A Beginner's Guide to Engine Parts
December 07, 2022

A Beginner's Guide to Engine Parts

As you know, the main part of a vehicle is the engine. So, we can define the engine as the heart of your car. Let’s talk about the answer to the “What does an engine do?” question. One of the most essential functions of the engine is to convert heat from burning gas into the force turning the wheels. Basically, the engine is made of cylinders which comprise pistons that move up and down repetitively to keep the engine functioning. Even though engine anatomy seems complex, you should learn important car engine parts.

When you know the main functions of car engine components, you can prepare a regular repair and maintenance schedule to preserve the overall quality of engine operation. Also, those who are not aware of how an engine works generally tend to buy risky car performance parts. If you have enough information about car basics 101, you can understand whether a car upgrade part is reliable or not. Thus, when you obtain sufficient information about cars hood parts, you will protect the engine operation and also get a reliable car upgrade part.

Moreover, if you want to make your car perform better, you should understand how a car engine works. As you can guess, there is a strong connection between acceleration and engine power. For this reason, changing necessary parts of an engine with new ones can take your car to the ultimate level of performance, acceleration, and fuel economy.

On the other hand, many manufacturers claim that engine chip tuning provides a better performance upgrade compared to simple aftermarket parts. But, this claim cannot go beyond a kind of empty promise because there are serious risks of chip tuning to the engine operation.

As a result, this article includes everything from cars 101 to engine 101. If you want to protect the engine quality and increase the engine power of your car, all you need to do is read this article to learn everything about car parts engine.

Engine 101: Most Important Parts of a Car Engine

One of the most important pieces of information about basic engine is based on the answer to the “How does an engine work?” question. Firstly, let’s talk about it. As we mentioned before, the engine of your car is made of fixed cylinders and moving pistons. The combustion gases coming from the engine push the piston, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. Ultimately, this motion drives the vehicle's wheels through a system of gears in the powertrain. After this detailed introduction about how an engine works, we can now talk about the most crucial car hood parts.

We can define air intake systems as oxygen tubes of the car engine. The reason is that the air intake system is designed to bring air from outside the car into the engine intake manifold. This air including more molecules of oxygen is mixed with fuel from your gas tank. Then, this air/fuel mixture is ignited and sent through to the engine cylinders, which makes the wheels of your car move. Without air intake systems, the engine would not complete the combustion process, so you have to face a loss of engine power, worse gas mileage, and engine maintenance problems.

If you have a forced induction engine, one of the most significant parts of it is an intercooler that is designed to cool the air before it enters the engine and combustion chamber. In other words, it reduces the temperature of turbochargers or superchargers to the oxygen content of the air. This is because these car parts compress more air flowing into the engine’s cylinder, so the intercooler is responsible for cooling hot air resulting from this process. Thus, we can say that intercooler is a necessary compartment of the engine in terms of preserving the engine quality.

Another important car engine part is a camshaft. We can describe it as a cylindrical rod of metal in piston engines. The camshaft is responsible for opening and closing the inlet and exhaust valves in the right amount at the right moment. Accordingly, the camshaft determines how much torque and power the engine of your car generates. If the camshaft of your vehicle is exposed to serious damage due to any car mods, you have to face a loss of horsepower. For this reason, you can change your old camshaft with the new one to enhance the performance of your car.

A spark plug falls into the category of important car hood parts because it is designed to deliver electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine. The main function of this process is to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture by an electric spark while containing combustion pressure within the engine. For maximum performance, the engine’s spark plugs should be clean with no damage to the electrodes. If the spark plugs become dirty or fouled, it can affect how the engine works. So, these bad spark plugs can lead to reduced gas mileage, lack of acceleration, hard starts, and engine misfires.

One of the most essential car engine parts is an exhaust manifold that is designed to connect the engine to the exhaust system. It is responsible for taking out exhaust gases from the combustion chamber after the process of combustion. Even though the exhaust manifold is made from a solid piece of metal, it is impervious to damage. If you neglect your car maintenance or buy a risky car mod, you can face a broken exhaust manifold. As s result, this leads to worse gas mileage, loud exhaust noise, and burning smells.

If you’ve read this far, you are currently familiar with which car hood parts are crucial for the ride quality of your car. In fact, there are still many other engine parts. However, after paying more attention to car maintenance and repair, all you need to do is stay away from some car mods like performance chip tuning. Just keep reading to discover it!

Discover How Engine Chip Tuning Damages Car Engine Parts

The engine chip tuning is designed to modify the software inside the ECU in order to increase horsepower. For this reason, it has direct and radical intervention in the way the engine works. This situation may lead to serious damage to the original engine components. To create extra horsepower, you need to overwork the engine, creating more heat, wear, and hotspots.

Moreover, the chip tuning can void your car warranty by damaging the factory settings of your engine. Also, you need to know that some insurance companies accept chip tuning as an invalidated policy. It is also illegal in many states. For this reason, the chip tuning is not worth buying because of its risky operation on the engine. If you are tired of searching for the right aftermarket part, all you need to do is keep reading to learn the good news! 

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