How to Start Modding Your Car?
December 06, 2022

How to Start Modding Your Car?

Those who want to experience fantastic driving pleasure are always involved in researching which car modification is suitable for their vehicles. As you know, today’s rapidly developing technology offers a lot of different car modifications. So, if you don’t know how to start modding your car, you should remember that there is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out. Keep reading to discover everything about how to start modding your vehicle!

Firstly, you need to set your expectations for a car modification before starting modding your car. When you know what you want, you can easily determine your budget and time for the right car modification. As every aftermarket part has different functions, you should give priority to the safety of the factory settings and designs of your vehicle.

Let’s talk about good starter car mods to facilitate your search for the right car modification. We can describe starter car mods as a device with simple and effective functions. One of the most familiar starter car mods is a cold air intake system. Manufacturers introduce it into the market as a sure cure to improve performance and gas mileage. However, the cold air intake leads to annoying engine noise because of restricting the larger capacity of air.

For this reason, you should pay more attention to the starter car mods that sound familiar. We can sort these kinds of starter car mods as exhaust system, suspension, wheels, tires, supercharging, and chip tuning. Also, the reason why these starter mods especially like supercharging and chip tuning sound familiar is that they have been in the auto market for a long time.

Thus, the most familiar starter aftermarket parts on the market may disappoint you, due to their traditional and poor technology. If you want to have a cutting-edge aftermarket part considering the safety of your vehicle, all you need to do is say goodbye to other mods and meet Pedal Commander. Let’s discover what Pedal Commander does!

Pedal Commander is the most versatile aftermarket part on the market. It has four adjustable modes which are Eco mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode. Also, Pedal Commander offers a smoother and faster ride, comfortable acceleration adjustment, and fuel economy at the same time. For this reason, we can define Pedal Commander as a fantastic and ideal starter car mod. As Pedal Commander is a complete price-performance device, you can start modding your vehicle with it.

Where to Start Modding Your Car?

Before you buy any starter aftermarket parts, you should think of the right answer to where to start modding your car. It is actually based on what you expect from a car upgrade part. Some simple starter car mods like wheel and tire are able to enhance the performance of your vehicle to a certain degree. Even though there are more assertive aftermarket parts like supercharging, turbocharging, and chip tuning in terms of performance, these require a risky and expensive process.

If you want to experience the ultimate level of performance and acceleration, you can improve the electronic throttle system. This is the easiest and safest starting point to modify your vehicle. Have you heard of a car mod that is mainly designed to improve the throttle system? As there is no relation between a better throttle system and increasing horsepower, turbocharging or chip tuning are useless.

We can describe Pedal Commander as a sure cure to eliminate any throttle lag from your gas pedal. Unlike risky and traditional chip tunings, Pedal Commander has no direct and radical intervention in the engine operation, so it displays compatibility with your original engine parts and factory settings. As it is plugged in the place between your gas pedal and the ECU, you can easily install and unplug it without going to a mechanic.

When you compare Pedal Commander with other so-called starter car mods, you will realize that Pedal Commander is the most reliable and practical performance part with its state-of-art technology.

Which Car Mods Are Good for Starters?

If you’ve read this far, you can realize that Pedal Commander is the most effective and versatile aftermarket part on the market. As it has an affordable price and risk-free function, you can start modding your vehicle with it. While simple aftermarket parts like tires have a little positive effect on the performance of your vehicle, the more complex ones like chip tuning and turbocharging can damage the original engine parts.

However, Pedal Commander is totally different from other mods. It allows you to have better control over your vehicle by reducing throttle response time. You can customize your acceleration with its four adjustable modes. Which car modifications other than Pedal Commander make you feel like you are driving four different cars? The answer is none.

As you can see, Pedal Commander is the most versatile auto upgrade that fulfills your needs according to different road and weather conditions. It allows you to save fuel economy by up to 20% with its Eco mode and have a civil and smooth ride quality with City mode. Also, Sport mode and Sport+ mode promise you mind-blowing acceleration. Thus, all you need to do is get Pedal Commander.

Discover Best Car Modifications

As you know, there is a kind of fierce competition between rival car modification shops. So, it is quite normal that you can have difficulty in deciding which aftermarket part is suitable for your needs. If you want to find the right aftermarket part as soon as possible, you should look at the concept of stage 1 car tuning. The reason is that stage 1 tuning includes both simple modifications like an air filter and also engine setting tunes like Obd2 tuning, and ECU tuning chip.

As we said before, some simple modifications have traditional technology, so you cannot get enough efficiency from them. Let’s talk about the Obd2 tuning and ECU tuning to understand whether these really fall into the category of stage 1 tuning. Many auto companies create a common perception that defines the Obd2 tuning chip and ECU tuning chip as a practical upgrade.

However, none of the chip tunings is simple because these have direct and radical intervention in the engine operation. While Obd2 tuning is too old to fulfill your expectations about an effective aftermarket part, the ECU tuning chip can damage the original engine components of your vehicle. For this reason, we cannot describe these complex upgrades as good starter car mods.

On the other hand, Pedal Commander is a complete stage 1 car tuning because it can be fitted on its own to a standard car. It is plugged in the place between your gas pedal and the ECU. For this reason, Pedal Commander has an easy and affordable installation process that takes just 15 minutes without requiring paying an extra fee for a mechanic.

Thus, all you need to do is discover the most high-quality technology with Pedal Commander. You can operate Pedal Commander from a mobile app with Bluetooth control. Unlike traditional and complex chip tunings, Pedal Commander offers comfortable and fantastic driving pleasure.

Watch Out For  California Car Modification Laws

As you know, California has a lot of strict car modification laws to protect the environment. Many seemingly innocent car modifications are seen as illegal actions. For example, sound systems, mufflers, lights, window tinting, frame, and suspension have certain strict limitations. Even though the functions of these products are not limited by California modification laws, you cannot achieve sufficient performance, acceleration, and fuel economy with them.

Unlike the above-mentioned car modifications, Pedal Commander does not violate California car modification laws. So, you can enjoy Pedal Commander without any limitations. This situation also confirms our motto: Pedal Commander will make you live life full throttle. As Pedal Commander only improves the electronic throttle system, it does not disturb or pollute the environment

For this reason, when you compare Pedal Commander with an engine chip tuning, you can realize that Pedal Commander guarantees a safer boost in acceleration and performance than what horsepower promises you. It reduces throttle response time without damaging the engine and takes your vehicle to an unbelievably comfortable and fast level. Thus, Pedal Commander promises you the safest auto upgrade without breaking California car modification laws and limiting your driving pleasure.

How to Find a Safe Mod According to California Laws on Car Modifications

When California laws on car modifications come into question, you need to be careful about which car modification complies with these laws. As you know, California laws are designed with the respect for environmental protection. If you don’t want to deal with unnecessary problems like the criminal penalty, you should buy a legal aftermarket part.  

Let’s talk about how to find a safe mod according to California laws on car modifications. All you need to do is consider whether the performance part you choose pollutes or disturbs the environment. Even though many aftermarket parts like dark window tint, red lights at the front of a car and emission control systems, etc. seem innocent, the California car modification laws impose strict limits on all of them.

If you want to enjoy fantastic driving pleasure without being exposed to limitations, you should learn more about Pedal Commander. As Pedal Commander does not add horsepower to your vehicle, it works without engine noise. It promises you a better electronic throttle system with its cutting-edge technology. So, Pedal Commander is really worth your money and time in terms of safety and legitimacy.

As a result, considering that Pedal Commander has great technology that complies with these strict laws, you can buy it with peace in mind.