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Is Pedal Commander Safe?

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

Since it was founded in 2011, Pedal Commander has brought the question “Is the Pedal Commander safe?” onto users' minds. The question “is pedal commander safe” was answered many times by professional users, haters, reviewers, and daily enjoyers, which resulted in more than one answer. 

Most would think a simple question like “is pedal commander safe must have a simple answer, so are Pedal Commanders safe to use? We have the performance part capable of being useful for more than one type of situation. Thus we will be answering if it is really safe or not!

Does the Pedal Commander Aftermarket Part Hurt the Engine?

Let's review it without involving any type of user, for the car and its engine's sake alone. How do performance tuners affect our vehicles? Our cars have marvel-of-engineering machinery in the front or the back. All the wires and electrical signals operate this machinery called an engine. We have cables and electricity to pump the engine with the knowledge of when to do what! So are Pedal Commanders safe in this environment?

Now there are a lot of chip tuners, horsepower boosting methods, and aftermarket parts to directly affect your engine and the amount of fuel it uses. Altering the way your engine works results in much higher combustion heat and will damage your engine in the long run. 

What does an ECU do? While your engine pumps the power into your car, ECU tells your engine to pump the power. Chip tuners meddle with your ECU, resulting in warranty voids. Pedal Commander doesn’t touch your ECU, only the cable going into it, which protects your warranty, as it is 100% reversible when you unplug it. So is pedal commander safe?

For example, the pedal you’re using to accelerate your vehicle sends the electrical signal to your engine (ECU), and it starts working harder to speed up. That is a natural process that works as it’s supposed to. 

So what does the Pedal Commander performance part do that other chip tuners don’t? It doesn’t connect directly to your ECU. It’s plugged between your throttle pedal and the ECU, only modifying the electrical signal traveling through the wiring system. This connection type protects your engine from overheating due to not interfering with the fuel system. Also, it won’t void your warranty because you won’t be removing anything related to the engine or its ECU.  In that case, we answer “is pedal commander safe” yes, it is safe to use in your vehicle!

Is the Pedal Commander Safe for Every User?

After covering the “only about cars” part, we must look at it with the users in mind. To begin with, uncovering why there is a throttle latency is a must to understand users and manufacturers. 

Throttle latency exists for all humans. Whether you’re a 16-year-old driving your first car or a parent carrying your family around, manufacturers make these vehicles driveable by anyone to sell their latest technology machinery to everyone.

For example, as a protection measure, every vehicle’s windows have a child lock to prevent it from opening without your command. Manufacturers have also implemented this safety measure to your throttle pedal by adding a stock throttle latency to have a medium of response for everybody. You have the freedom to remove this latency to optimize your throttle response however you like with Pedal Commander.

Pedal Commander has the function to work, in the same way, to prevent anyone other than you from meddling with the optimizations you have made and to prevent your relatives, friends, or valet from accessing the entire acceleration system. In this way, the device proves safe when considering other people’s access to your car.

Does Safety Change From User to User?

If you are looking to improve your vehicle with Pedal Commander, there must be many questions in your mind such as; Is pedal commander safe for children? Is pedal commander safe to use? Is pedal commander safe for my car? Is pedal commander safe for family? Is pedal commander safe for longterm? Is pedal commander safe to install? Is pedal commander safe for fuel? Is pedal commander safe for off-road? The short answer to this question, Pedal Commander is perfectly safe. Here is the detailed answer!

The real deal begins when we arrive at how users treat their vehicles with Pedal Commander. We have covered the safety of your car and the maintainability of this safety in various situations. Now we end up with only the user itself. You won’t damage the car or its warranty. You can control how your vehicle responds to your children, friends, or valet. 

But is the Pedal Commander safe for you to use? While 99% safe, the 1% part is up to you. Let’s say that you didn’t like how the 36 options modify your throttle response, and you decided that there must be an option that is more suitable for you, which would be safer.

Connecting with the Pedal Commander customer service and requesting less or more responsive feedback will result in them sending you your own specified product software through the mobile app. Do you want your acceleration speedier? We can deliver you the optimized software through Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade. Do you want to save fuel by up to 20 percent, or do you simply wish to have a slower response rate to conquer the terrain on your off-road vehicle? With the OTA upgrade, you will receive it! 

It appears that Pedal Commander is safe for you and your vehicle. Just like all things in life, a 100% safety rate can be ensured when precautions are taken. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Pedal Commander is the safest performance upgrade you can get! 

Is Pedal Commander Safe?