ClickCease Do I Need Pedal Commander with a Tuner?
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Do I Need Pedal Commander with a Tuner?

Pedal Commander is an aftermarket part, a tuner, and a performance part. Is Pedal Commander the same as other tuners when we discuss it in the sense of performance? A tidbit difference exists there. There are many types of performance tuners, from ECU remappers to Flash Tuners, Piggybacks, and OBD2 tuners. Pedal Commander falls into the plug-and-play type of tuners. What plug-and-play tuners do is simple, you plug them onto your vehicle by yourself in a short amount of time, and you’re ready to profit. Pedal Commander specifically plugs between your throttle cable and your ECU (your vehicle’s brain). There are certainly positive aspects to this, and we shall discuss them, so stay tuned!