8 Simple Ways to Completely Revamp Your Vehicle
November 18, 2022

8 Simple Ways to Completely Revamp Your Vehicle

If you want to upgrade your car, you should know a thing or two about car mods. This helps you save your money and time, otherwise, like the majority of people, you can think that the only way to experience fantastic driving pleasure is based on buying the latest model car. 

Instead of buying a new car, you can enjoy the fun world of car mods at an affordable price. For this reason, you should know that simple car modifications are a very good investment for your vehicle.

There are a lot of cheap and simple aftermarket parts in the field of performance, acceleration, fuel economy, safety, etc. Some of them are effective to transform your veteran car into a wild beast. In fact, if you buy the right car modification according to your needs, you can feel like buying a new car. However, this list is not entirely about car modifications. This is 10 simple ways you can completely revamp your car! 

Use the Correct Octane Gasoline

One of the most popular tips about upgrading your car performance is that correct octane gasoline helps enhance the longevity of your vehicle. 91-octane and above are defined as premium fuel. For this reason, while higher octane gasoline is more expensive than lower-grade gasoline, it doesn’t make much of a difference. In fact, if you don’t use the correct octane gasoline, the engine of your car will lose horsepower. The reason is that each engine requires a different grade of gasoline to work better. Thus, you can add horsepower to your car with the usage of correct octane gasoline.

Change the Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is a significant part of the exhaust system on average vehicles. It is designed to take some dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide and convert them chemically to less dangerous pollutants like carbon dioxide. For this reason, we can say that the catalytic converter reduces overall harmful emissions including nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and more. However, a catalytic converter itself can become clogged.
When you change the catalytic converter to a new one, you can easily get better sounds, more horsepower, and better gas mileage. While catalytic converters sap power, it is a federal crime to remove them. So, changing it to a new one will make it sap less power. 

Replace Air Filters

If you want your car to breathe well, you need to replace its air filters. Let’s talk about the main function of an air intake to understand how replacing air filters makes your car perform better with more horsepower. The air intake is designed to take fresh air from outside to the engine compartment. When you replace the air filters regularly, you can observe how effectively air filters protect the engine from external factors like dust, dirt, and pollen. This also contributes to the performance, acceleration, and fuel economy of your car to a certain degree. As you can see, replacing air filters is a considerably simple way to revamp your car.

Try Racing Pedals

Racing pedals are one of the most practical car mods. The main difference between conventional pedals and racing pedals is based on their structure and capability. Racing pedals including lighter materials are more adjustable than conventional pedals. For this reason, they offer better control over your car when compared to conventional ones. Since racing pedals include a load cell that converts a force into an electrical signal, you can make your car perform better with racing pedals.

Upgrade Your Brakes

Another simple way to revamp your car is to upgrade the brakes. You can get performance brakes that promise maximum engagement between the driver and the car. These brakes are designed to work with a specific set of upgraded brake rotors. This combination helps stay away from dirt, brake dust, and water which may keep you from stopping faster. For this reason, performance brakes contribute to durability, stopping power, and resistance to degradation by heat based on hard-driving or frequent race-track use. So, if you want to experience these, you can buy performance brakes.


Get a Short Shifter Kit


If you drive a manual, short shifters are a big upgrade. We can define a short-shift kit as a cheap and simple car mod. It is designed to shorten the distance between the pivot point and the gear knob. In other words, the short shifter kit reduces the shaft travel between gears. As short shifter kits bring down the time spent on gear shifting, it gives a direct and fast shift feel to your car. For this reason, when you get the short shifter kit, you can have a smooth driving experience and upgrade the ride quality of your car.

Install New High Performance Tires

One of the most popular and practical car upgrade parts is high-performance tires that make the ride quality of your car smoother and faster. The reason is that these tires are designed with fewer sipes and grooves. Also, you should watch out for the size and structure of high-performance tires, otherwise, the weight of your car cannot be supported by the tires. Larger and wider tires lead to excessive wear on the engine because of requiring more energy to make them roll. Also, the structure of tires should be less responsive to water vapor and air. In case of taking these into consideration while choosing new high-performance tires, you can have a better driving experience

Upgrade Your Car with Best Throttle Response Controller: Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander is the most practical and effective throttle response controller on the market. It is completely different from other risky aftermarket car parts. As Pedal Commander does not intervene in the way the engine works, it does not increase horsepower. One of the main functions of Pedal Commander is to eliminate throttle lag from your accelerator pedal. Since Pedal Commander offers instant access to the engine’s power, it makes your car perform better.

You need to know that Pedal Commander is quick to install in just 15 minutes. Without going to a mechanic, you can install it on your own. Also, you can adjust your throttle acceleration with the easy usage of the Pedal Commander App.

Pedal Commander offers a mind-blowing performance, smoother ride quality, and fuel economy at the same time with its four adjustable modes: Eco mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode. When you buy it, you can feel like you are driving four different cars. No exaggeration! As you can see, Pedal Commander helps you save your money and time with its practical features.