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What is the Difference Between Throttle Response Controller Brands?

Cenk Onsoy
September 21, 2022

Nothing is exclusive anymore. Create a product, and there are a hundred companies jumping at the chance to make it better. While competition keeps us honest, how does the average consumer tell the difference between all their options?

Unbiased Report: Analyzing Throttle Response Controllers for Your Vehicle

When it comes to throttle response controllers, we got you covered. We researched the top 3 brands in the market right now and I’m here to educate you on the differences among each one. Now I know this is posted on a Pedal Commander site, so I’m going to keep my report completely opinion-free and only report the facts on each brand. Everyone is different, and so are their preferences, so I’ll let you decide for yourselves which one gives you the most bang for your buck!

Turbocharge Your Driving Experience: Exploring the Best Throttle Response Controllers

Let’s start with Sprint Booster. Manufactured in Greece, the price point is $299.99 and includes a 3-year warranty. They advertise to have 3 different modes to choose from, but one of them is “factory/off,” which is the response your vehicle comes with from the factory. I’d hardly call this an additional “mode,” so I’ll sum it up to 2 different options: sport & race. Installation seems to be simple at an estimated 10 minutes as the unit is a complete plug & play system.

  • Sprint Booster comes with a price tag of $299.99.
  • It boasts three primary modes: Off/Factory, Sport, and Race.
  • Additionally, Sprint Booster includes a Valet mode and a Lock mode.
  • Sport and Race modes offer further customization with nine different presets each.
  • The Lock mode effectively immobilizes the throttle, requiring a predefined 3-digit code for operation.
  • The Valet mode acts as a restrictor for the vehicle's throttle response.
  • Based on the information sourced from their official website, Sprint Booster's physical dimensions are 3.6 × 3.6 × 2.1 inches.
  • Pedal Commander vs Sprint Booster: Unpacking Pedal Commander's Offerings

    Pedal Commander, priced at $299.99, presents another compelling option. Let's explore what it brings to the table!

  • Pedal Commander introduces four distinct modes: ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+.
  • Each mode offers extensive adjustability with eight different presets, providing an impressive total of 32 settings to choose from.
  • The ECO mode prioritizes gentle acceleration for a smoother and more fuel-efficient driving experience, potentially improving fuel economy by up to 20%. ECO mode can also function as a Valet or Teenager mode.
  • In terms of size, Pedal Commander is slightly more compact than Sprint Booster, measuring at 2.7×1.9×0.6 inches.
  • Pedal Commander's command module can be discreetly tucked away thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Moreover, Pedal Commander offers a user-friendly mobile app that enhances its functionality through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • New pedal commander units will be shipped with antitheft mode to keep your car safe.
  • Pedal Commander vs. the Competition: Which Controller Offers the Most?

    Pedal Commander vs Pedal Monster

    Pedal Commander clearly takes the lead, and here's why: It accomplishes the same task with even greater customization options. Plus, you receive a complimentary OBD2 port to work with. With the money you save, you could order 75 spicy deluxe meals from Chick-fil-A instead of spending it on a throttle controller!

    While it's true that Pedal Monster offers "more" features, what it doesn't provide is the ability to access all those features without additional charges. Promising the world in advertising isn't worthwhile if it comes with a hefty price tag for each additional feature, plus a %20 restocking fee. With Pedal Monster, you can't operate the device without your smartphone unless you're willing to shell out an extra $280 (295$ if you want to buy it later), making it a total 575$. Don’t forget about the shipping!

    Let's talk about transparency. Perhaps the reason they're so fixated on Pedal Commander using "too much voltage" is a diversion tactic to mask their own shortcomings. Pedal Commander utilizes milliamperes, and your throttle wiring can easily handle it. On the other hand, Pedal Monster monopolizes your OBD2 port, making it impossible to combine a throttle response controller with other performance tuners or OBD2 readers. Even if you attempted to connect a tuner or OBD2 reader with an OBD2 splitter, Pedal Monster would lose its voltage advantage.

    Furthermore, Pedal Monster relies on the busy CAN bus for communication with the ECU. The CAN bus is often congested because multiple sensors use it and compete for bandwidth. This problem becomes especially pronounced if your vehicle has an auto start/stop feature, as reported by numerous users. Pedal Monster advises its users to employ No-OBD mode to mitigate these adverse effects. However, enabling No-OBD mode results in an inferior product that's priced similarly or even twice as much as Pedal Commander with a control module.

    Most of the features PedalMonster advertises, such as Reverse Safety, only function with a select few vehicles. Moreover, PedalMonster's customer service doesn't seem to impress customers. Conversely, Pedal Commander customers report no issues with the reverse gear, making it a more reliable choice.

    Pedal Commander vs Pedal Max

    Next on the list is Pedal Max. I wasn’t able to locate where exactly it's being made, but the price is listed at $338.00, and their website lists that there is NO WARRANTY for their product. The unit only has one mode, kind of like a “plug in and go” setup, but this doesn’t give you any adjustability if your preferences change while driving.

    Pedal Commander vs RaceChip XLR

    Let’s discuss RaceChip XLR. When it comes to comfort and the preferences of both straightforward users and seasoned tuning enthusiasts, many tend to conceal as many "cables" as possible to optimize the visual aesthetics of their setup. One of the initial distinctions between Pedal Commander and RaceChip XLR lies in their physical design. Pedal Commander is a single, compact device with a streamlined 2.7×1.9×0.6-inch design, whereas RaceChip XLR consists of two separate physical components – one serving as the controller and the other referred to as the "Brainbox," responsible for the actual optimization.

    Another significant point to note is that with a single purchase of Pedal Commander, users gain complete access to mobile apps and Bluetooth optimization. In contrast, RaceChip XLR offers seven modes, which is notably fewer than the impressive 32 modes provided by Pedal Commander. Furthermore, Pedal Commander goes the extra mile by offering OTA (Over-The-Air) Upgrades, allowing users to tailor the programming to their specific needs.

    When comparing the ECO modes of Pedal Commander and RaceChip XLR, there is a substantial difference. Pedal Commander offers a remarkable 20 percent increase in fuel economy, whereas RaceChip XLR's website does not provide specific figures for this aspect.

    Pedal Commander vs Windbooster

    If you attempt to reach out to Windbooster's customer service through their website, you might encounter a message like "对不起,当前我们都不在线上。请留言,我们将尽快回复您," which translates to "Sorry, we are not online at the moment. Please leave a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible." Dealing with Windbooster's customer service could potentially pose long-term issues. On the contrary, Pedal Commander's customer service is well-prepared and available to address all your inquiries. You can reach out to Pedal Commander via phone, email, and live chat!

    Windbooster has garnered a mere 4 reviews. Yes, you read it correctly, only 4 reviews, all posted by the same individual. One of these reviews particularly emphasizes that it is not a "fake" review. In stark contrast, Pedal Commander boasts over 10,000 reviews with an overwhelmingly positive feedback rate of 4.9 stars, making Windbooster appear insignificant.

    Rev Up Your Vehicle: A Detailed Breakdown of Throttle Response Control Options

    Finally, there is Pedal Commander. Priced at $299.99, made in Turkey, and a 2-year product warranty, you’re getting a total of 4 driving modes with 8 sensitivity levels for each mode. That’s 32 different options for you to choose from. Also plug & play, installs take about 10 minutes and require no tools for most applications.

    Take a look at how the throttle curve changes in each mode below:

    PC Eco mode chart

    PC City mode chart

    PC sport mode chart

    PC Sport+ mode chart

    The unit comes pre-programmed specifically for your vehicle, so all you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to play. Not to forget, new pedal commander units will be shipped with antitheft mode to keep your car safe.

    What is the Difference Between Throttle Response Controller Brands?