5 Cliches About Aftermarket Performance Upgrades You Should Avoid
November 23, 2022

5 Cliches About Aftermarket Performance Upgrades You Should Avoid

As you know, cars have a significant place in our lives. For this reason, it is quite normal that you must have heard a lot of driving clichés. To illustrate, one of the most famous clichés about cars is that you should warm up your car for a long time before you drive it. Even though this may be valid for old cars, today’s electronic technology makes engines perform better from the get go. It takes about 20 seconds, just enough time to fasten your seat belts!

In fact, clichés about cars have a crucial role in shaping your ideas related to performance upgrades. As some manufacturers are aware of this fact, they create a lot of clichés from car dealer clichés to cliché car accessories. When it comes to economic interests, there is a dramatic increase in car advertising clichés related to auto upgrade parts. For this reason, you need to be careful about whether these kinds of clichés are correct to a limited degree or not.

On the other hand, we cannot say that all performance upgrades are based on misleading clichés. There are many useful and effective aftermarket parts in the market. However, we will mostly talk about how some clichés lead to a great waste of money and time. So, if you want to preserve the overall quality of your original car parts, you should ignore misleading clichés of risky aftermarket parts shaping your buying habits. Let’s look at 5 clichés about performance upgrades you should avoid.

ECU Chip Tuning Is a Miracle Cure

There is a popular misleading cliché about ECU chip tuning. It is based on excessive compliments about the functions of the chip tuning. Chip tuning is designed to change the parameters of the ECU, in other words, the car’s brain. 

Even though the chip tuning enhances your vehicle’s horsepower, acceleration, and fuel economy to a certain degree, it cannot fulfill all these promises all the time. Tuning is a game of compromise, so you have to compromise something to gain performance. More often than not, these compromises are longevity, reliability, and fuel economy.  Also, chip tuning is a risky process because of its direct intervention in engine operation. Also, you should know that ECU chip tuning can be called as engine chip tuning, performance chip tuning, or Obd chip tuning. So, this cliché is valid for these. If you don’t want to take some risks like an invalid car warranty, serious damage to original engine parts, and a great waste of money, chip tuning might not be for you.  

OEM Parts Offer Better Performance Upgrade Than Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts are different from aftermarket parts in terms of manufacturers. While OEM parts are produced by car manufacturers, aftermarket parts are produced by different auto companies (after the original product belonging to a specific brand hit the market).  Even though OEM parts offer some advantages like brand warranty and equipment expertise, these parts are considerably expensive and typically found only at dealerships. Compared to OEM parts, aftermarket parts are more affordable and available in most auto shops. Also, you should know that there is no big difference between OEM parts and reliable aftermarket auto parts in terms of quality and operation.

Full Body Kits Enhance the Performance of Your Car

There are some clichés about car body kits. Most popular is that full-body kits enhance the performance. As you know, the main function of car body kits is to offer sometimes impressive and sometimes ridiculous designs for the appearance of your car. It can be made up of different materials like fiberglass, polyurethane, carbon fiber. While some offer good aerodynamics or lighter materials, none of the cheap body kits are designed to improve the performance of your car. Also, you should know that carbon fiber body kits cannot be repaired in the case of damage.

Muffler Delete Makes Your Vehicle More Powerful

We can define mufflers as the last component in the exhaust system of your car and act as resonators to minimize the amount of noise that the engine makes. As you can guess, if you cut the muffler out of your exhaust, your car will sound meaner. However, some people advocate that it offers more horsepower and more aggressive exhaust sound. This is a ridiculous cliché is partly true, because muffler delete can lead to much louder exhaust but this is illegal in some states like California. Also, while you will gain some power, it won’t be noticeable. Also, you won’t be able to pass emission tests.  poor engine performance, and emissions failure.

EGR Delete Kits Improves Performance and Fuel Efficiency

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is responsible for recirculating an exact amount of exhaust gas into the engine intake system which increases the performance and fuel efficiency of your car while reducing the emissions. EGR delete kits are designed to remove the EGR valve that pushes your engine to perform without recirculating the exhaust. For this reason, many manufacturers claim that EGR delete kits offer reduced engine temperature, effective throttle response, engine power, and fuel economy. We can define it as one of the common clichés about performance upgrades. The reason is that EGR delete kits actually can reduce horsepower and lead to engine knocking. Also the EGR delete kits are illegal in all 50 states!

Pedal Commander Will Save Your Car From Unnecessary and Risky Aftermarket Parts

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller, installed on a vehicle.

Multiple SEMA award-winner Pedal Commander is the most reliable and effective throttle response controller. It is designed to improve the electronic throttle system of your car. Unlike other risky and expensive performance parts, Pedal Commander does not add horsepower to your car because it does not intervene in how the engine works. The main functions of Pedal Commander are to offer instant access to the engine’s power and eliminate throttle lag from your gas pedal. When you get Pedal Commander, you can feel like you’re driving four different cars thanks to its cutting-edge versatile technology including four adjustable modes.