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How Will the 2022 Blizzard Affect Traveling?

Rahmi Doğucan Ertane
December 22, 2022

The majority of the United States is expected to experience a severe winter blizzard, Winter Storm Elliot, a blizzard warning that will batter millions of people with subfreezing temperatures, copious amounts of snow, and other blizzard-like conditions. A bomb cyclone or bombogenesis may accompany the 2022 Blizzard Elliot. Plans for holiday travel are already hampered by the dangerous impacts, which have prompted officials to issue carefulness to be cautious.


What We Know So Far About the Upcoming 2022 Blizzard

Winter Storm Elliot, the worst blizzard to hit the U.S. before Christmas in decades is predicted to have an impact on millions of people.

  • Numerous areas of the nation are under wind chill alerts, winter blizzard warnings, and watches. Strong winds and perhaps lethal colds are predicted to accompany the huge weather system, along with a high probability of transport mayhem and potential power outages.
  • The National Weather Service predicts that a potent arctic cold front will start pushing south across the middle Plains on Wednesday.
  • By Thursday night across eastern Michigan, a developing low-pressure system is expected to intensify, deepening record-cold for the Gulf Coast and the Eastern U.S. by Friday.
  • In the United States, extreme weather is predicted to disrupt travel and result in power disturbances.
  • Some professionals predict the 2022 December blizzard has the potential to turn into a Bomb Cyclone.

What is a Bomb Cyclone?

A snow storm that meets one crucial need and is rapidly strengthening is known as a bomb cyclone. In most cases, the pressure must decrease by 24 millibars (a unit of pressure) in a 24-hour period. But that standard also takes the snow storm's latitude into account. Therefore, depending on where the snow storm forms, the millibar need may change.


The dangers of a bombogenesis can be complex and vary depending on the location and pace of the snow storm. The ring of severe pressure can create heavy winds, freezing rain, and heavy snow that can restrict visibility, as stated by the agency. Heavy precipitation might also create coastal flooding.

How to Prepare for the 2022 December Blizzard

It's a good idea to have backup power sources available in case of blizzard, snowfall, or thunderstorm strikes that knock out the electricity so that you can continue to heat your home or run your refrigerator. 

How about using your vehicle as a power generator? Would it have enough power to run something other than a phone charger? You can indeed use your vehicle as a generator. An automobile can function as a generator in an emergency with a few quick and easy connections. 


An inverter is a piece of electrical equipment that transforms direct current (DC), like the power in an automobile, into alternating current (AC), the current utilized by the majority of appliances in your home. Your car can be rapidly converted into a generator by using a power inverter that is connected to either the battery or a 12V connector.

If this is not an issue for you and you just want to properly take care of your vehicle, check out the detailed guide on how to store your vehicle correctly.

Try Not to Travel, But Be Prepared If You Must!

This weather condition is no joke, the worst blizzard in decades, Winter Storm Elliot is meant to be taken seriously. But for some reason, if you must travel during extreme weather by car, make sure your car is winterized. Also we encourage our drivers to switch to ECO mode in order to keep full control of their vehicle. The fuel saving isn’t the only trick up ECO modes’ sleeve, it can provide a better grasp on the road due to the more controlled acceleration and perform the gripping action that keeps tires from slipping. You should also check out how to tend your car in winter conditions here.

How Will the 2022 Blizzard Affect Traveling?