Can You Change Pedal Commander Modes While Driving?
July 23, 2022

Can You Change Pedal Commander Modes While Driving?

Can You Change Pedal Commander Modes While Driving?

You got your hands on the most excellent performance part, the Pedal Commander. Now you’re wondering how to use this gear to its full potential. Changing from the fuel-efficient ECO mode into the monstrous Sport mode in the blink of an eye would be thrilling, you may say. Since you can access the Pedal Commander Bluetooth app, doing so would be easy and fun. It would be, but that’s not the issue. The issue is your and your car’s safety. Why you may ask? Let’s get into it.

You shouldn't change modes while driving because it can lead to some problems.

So, Can You Change Modes While Driving?

The short answer is a big no. Do not change the modes while driving. We recommend changing the modes of the PC unit ( Eco, City, Sport, or Sport+) while your foot is off the accelerator or while cruise control is disengaged to prevent potential user errors. But you may have heard about people doing so or seen videos of this creating no problems, so what’s going on? Stay tuned for the long answer!

Why Shouldn’t You Change Modes? What Can Happen?

After installing this tiny piece of technology and plugging it in on your throttle cable, you should’ve already guessed that this device affects something electrical in your system. You’re right. Pedal Commander optimizes the signal traveling through your gas pedal to your ECU.

What about “Can you change modes on Pedal Commander while driving? So why shouldn’t you meddle with this signal while changing the Pedal Commander modes? Aren’t signals made to be tampered with while changing the Pedal Commander modes?”

First of all, a sudden change of responsivity will undoubtedly result in a higher or lower sensitivity. This reason alone is enough because, think about it: you’re already driving your vehicle in a specific comfort zone, and the Pedal Commander introduces new heights. 

Changing these heights on the fly might be dangerous as they are what they are: changes. We recommend that you get used to a particular setting and optimize it as you wish to create a new comfort zone.

While it is fine if you change Pedal Commander modes once a while, it can cause some problems

What if comfort zones aren’t your thing, and you want those new heights while changing the Pedal Commander modes? That’s where the second reason comes into play. Changing the signal while on the road and smashing your gas pedal may confuse your ECU since it may perceive this electrical current change as an error. 

So, you should spare a second to remove your foot from the gas pedal while changing the Pedal Commander modes to prevent any CEL or EPC lights from coming on and putting your vehicle into its failsafe mode. Remember, each mode on the Pedal Commander has a different signal strength, so we say to do this as a preventative measure.

The Pedal Commander is designed to enhance your driving experience by providing a safe, reliable, and fun drive. By practicing responsible use and following quick fixes in case of user errors, you can maximize the benefits of this performance-enhancing device, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride every time. However, if you suspect an issue from a user error has occurred, it is best to contact our customer service team for assistance at (805) 365-1010. Our experienced technicians can provide guidance and help walk you through any necessary steps to ensure the proper functioning of your Pedal Commander.