Pedal Commander is in the Space
November 29, 2022

Pedal Commander is in the Space

Lately, Pedal Commander units have been starting to get aware of their true potential. Defying the limits of acceleration has always been Pedal Commander’s nature. One specific Pedal Commander unit couldn’t accept the throttle lag entirely and decided to remove its obstacles. This unit decided to go into space to be the first performance modification in space! 

Our unit dreamt about space for a long time.

Why Pedal Commander Went to Space?

So, we have tried to talk to our Pedal Commander unit about this idea. “There are no cars in space. You may get lonely without upgrading a vehicle's performance out there!” we said. But this Pedal Commander unit insisted on following its dreams of “being installed into Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in space.” As always, we have respected the idea of limitless improvement, and we decided to help this unit try to reach its dreams, and we knew the right people to do the job!

We contacted Sent Into Space to make our unit’s dream a reality. They are the experts on near-space launches, and we wanted to make sure our little friend will be safe and sound during the launch and the way back. 

Pedal Commander is safe and secure, ready for lift-off

Accelerate into Hyperspace!

The team of experts at Sent Into Space was just as excited to fulfill our unit’s space dreams. They used space balloons made from undyed, natural latex, which is non-toxic and degrades at the same rate as an oak leaf, to ensure we harmed no planets while the Pedal Commander made its journey to reach out into the outer stratosphere. Pedal Commander had already conquered the first layer of earth, the troposphere, by being the number one throttle response controller. Now, we also dominate the second layer, the stratosphere.

Pedal Commander CEO Murat Yılmaz says: “We are excited to launch our product into space. This is a very interesting and exciting experience for us, and we are happy to make our dreams a reality.”