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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Modifying

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

There are numerous modifications available for the car enthusiast, as many individuals choose to modify their vehicles in summer to increase the performance of their cars. This may be due to roads being free of rain and snow, the sun helping you see where you’re precisely working on your vehicle, or simply the joyous weather making you productive. Speaking of festive weather, if the sun bothers you too much, let us handle the situation with our merch

Making the most of your car's air and exhaust flow and upgrading suspension parts to enhance handling are two key actions you can take to boost performance. At some point, you might even want to think about including nitrous or some kind of forced induction. Choose your changes based on your driving style, interests, and vehicle since, in the end, customizing your automobile is all about making it uniquely yours.

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Modifying

In the summertime, chilled winds are flowing through your body under the scorching sun, and you are thinking of modifying your car to improve your performance, right? If you’re also roaming down the road and thinking all by yourself, “what more can I do to enhance my beast” you are not alone. Compared to winter, summer gives off better mood boosts to both mechanics and you. The weather being suitable means that better optimizations are at hand waiting for both receivers and appliers to increase vehicle enjoyment. 

You can apply window tints if the sun licks your skin too hot. If the cabin gives off the feeling of a sauna, you’d better invest in some other Air Conditioning solutions. Learning about the correct air conditioning circulation option is crucial in making your space tolerable. It is a must to remember that while keeping yourself as cool as possible, you should not forget about keeping your car cool too. 

We have talked about these and many more subjects in our previous blogs. Here is the one about keeping yourself cooler, and here is the one that focuses more on your vehicle.

Are There Any To Do Stuff That Are Especially Good for Summer?

As things get hotter in summer, making little modifications to increase power and fuel efficiency is necessary to get all the attention while going out to have some fun. If you don't keep up with the required maintenance to keep your automobile running smoothly, modifying your car to boost performance won't help you much. 

Your car will run better and last longer if you change your oil frequently, and summer is the perfect time to check those oil levels and quality. Making sure that your tires are properly inflated is essential in summer because the heat does wonders to the air pressure inside your tires. Make sure you check them as frequently as possible. It is recommended to always adhere to the maintenance schedule that your car manufacturer recommends. 

Going out for outdoor activities takes some space in your head in summer. It is important to remember the correct camping spots and where the biggest waves are for surfing. But it is also essential to remind yourself of the easily forgettable things about your car. For advice on suggested maintenance at different mileage levels, consult your car's owner manual. Ensure the automobile keeps running as intended. Some vehicles may need a timing belt, chain, or fluid modifications at specific mileage points.

Not to Forgets for Summer Modifying

Summer means higher humidity levels, even more so for those that are close to lakes, seas, and oceans. Humidity is the number one known enemy for some electronics and an oxidation corrosion cause. The electric spark that fires the combination of air and gasoline in each cylinder of your engine is produced by spark plugs. They may eventually deteriorate due to the summer heat causing high humidity levels resulting in the oxidation corrosion of the tips of the spark plugs. The spark plugs may even be destroyed due to poor running circumstances, such as being excessively skinny or overweight. 

Because compromised spark plugs have a limited capacity to ignite the air/fuel mixture, the engine may misfire, and misfiring in summer may lead you to think that there are much worse problems with your vehicle. 

When selecting spark plugs to place in your engine, consider your alternatives carefully or speak with the store clerk at your neighborhood auto parts retailer. Prevent corrosion or failure; spark plugs should be changed regularly as part of your standard car maintenance.

Also, you can always follow Pedal Commander blog page to stay up to date on the latest trends, more information about the tuning community, and the best seasonal modifications you can apply to your vehicle. Going out there and enjoying the summer with your modified vehicle is easier with a Pedal Commander. No sweating included thanks to the only 15 minute installation. Live life full throttle in summer too!

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Modifying