Aftermarket Buzzwords, De-buzzed
January 09, 2023

Aftermarket Buzzwords, De-buzzed

If you get interested in upgrading your car, you must have heard about performance upgrade parts, that is, aftermarket parts. What is the aftermarket? The aftermarket refers to the market for replacement parts, accessories, and equipment after the original products are manufactured and sold. It is an important part of many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. So, let’s talk about the aftermarket car parts definition.


When it comes to aftermarket car parts definition, you should know the difference between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket parts produced by third-party companies. Even though OEM parts are reliable, they are very expensive and hard to find. On the other hand, there are high-quality aftermarket parts at affordable prices. For this reason, you can trust aftermarket parts to make a useful investment in your car’s performance with them.

As a result, we will talk about aftermarket buzzwords in this article. These include performance upgrade marketing terms and phrases. Why is it important to learn performance upgrade marketing terms? Toward the end, you will know everything about these subjects, and then you will learn the good news: the best aftermarket part on the market.

The Ultimate Glossary of Performance Upgrade Marketing Terms

Aftermarket buzzwords are as comprehensive as aftermarket auto parts definition. So, we will gather them in the ultimate glossary of performance upgrade marketing terms. When familiar with these terms or buzzwords, you will have sufficient information about the auto-upgrade industry and fierce competition between different aftermarket parts. This makes you aware of which aftermarket part is worth buying.

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Many aftermarket buzzwords are primarily found in car dealership lingo and car salesman lingo, which are more extensive than the “automotive aftermarket distributors” term. Car dealership lingo is the specialized vocabulary and terminology used by people working in the automotive industry, especially salespeople at car dealerships. Here are some common terms used in car dealership lingo:

  • MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
  • Invoice price: The price the dealer pays for the vehicle from the manufacturer
  • Trade-in: When a customer brings in their current vehicle as part of the deal for a new one
  • Upsell: Attempting to sell a higher-end or more expensive version of the product being considered
  • Close the deal: When the customer agrees to purchase the vehicle
  • Factory orders: When a dealership places an order for a specific vehicle with the manufacturer
  • Demo: A vehicle used by the dealership for test drives, typically with a few hundred miles on it

Car dealershipThe car dealership lingo reveals some dealer buzzwords used by car dealerships in their marketing and sales efforts. These dealer buzzwords are often used to create a positive impression or to evoke certain emotions in the customer. Here are a few examples of dealer buzzwords like low mileage, clean title, fully loaded, one owner, certified pre-owned, well-maintained, must-see, and loaded with features.

Also, car salesman lingo includes the same terms as car dealership lingo. As a different and special term for car salesman lingo, we can talk about the four-square method. The four-square method refers to a sales technique used to break down the price of a vehicle into four separate categories (trade-in value, down payment, monthly payment, and loan term). Most salesmen use it to make customers understand a car’s total price.

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Now, let’s talk about need-to-know aftermarket buzzwords, including auto-upgrade marketing terms. Automotive aftermarket distributors are companies that supply car replacement parts, equipment, and accessories to businesses in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. These businesses generally include auto parts stores, repair shops, and collision centers. Thus, automotive aftermarket distributors typically carry a wide range of products, including engine parts, brakes, suspension components, tires, and automotive chemicals.

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Therefore, when you are familiar with the above-mentioned aftermarket buzzwords, you will realize that there are many different aftermarket parts in the market, in other words, fierce competition between them. But, if you’ve read this far, you should feel lucky. Just keep reading to learn the best performance upgrade part on the market.

Get to Know the Most Popular Aftermarket Buzzword: Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander is the most practical and versatile throttle response controller on the market. For this reason, we can put it in the category of a popular aftermarket buzzword. Pedal Commander is designed to eliminate throttle lag from your gas pedal. It has an easy installation and removal process. Without going to a mechanic, you can install or unplug Pedal Commander in just 15 minutes.

As for how to use Pedal Commander, we can say it is simply peerless. The reason is that Pedal Commander is designed with cutting-edge technology. You can operate it from your mobile phone thanks to the Pedal Commander app equipped with practical Bluetooth specifications.

Moreover, Pedal Commander is assertive about fulfilling all your needs on road. It allows you to experience comfortable, smooth, and fast ride quality thanks to its four adjustable modes (Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+). If you want to upgrade your car with peace of mind, all you need to do is buy Pedal Commander.