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These are the 8 Biggest Killers of Your Car's Performance

Cansu Erdal
September 11, 2022

As you know, one of the most annoying situations is related to the lack of power in the car. Since some people say that car has no power at all, car myths keep increasing. For this reason, the question “why is car losing power?” remains unanswered. Actually, it is based on engine lost power.

Over the years, you get used to the capabilities and functions of your vehicle. So, it’s not surprising that you can easily notice when your car lacks the same power as you usually experience. A loss of power is most noticeable when you’re accelerating, or when your automatic car struggles uphill.

If the engine lacks power accelerating, this will reveal a loss of horsepower. Don’t worry! It is quite normal to encounter a problem of a car losing acceleration or losing power. Almost all mechanical types of equipment around us are open to breakdown and damage, so this also applies to your vehicle. This is where the importance of regular car maintenance and repair comes into play.

For this reason, engine power loss can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. If you set up a regular maintenance and servicing schedule for your car, you can preserve the overall quality of engine power. One of the most important precautions for protecting engine power is to know what causes the engine to lose power.

Actually, it doesn't matter whether you ask “why would my car lose power?” or “what could be the problem with my car?” because it is always helpful to learn the correct answers to these questions. As you can guess, we will talk about what causes a car to lose power now. Let’s discover the 8 biggest killers of your car performance.

  • Low Engine Compression

  • We can define low engine compression as a killer of your car’s performance. When the cylinders don’t compress enough air, the engine is likely to lose power and efficiency. This is the exact description of low engine compression. During the combustion process, the function of a good cylinder makes the engine work properly and provides a necessary amount of power to your vehicle. For this reason, if you deal with the issue of engine power loss, you need to check the engine compression of your vehicle.

  • Bad Air Filter

  • Those who think that when A/C is on car loses power should pay more attention to the air filter of their vehicles first. The internal combustion chamber of the engine is to mix gasoline and air to generate the needed power to run the vehicle. The quality of air that enters the engine has a direct effect on the performance of your car. If any contaminants like dirt, dust, sand, etc. get their way into the engine, it can lead to severe engine power loss and even damage.

    When the air filter of your vehicle is already clogged, the amount of air that can get into the engine's internal combustion chamber will be restricted. So, if you complain about engine power loss, you need to check the air filter of your car.

  • Clogged Fuel Filter

  • Another killer of your car’s performance is a clogged fuel filter. The function of a fuel filter is to prevent contaminants, particles, and deposits from entering the fuel lines and reaching the engine. When it gets clogged up with these over time, you can face a loss of engine power. So, you can replace the fuel filter to protect the engine power of your car.

  • Clogged Exhaust System

  • A clogged exhaust system can be the enemy of your car’s performance. The function of an exhaust system is to remove unnecessary and harmful gasses from the engine. The sooner it releases these gasses, the sooner the engine is able to restart combustion. This process allows the engine to generate more power. However, if the exhaust system of your vehicle gets clogged up with contaminants, you have to deal with engine power loss.

  • Faulty Spark Plugs

  • The answer to the question “Can old spark plugs cause loss of power?” is a big yes. The function of spark plugs helps the internal combustion engine transmit the electrical spark from the ignition coils to the internal combustion chamber. This electrical spark ignites the mixture of fuel and air, which allows the engine to produce power. Thus, the faulty spark plugs that are unable to transmit this electrical signal lead to a loss of engine power.

  • Malfunctioning Sensors

  • As you know, today’s modern car engines have a range of sensors designed to detect malfunctions and make components work as they should. These sensors control everything from airflow to emissions by sending electronic signals to the ECU, so they have an important role in maintaining the power and performance of your vehicle. If any engine sensor goes out of order, it can lead to a loss of engine power. Thus, one of the most dangerous killers of your car’s performance is a malfunctioning sensor.

  • Faulty Ignition Coils

  • We can describe a faulty ignition coil as a dangerous enemy of your car’s performance. What the ignition coil does is transform the electrical energy from the vehicle battery into high voltage. This voltage helps generate the electrical spark which is able to ignite the air and fuel mixture of the engine. For this reason, if the ignition coil of your vehicle goes out of order, you have to face a loss of engine power and acceleration.

  • Faulty Turbocharger

  • The function of a turbocharger is based on compressing more air flowing into the engine’s cylinder. The compressed air makes the oxygen molecules packed closer together. It offers more fuel and performance for the same size naturally aspirated engine. When there is a hole or loss of connection in the turbocharger’s tubing, it causes a loss of engine power. Similarly, if the turbocharger gets clogged up with contaminants like leaves, grit, and rubbish, you can associate the lack of engine power with this.

    Useful Solution to Leave Engine Power Loss Behind

    When you find none of the above-mentioned 8 biggest killers in your car, you need to benefit from a good aftermarket part that enhances the performance and acceleration of your car. Therefore, besides regular maintenance and repair, you can solve the problem of engine power loss with the most high-quality auto upgrade, Pedal Commander.

    Pedal Commander eliminates throttle lags from your gas pedal, so it promises you faster and smoother ride quality. If you want to experience great driving pleasure, all you need to do is learn more about Pedal Commander.

    These are the 8 Biggest Killers of Your Car's Performance