Why You Should Enhance Your Modern Muscle Car with Pedal Commander?
July 24, 2022

Why You Should Enhance Your Modern Muscle Car with Pedal Commander?

Designed by American manufacturers, Muscle Cars have continued to evolve from the late 1940s to the present. As you know a muscle car actually represents American culture with its deep-rooted history. For this reason, there is definitely a classic muscle car in the car collections of many car enthusiasts. But have you ever thought about why you need to improve the performance of your modern muscle car?

Even though Muscle cars have come a long way in the past couple of decades, they’ve lost important features, too. The throttle cable is one of them.

Why Pedal Commander is the Answer to All Your Needs?

The reason is that older muscle cars had throttle cables that gave instant and linear access to power. So, those who have the classic muscle car want to experience the same powerful acceleration on their modern muscle car.

However, today manufacturers use drive-by-wire systems with a certain amount of lag, affecting the driving joy and the acceleration. If you want to eliminate annoying throttle lag, you can enjoy your modern muscle car to the fullest with Pedal Commander. Let’s talk about the answer to the “What does a Pedal Commander do?”

Pedal Commander is the most cutting-edge throttle controller that only improves the electronic throttle system of your vehicle. It allows your vehicle to reach the ultimate level of performance, acceleration, and comfort with its four adjustable modes: ECO mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode.

Pedal Commander install is possible for every model muscle car. When you select your modern muscle car body and engine on our official website, you will encounter Pedal Commander Dodge Charger or Pedal Commander for Ford Mustang. Pedal Commander offers impressive power, nimble handling, and agile ride, no matter which model of muscle car and engine you got. Thus, you can remove throttle lag and increase the throttle response for neck-snapping acceleration with Pedal Commander.

How to Take Your American Muscle Car from Good to Incredible with Pedal Commander

As you know, American Muscle car is completely beyond a mode of transportation from point A to point B. It reflects freedom, power, and speed as an integral part of the American culture. When you compare them to old American muscle cars, you can find modern ones are fantastic. But, we know that you still miss the strong acceleration of old muscle cars.

You can allow your modern muscle car to have a better throttle response with a state of art auto upgrade; Pedal Commander. So, if you want to have the classic muscle car experience on your modern muscle car, all you need to do is get Pedal Commander. For example, when you try Pedal Commander for Dodge Charger, you will feel like you are driving a classic muscle car.

All you need to do is know that the less you need to press the accelerator pedal, the more you will get a better throttle response with Pedal Commander. The reason is that Pedal Commander reduces the throttle response time and offers a faster and smoother ride quality. Thus, you can take your American muscle car from good to incredible with Pedal Commander.

Discover How Pedal Commander Promises You Classic Muscle Car Experience

If you’ve read this far, you can realize that classic muscle cars have better throttle response than modern ones thanks to cables. Those who drive 60s muscle cars want to experience the same fantastic acceleration with their modern muscle cars. But, American muscle cars have undergone many changes throughout their 70-year history.

Even if modern muscle cars have a charismatic, sporty-looking, and powerful engine, they face throttle response delays because of the intentional design of American manufacturers. Have you tried everything to fix the delayed throttle response to experience mind-blowing acceleration with your muscle car? Like maintaining your air filter, fuel filter, tire pressure, etc. Unfortunately, even if you did all of them, they are borderline useless for fixing the delayed throttle response in the long term.

However, Pedal Commander will put an end to your search for how to get a better throttle response. It only improves the electronic throttle system of your car without damaging the engine. For this reason, Pedal Commander is totally different from other ordinary aftermarket parts and chip tunings adding horsepower to your car in terms of safety.

Moreover, Pedal Commander is the most affordable and versatile auto upgrade. Without going to a mechanic, you can install it on your own in just 15 minutes. Thanks to Pedal Commander's four adjustable modes, you can adjust your acceleration according to different road and weather conditions.

As you can see, Pedal Commander allows you to pass beyond just experiencing the better throttle response time of classic muscle cars. The reason is that you can save fuel economy by up to 20% thanks to ECO mode while having a civil and smooth ride quality with City mode. Also, Sport mode and Sport+ mode promise your modern muscle car gradual mind-blowing acceleration, so you can take it to the racetrack with these modes.

We can sort Pedal Commander’s splendid advantages as a safe boost for better throttle response, acceleration, fuel economy, and an effortless installation process. Thus, all you need to do is trust that Pedal Commander enables you to experience a classic muscle car’s better throttle response on your modern muscle car.