10 Car Modifications That Are Waste of Money
August 05, 2022

10 Car Modifications That Are Waste of Money

If you identify yourself as a car enthusiast, you can be mad keen on car modifications to bring your car to the best version. Today’s rapidly developing technology enables manufacturers to produce a lot of different car modifications, from car trunk mods to cosmetic mods for cars.For this reason, there is fierce competition between rival car modification shops. So, this situation leads to a dramatic increase in the number of useless car mods.

Accordingly, some people are rightly curious about the answer to the “is modding cars a waste of money?” question. It is actually no different than seeking the answer to the “Is a car a waste of money?” question. The reason is that modding a car with a reliable and high-quality auto upgrade allows you to experience a fantastic driving pleasure. So, this is not described as a huge waste of time but as a rather good investment.

However, you need to know that there are countless dumb car mods in car modification shops because of greedy manufacturers who put their own economic interests first. Let’s talk about bad car mods. If you have an assertive friend about car mods, you can see the useless car rims with lights or the money rims. So, these kinds of bad car mods add nothing to your car, but a ridiculous appearance.

Moreover, some bad car mods can lead to serious damage to the overall quality of your car. For this reason, if you want to preserve the overall quality of your car, you need to do extensive research on bad car mods before buying any car mods. Our blog will offer a detailed shortlist of bad car mods for you. So, all you need to do is keep reading to learn 10 car modifications that are a waste of money.

Spinner Hubcaps

We can define spinner hubcaps as wheel covers that spin around metallic disks of the car tires. Do hubcaps serve a purpose? One of the most important functions of spinner hubcaps is to protect wheel nuts from exposure to external factors. But, it is unable to go beyond a certain point which is based on an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, spinner hubcaps are a useless car mod that causes a waste of money.

A white muscle car with spinner hub caps

Big Boy Rims

Those who want to attract more attention buy large rims in spite of their small wheels. For this reason, they have to spend a lot of money and time to fit the oversized rims to their small wheels. As you can guess, big boy rims make your car ridiculous and awkward. So, all you need to do is add big boy rims to your bad car mods list.

A car with big boy rims that are too big for the car.

Neon Underglows

One of the most useless light mods for cars is neon lights. You can see neon lights as an innocent means of attracting attention, but these lights put extra strain on the battery and they are illegal. Is it worth buying to show off with different colors? If you don’t want to get pulled over for a pop of color, you should consider some other options.

A car with neon underglows

Stick-On Hood Vents (Hood Scoops)

There are two types of hood vents which are real and fake ones. While the real hood vent or scoop provides aerodynamic efficiency, and better cooling for the engine, the fake one, in other words, a stick-on hood scoop is just comprised of useless plastic. You need to know that stick-on hood scoops don’t work as an air intake. So, if you don’t want to waste your money on just useless pieces of plastic, you should stay away from these bad car mods.

a plastic, fake air scoop

Fake Engine Sounds

Some people associate engine sounds with performance and acceleration. For this reason, they buy fake engine sounds to show off their cars, but the resulting sound like a powerhouse can disturb the environment. When you consider California’s strict laws related to car modification, you will understand the importance of protecting the environment. So, fake engine sounds fall into the category of pointless and bad car mods.

Engine of a Cadillac car, which has fake engine sounds

Lambo Doors

One of the most well-known functions of Lambo doors is to make your car look interesting and charismatic. It is also the one and only advantage of Lambo doors because their complex and sensitive design are always vulnerable to damage. When you take your car modding with Lambo doors to a mechanic, you need to be careful about the way other people use Lambo doors. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot of money to fix your broken doors. For this reason, you can add them to your bad car mods list.

A Japanese car with aftermarket scissor doors

Fake Carbon Fiber

While high-quality carbon fiber makes your car look good, fake carbon fiber leads to breathing and respiratory problems when released into the air. Also, when you leave it uncontrolled, it can cause serious irritation to your skin. Is it worth a substantial amount of money to have just a good look? The answer is a big no, so let’s add fake carbon fiber to our list of bad car mods.

A car with fake carbon fiber hood.

Fuel Line Magnets

Another bad car mod is fuel line magnets that promise you fuel efficiency to a certain degree. But, it is also a wrong claim because fuel line magnets don't work. Gasoline is not magnetic. So, the resulting magnetic strength is not good for anything. For this reason, fuel line magnets are as useful as balance bracelets.

Yellow fuel line magnets

Tinted Head Light / Tail Light

The most familiar function of headlights or taillights is to protect your car from UV rays, road debris, and scratches to a certain degree. On the other hand, a too dark tint leads to visibility problems. For this reason, some states accept tinted headlights as illegal. Before getting them, you need to check the related laws in the states to avoid imposing a fine.

A car with tinted headlights

Full Body Kits

One of the most expensive and unnecessary car mods is full body kits that make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with sometimes impressive and sometimes ridiculous designs. You need to spend a huge amount of money on body kits as much as the cost of buying a new car. Most manufacturers claim that body kits improve the handling and performance of a car. However, there is a serious risk of underachievement in which body kits are unable to fit your car. So, we can define body kits as a bad car mod that leads to a waste of money and time.

Part of a car with a full body kit.

As you can see, the answer to the “Are car mods a waste of money?” question is based on a big yes for the above-mentioned bad car mods. But, the good news is that there is a fantastic car mod that is quite assertive about upgrading your car performance, acceleration, and fuel economy. Just keep reading to discover it!

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