Does Pedal Commander Void Warranty?
December 14, 2022

Does Pedal Commander Void Warranty?

As you know, the matter of warranty is very important. So, let’s talk about the question: “Does Pedal Commander void warranty?”. If you are looking for a safe modification to upgrade your car, you don’t have to sacrifice much more money and time for traditional upgrades. All you need to do is discover Pedal Commander, and you will have your warranty intact and your performance increased! 

If you want the longer answer, keep reading to understand what Pedal Commander is, and why it is street-legal in 50 states, and Why Pedal Commander won’t void your warranty!

What is Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander is the most practical and reliable aftermarket part that takes your vehicle to the ultimate level of acceleration and performance. It has a very easy process of installation, usage, and uninstall. Without going to a mechanic, you can easily install or remove Pedal Commander on your own, which takes just 15 minutes.  

Unlike risky and unreliable upgrades like adding horsepower, Pedal Commander does not intervene in how your vehicle’s engine works. You can easily remove Pedal Commander from the place between your accelerator pedal and the ECU by using a pair of pliers to unplug the grey tab to the bottom of the socket.

For your convenience, Pedal Commander also offers a 2-year warranty and ensures the safety of your vehicle while you install or uninstall it on your own

Why Pedal Commander Won’t Void Warranty?

The reason is completely based on its practical and functional operation on your vehicle that will answer the question: “Does Pedal Commander void warranty?”

So, there is no need to ask these questions like “Does Pedal Commander void warranty?” or “Will Pedal Commander void warranty?”. The same reasons why Pedal Commander is legal in all 50 states is the same reason why it won’t void your warrantyUnlike chip tuners, Pedal Commander has no intervention in the way the engine works. For this reason, it does not damage the original parts of your car.

Pedal Commander has CARB, TÜV, FCC, EMC certifications and also won several SEMA awards. Because it won't change the emission or the factory power output of your vehicle, it won’t void your warranty. 

Even if you have tried other tuners for upgrading your car, you can still make your car quicker and more comfortable with Pedal Commander. So, tuning your car is completely effortless and safe with it.

Does Others Void Warranty?

What about other aftermarket parts and chip tunings to increase horsepower? Instead of asking the question: “Does Pedal Commander void warranty?”, you should search whether other aftermarket parts and chip tunings void warranty. Here, you will get the right answers of these questions: “Does a Pedal Commander void warranty?” or “Will Pedal Commander void warranty?”

While other mods work, they may void your warranty. Moreover, they may be illegal to install and use, depending on where you live. Pedal Commander offers the most affordable and safest upgrade to make your car perform even better. It guarantees a safer boost in acceleration and performance than what adding horsepower promises you. 

If you want a safe performance upgrade that will completely transform the way your car feels, Pedal Commander is the best option on the market. Don't just take our word for it. Click here and read over 10.000 5-star reviews made by Team Full Throttle!