Are Plug-and-Play Car Parts Worth It?
December 02, 2022

Are Plug-and-Play Car Parts Worth It?

Car enthusiasts usually gather around and think about how to modify a car. However, since today’s technology is rapidly advanced, there are many basic performance upgrades to a car. So, it is quite normal that many consumers have difficulty deciding which basic car parts that are worth money. For this reason, you need to have sufficient information about basic car upgrades before modding your vehicle.

Accordingly, we can define basic car upgrades as plug-and-play car starter upgrades. At this point, you can ask what does plug and play parts mean. One of the most significant features of plug-and-play body parts is to have a practical installation and removal process as well as easy usage. Thus, you can start modifying your vehicle with basic car parts. It will be more reasonable if you are inexperienced in how to modify a car.

The reason is that basic car upgrades are more reliable and affordable than complex ones. If you start modding your vehicle with complex aftermarket parts, you can face a serious fault in the way the original engine components work. As you can guess, this situation leads to a huge waste of money and time. Thus, we can say that some cheap performance upgrades for your car are risk-free and practical.

On the other hand, even though cheap aftermarket auto body parts are tempting, every consumer wants to buy the right and effective ones. For this reason, we will talk about basic car parts that are worth money in this article. Also, you will discover the best plug-and-play car starter upgrade at the end of this article. Therefore, all you need to do is keep reading us!

Discover Basic Car Upgrades That Are Worth Money

You will find the topic of how to modify a car entertaining when you get basic car parts equipped with reliable and practical technology. This is because basic performance upgrades to a car offer many different advantages like the protection of car warranty, affordable price, and saving of time and money. We can sort them as tires, performance brakes, high-flow air filters, and throttle controllers.

Before talking about them, let’s look at complex and expensive aftermarket modifications on the market. We can sort them as superchargers, turbochargers, and chip tunings. These aftermarket parts interfere with the way the engine works and consequently can damage it. For example, chip tuning requires professional help in the process of installation and removal. So, if you want to install it on your vehicle, you will have to pay extra fees for an experienced mechanic.

One of the most well-known basic and cheap aftermarket auto body parts is tires. As you know, tires have an indispensable role in the movement of vehicles. When your tires are worn-out over time, you need to replace them with new ones. Otherwise, you can confront serious safety problems because old or flat tires cannot carry the load resulting from your vehicle’s weight on the road.

Performance brakes fall into the category of both basic car upgrades and cheap aftermarket auto body parts. When you buy performance brakes, you can reach more smooth and consistent braking. The reason is that they are designed to provide maximum engagement between the driver and the vehicle.

Moreover, we can put a high-flow air filter in the category of plug-and-play car starter upgrades. Compared to regular air filters, high-flow air filters allow more air to enter the engine intake system. When you replace your worn-out air filters with high-flow ones, your vehicle will have a better combustion process. For this reason, high-flow air filters contribute to your vehicle’s acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Another plug-and-play car starter upgrade is the throttle controller. It is designed to make the engine respond faster to inputs coming from the accelerator pedal. In other words, the throttle controller tunes these inputs and then sends them to the electronic throttle control system. The good news is that if you keep reading us, you will know the best throttle controller. 

Save Your Money and Time With Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander is the most practical and versatile throttle controller on the market. Since it doesn’t intervene in the way the engine work, you can buy it with peace of mind. This means that Pedal Commander respects the factory settings of your car hood parts and consequently doesn’t void your car warranty. For this reason, Pedal Commander falls into the category of basic car upgrades, in other words, cheap aftermarket auto body parts.

Accordingly, Pedal Commander is quick to install and unplug. If you have 15 minutes, you can install or unplug it without going to a mechanic. Pedal Commander is also designed with advanced technology because it has a cutting-edge mobile application and Bluetooth control. Thus, whenever you want, you can customize your acceleration with the easy usage of the Pedal Commander app.

Moreover, Pedal Commander allows you to have a smoother and faster ride quality, comfortable acceleration adjustment, and fuel economy at the same time. This is because it has four adjustable driving modes: Eco mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode. So, when you buy Pedal Commander, you may feel like you are driving four different cars.

As a result, we can describe Pedal Commander as a plug-and-play car starter upgrade. The reason is that Pedal Commander has very practical specifications with its affordable price. So, it is quite assertive about saving your money and time. If you buy this price and performance product, you will take your vehicle to the ultimate level of performance, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.