Understanding the Significance of Drive-by-Wire Technology and Its Impact on Automotive Performance
December 20, 2022

Understanding the Significance of Drive-by-Wire Technology and Its Impact on Automotive Performance

Drive by wire, also known as x-by-wire, is a technology that replaces traditional, mechanical, and hydraulic controls in vehicles with electronic signals. Instead of using physical cables or hydraulic fluid to transmit control inputs from the driver to the vehicle's systems, drive-by-wire uses electrical signals sent through wires or wirelessly. So, this technology revolutionizes the way we drive and interact with our vehicles.

In this blog, we will explain the concept of drive-by-wire and its applications in the automotive industry. We will also talk about how you can eliminate the potential drawbacks of this technology. Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply curious about the latest developments in vehicle technology, this blog will offer a comprehensive overview of drive-by-wire and its importance in the automotive industry. So, let's dive in and learn more about this exciting technology!

What Is Drive-by-Wire System Exactly?

We can define drive-by-wire systems as several electronic systems. More specifically, drive by wire technology enhances traditional mechanical controls. It has taken the place of hydraulic pressure and cables to control a vehicle. So, drive-by-wire technology works as an electronic system to activate brakes, fuel the engine, and control steering. As you know, today’s cars use drive-by-wire systems whose three main components are throttle, steering, and brakes.

In fact, drive-by-wire systems create an inherent lag due to processing, safety measures, and many other factors. For this reason, you can encounter throttle-by-wire and ride-by-wire terms on the Internet. The throttle-by-wire system allows your car's engine to generate more torque and power by providing harmony between the throttle angle, ignition, and fuel. Ride-by-wire system eliminates any mechanical linkages between the throttle body and the hand accelerator.

Drive-by-wire systems have an inherent small yet noticeable lag.

Another important subject is related to drive-by-wire vs drive-by-cable vehicles. While a drive-by-wire vehicle uses electricity, wires, resistors, and motor actuators to control gear selection, throttle position, etc., a drive-by-cable vehicle uses levers, cables, and linkages to control these functions. We can say that drive-by-wire cars have more advanced technology. However, even though drive-by-wire systems create a deliberate lag, you can buy various aftermarket parts to eliminate this lag.

Accordingly, we can sort these aftermarket parts as a drive-by-wire pedal bracket, electronic throttle controller, and drive-by-wire controller. Since today’s car manufacturers use drive-by-wire technology, it is necessary to learn how an electronic throttle control kit works. Also, you need to know that every aftermarket drive-by-wire throttle controller has different features apart from its primary functions. For this reason, before buying a car electronic throttle controller, you should do detailed research about it.

As you can guess, we will talk about the reasons why drive-by-wire cars require aftermarket electronic throttle control. In addition, if you read this article till the end, you will know some good news. The reason is that we will introduce you to the best aftermarket electronic throttle control. So, all you need to do is keep reading us!

Understanding the Importance of Electronic Throttle Control for Drive-By-Wire Vehicles

One of the essential requirements for electronic throttle control is closely related to drive-by-wire technology in today’s vehicles. When you consider drive-by-wire vs drive-by-cable systems, you can notice the reasons why drive-by-cars require electronic throttle control. The main difference between a drive-by-wire and a drive-by-cable system is that there is almost no mechanical linkage between the engine and the accelerator in a drive-by-cable system.

On the other hand, a drive-by-wire system includes an electronic signal that tells the engine how much power it should generate.  While this system is not found in older vehicles, it leads to a deliberate lag in newer cars. At this point, the importance of aftermarket electronic throttle control becomes apparent. The reason is that electronic throttle control is designed to eliminate the lag from the drive-by-wire pedal of your vehicle.

Pedal Commander sits between the pedal and the ECU to boost the signals, and acceleration!

As you know, there are a lot of different electronic throttle controller brands on the market. For this reason, it is quite normal to have difficulty deciding which electronic throttle controller brand is worth buying. In addition, when it comes to different brands of the same product, many details, such as quality, function, and price, generally change. Thus, you should look at these details before buying electronic throttle control.

Moreover, we can describe some car mods as a kind of investment for your car’s performance. Electronic throttle control falls into this category. The reason is that if it is a high-quality brand, you should know that it includes versatile features upgrading the general ride quality of your vehicle. Thus, if you want to learn the best aftermarket electronic throttle control on the market, all you need to do is keep reading!

Pedal Commander's effect on throttle response

Drive By Wire: Unleash Your Vehicle's Potential with the Pedal Commander Throttle Controller!

If you’ve read this far, you may feel lucky. Here’s the good news! Pedal Commander is the best throttle response controller on the market. It is totally different from other electronic throttle brands. This is because Pedal Commander has practical and versatile functions. When you buy Pedal Commander, you will have a perfect driving experience at an affordable price.  

Pedal Commander has an effortless installation and removal process that takes 15 minutes. So you can easily install or unplug it on your own. Since Pedal Commander is designed with cutting-edge technology, you can operate it from your mobile phone thanks to the Pedal Commander app. It can offer comfortable, smooth, and fast ride quality at the same time thanks to its four adjustable modes (Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+).

Eco mode decreases the throttle response sensitivity and improves fuel economy by up to 20%. City mode allows you to experience smoother and slower ride quality. Sport mode makes your vehicle even faster for spirited driving. Sport+ mode takes your car to the ultimate level of mind-blowing acceleration and lets you show off on the racetrack. So, these modes will make you feel like you are driving four different cars. If you are interested in getting a Pedal Commander for yourself, click here!