Is Your Car Overheating? Here’s How You Can Stop It!
December 05, 2022

Is Your Car Overheating? Here’s How You Can Stop It!

One of the most annoying problems with your car is engine overheating. If you want to have the freedom to explore new places during your summer vacation, you should pay attention to overheating car symptoms. When your car is exposed to excessive sunlight in summer, you have to deal with serious car damage that requires expensive repairs.

On the other hand, the car overheating problem is not entirely dependent on the summer. We can associate this with some faulty car hood parts like the radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc. For example, if you face a car overheating when ac is off, your electric cooling fan may be faulty, and as a result, your car engine running hot.

Thus, let’s talk about the answer to the “how do you know if your car is overheating” question. When the car is overheating, you cannot touch your car hood for more than 10 seconds. If you see that the warning light is flashing or the gauge is reaching its maximum level, you should be careful about the engine overheating problem. A loud ticking sound can also be a symptom of a car engine running hot.

Moreover, if you ask “can too much coolant make your car overheat”, the answer will be a big no. The reason is that too much coolant avoids your car engine from overheating. But, if the antifreeze ratio of your vehicle is too high, you will have to deal with engine overheating problems. Also, if you have a radiator steaming but not overheating, you should suspect a loss of coolant through a defective thermostat or punctured radiator.

After giving the answer to the “why would a car overheat” question, let’s talk about how to stop car from overheating. If you want to take a sufficient answer to the “how to make my car stop overheating” question, you should read this article till the end. As you can guess, we will discuss how to stop your car from overheating. 

Discover Effective Ways to Prevent Your Car Engine from Overheating

Even though an overheating car poses a serious problem, there are many different ways to solve it. One of the most common methods to prevent your car from overheating is to check your vehicle’s coolant level regularly. You need to make sure that your vehicle’s coolant and water levels are in the correct amounts by checking inside the coolant reservoir or the radiator. Also, the low coolant level is responsible for engine overheating.

Another practical way of stopping your car from overheating is related to checking the temperature gauge. Even though you drive for a long trip, you should keep an eye on the temperature. This simple practice helps you protect the engine operation of your vehicle. Also, if your car overheats on a summer trip, you can turn off the ac and then open the windows. This allows the engine to cool down quickly.

Moreover, we can define some faulty car hood parts as the main reason for engine overheating. For example, the thermostat is designed to regulate the coolant flow through your engine, so if you have a faulty one, you will have to confront an overheating car problem. Also, the drive belt provides coolant circulation and a water pump, so if it breaks, the car engine running hot will be on the carpet.

For this reason, you need to make a regular schedule for your vehicle's maintenance and repair. It prevents your car hood parts from severe damage. When you pay attention to our suggestions, you can protect your vehicle from engine overheating. Also, we want to share a piece of good news about a perfect upgrade part. Just keep reading to learn it!

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