pedal Commander throttle controller does have both certifications.

    If an inventor or a developer for a business takes it’s work seriously, it must ensure that everything they create complies with FCC rules. Failure to do so could put them at risk for EMI, make them liable in court, and more.

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