5 Lease Friendly Mods That Will Transform Your Ride
January 05, 2023

5 Lease Friendly Mods That Will Transform Your Ride

The wheels of an automobile determine its appearance, whether sporty, posh, or rough. It's a simple upgrade you can carry out and undo in your garage or driveway. It is significant if you have leased wheels. 

Custom modifications typically reduce a car's resale value, and permanent car modifications are prohibited if you are leasing. However, no enthusiast wants to travel in a pre-made vehicle. Here are five things to customize your vehicle while maintaining the ability to restore it to stock if necessary.

What are Lease Friendly Mods?

Can you mod a lease car? Through a car lease, you can drive a new car from the dealer for a predetermined number of months and miles while only paying for the actual kilometers driven. To be able to drive the car, you pay monthly. The estimated depreciation value of the vehicle over the lease term is used to determine the monthly payments. 

While using performance parts on a leased car can be an easy way to improve its performance and render it more enjoyable to drive, there are a few things to ensure before making any modifications. First and foremost, it's essential to check the terms of your lease agreement to see if there are any restrictions on modifying the car. Some lease agreements may prohibit the use of performance parts or require that any modifications be approved in advance. 

Another critical factor to consider is the pricing of the performance parts and the potential impact on your monthly lease payments. If you're planning to make significant modifications to your leased car, it's important to factor in the additional cost of the parts and the potential impact on your budget. Let’s check out five easy mods for cars to start the thought train.

Invest in new wheels

Do you desire a sportier-looking car? Tougher? Classier? Do you want to drive it differently from how the car was designed to be driven? It is mods reversible. The look and performance of your car can now be changed with a new set of wheels. 

A car with aftermarket wheels and tires

If it seems too pricey ($1,000 for nice tires), try searching for nice secondhand tires, overstocks, and reduced price sellers on Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay.

Tint your windows

Tinted windows give a car a sense of mystique. The tint also functions as sunglasses when you're driving. Just be careful when installing the tint because it's really simple to get bubbles, creases, and fingerprints. 

A car with tinted windows

Additionally, familiarize yourself with local legislation, as some regions only permit tint on the back windows and others just up to a certain level of darkness.

Wrap it in vinyl

If you rented a car in the past but didn't like the color, you had to put up with it. You can temporarily alter any aspect of the color with vinyl wrap, and the wrap won't damage the car's genuine paint. 

A vinyl wrapped car

Similar to tinting, you might want to hire a technician to apply it because there are too many potential issues that could arise and make the car look tacky rather than cool.

Plasti Dip

The rubberized coating for the handles of pliers and hedge clippers was invented as a spray-on color called Plasti Dip. It provides the driver's chosen area of the car with a low-gloss rubbery finish, and it peels off when you want to alter the color or simply want to get rid of it. You can purchase a kit to personalize a complete car, and there are many other colors available.

A man applying plasti dip to a car rim

Use switchable extras

Back-up cameras, high-end sound systems, and navigation systems may be pre-wired in some automobile models, but they aren't always used. You can learn which pieces, both electrical and non-electronic, can be changed out for something more modern, luxurious, or simply different if you do the proper research. 

A car with aftermarket radio and screens

Remember, if you add or remove the piece and damage the original part or the region around it on the automobile, there will be an issue when you return the car.

Bonus: The Best Lease Friendly Car Mod in Existence

It's time to go all out and maintain your performance after successfully enhancing your car-driving sessions! You probably wouldn't like to see your leased car's poor performance creeping around, just as you wouldn't like to drive a boring stock vehicle.

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Making the above changes to your leased vehicle is not really cheap nor without hard work. Putting them together is hard, removing them is even harder because you wouldn’t want it to be traceable. But what if there was a third, secure option? Welcome Pedal Commander into your life; it is secure, upholds your guarantee, offers improved fuel economy and road control in ECO mode, and also offers the most unique performance boost in it’s other settings. Want better acceleration? Try Pedal Commander!