Does Pedal Commander Increase Horsepower?
November 22, 2022

Does Pedal Commander Increase Horsepower?

Those willing to upgrade their cars generally want to have mind-blowing acceleration and performance. As there are many competitive aftermarket parts around, you can have difficulty deciding which aftermarket part fits your needs. If you are looking for methods of adding hp to your vehicle, you have to sacrifice much more money and time due to possible engine damage. Before attempting this kind of risky move, you must do extensive research about which the best upgrade is for your car.


Pedal Commander promises you the best performance upgrade without the risk of damage. So, the answer to “Does pedal commander increase horsepower?” question is absolutely no. It only allows your car to accelerate smoothly and quickly. As it has no direct intervention on your vehicle’s engine, it does not add horsepower, which is why Pedal Commander offers the safest and easiest way to upgrade your car because the engine settings remain intact and original. 

How Much Horsepower Does a Pedal Commander Add?

The answer to  the “How Much Horsepower Does a Pedal Commander Add?” question is none. How about talking about more important issues? Let’s talk about how Pedal Commander works and what advantages it offers for your car. Pedal Commander eliminates any throttle lag from your accelerator by reducing the throttle response time.  It has four main modes, including ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+, and nine additional levels for each mode. 


While Sport and Sport+ modes take your vehicle to the ultimate level of mind-blowing acceleration, City and ECO modes provide more civil and comfortable ride quality. ECO mode also makes your vehicle respond slower. ECO mode is handy in difficult weather conditions like rainy or snowy days, and may increase fuel economy by up to 20%. When Pedal Commander's advantages are considered, spending much more time and money to increase horsepower is useless and risky for most drivers. 

Multiple SEMA award-winner Pedal Commander is a high-quality aftermarket part that offers your car a fantastic upgrade without damaging the engine. No matter your vehicle brand or engine, we have a Pedal Commander for you. Our product is specifically designed for each vehicle. So, all you need to do is select your vehicle's body and engine to try it. 

Also, Pedal Commander comes with a 2-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. It is an easy plug-and-play installation that takes only 15 minutes. You can operate it with your mobile app while adjusting your speed according to the road or weather conditions.

How Does Pedal Commander Give You a Added Horsepower Feeling? 

As you know, horsepower loss and poor efficiency are closely related to engine wear. For this reason, any ordinary and insufficient upgrade applied to the engine can damage your vehicle’s general specifications. Pedal Commander is completely beyond adding horsepower to your vehicle. It promises you the most reliable and practical performance upgrade.

Pedal Commander makes no pretensions to add horsepower and has no operation on the engine settings. It enables you to have instant access to power and experience fast and smooth acceleration. You can fine-tune the throttle response to your personal preference with its four adjustable modes. Most tuners apply risky methods of increasing horsepower only for their profit. But, Pedal Commander pays more attention to a safe upgrade for your vehicle. While there are no Pedal Commander hp gains, it is absolutely worth your money and time. 


As you know, driving pleasure is closely related to acceleration, comfort, and smooth performance. To reach this kind of ride quality, almost all drivers try to upgrade their vehicles with traditional modifications like adding hp to a car. Even if adding hp increases speed and acceleration time, it has a detrimental impact on a vehicle’s engine performance and towing capacity. The reason is that adding hp requires many risky technical operations on the engine, wasting your time and money. 

However, Pedal Commander offers the most affordable and safest upgrade to make your car perform even better. It guarantees a safer boost in acceleration and performance than what horsepower promises you. The reason is that Pedal Commander only focuses on the improvement of the electronic throttle system without damaging the engine. When you decide to get Pedal Commander, streets will see a remarkable figure of your car with the opportunity to control your speed in the way you want.

Does Pedal Commander Offer HP Gains?

Pedal Commander has no contribution to hp gains because it is only responsible for reducing the throttle response time. Even if increasing hp requires specific risky operations on how the engine works, Pedal Commander eliminates the throttle lag from your accelerator without damaging the engine. So, one of the most significant differences between Pedal Commander and increasing hp gains is based on whether a useful result is achieved. With a 2-year warranty, Pedal Commander offers a risk-free, high-quality service that gives you a faster and smoother ride. 


Unlike ordinary and unreliable upgrades for hp gains, Pedal Commander is quite assertive about fulling your needs with its four adjustable modes. It is totally beyond what you imagine. The reason is that Pedal Commander saves your comfort, wallet, and time while promising you a good quality of ride, fuel economy, and easy usage. 

When you compare Pedal Commander with hp gains, the more dominant pan of the scale is absolutely Pedal Commander, which considers your comfort in all seasons and different road conditions. Looking for hp gains is just a waste of time and money. Trust Pedal Commander will make your dream come true!

Even if you are familiar with the traditional methods of increasing horsepower like chip tuning, you need to learn all kinds of details about Pedal Commander. Unlike horsepower, it does not interfere with the engine's operation because it only focuses on improving the electronic throttle system. 

There are many expensive and complex modifications related to horsepower that requires a professional mechanic’s help all the time. Increasing horsepower makes an ordinary and risky contribution to acceleration time. But, Pedal Commander is completely risk-free while offering impressive performance, mind-blowing acceleration, and adjustable ride options. So, don't you think it's time to leave behind the old ways of adding hp? Explore how Pedal Commander is the best upgrade of all time to make your vehicle faster and more comfortable.

Does Pedal Commander Work on Hp Tuner Tuned Vehicle?

As you know, there are various tuning options for your vehicle. Many rival companies are trying to sell traditional aftermarket parts related to adding horsepower. Even if you have tuned your car with these aftermarket parts, you can still take your car to the next level with Pedal Commander. 

Pedal Commander on hp tuner tuned vehicle makes a remarkable difference in acceleration and performance. If you want your car to accelerate smoothly without damaging the engine, you should try Pedal Commander. Unlike hp tuners, Pedal Commander takes your vehicle to the ultimate level of acceleration and performance by reducing the throttle response time. 

Even if you have tried other tuners for increasing horsepower, you can still make your car faster and more comfortable with Pedal Commander. So, tuning your car is completely effortless and safe with it. Trust Pedal Commander on hp tuner tuned vehicle will allow you to experience a fantastic driving pleasure with ultra acceleration and performance.