How to Survive Automotive Chip Shortage With Pedal Commander
September 21, 2022

How to Survive Automotive Chip Shortage With Pedal Commander

As you know, there is a global automotive chip shortage because of the semiconductor shortage. One of the most important reasons for this is based on Covid-19. This pandemic has led to many quarantines, the shutdown of factories, workforce challenges, and supply chain disruption. Unfortunately, while there are signs of recovery in terms of automotive chip shortage, these difficult effects seem to disappear slowly.

However, the good news is that there is a cutting-edge upgrade named Pedal Commander. It is the most valuable performance upgrade that can provide the safest boost for your vehicle. When you learn how to survive automotive chip shortage with Pedal Commander, you will ignore the high prices of new cars. 

Why Is There an Automotive Chip Shortage?

As we mentioned, one of the significant reasons for automotive chip shortage is related to Covid-19, which leads to supply chain vulnerabilities from chips shortage in the automotive industry. It affects almost all semiconductor chip industries negatively because of the shutdown of factories, low supply and demand, and canceled orders.

All over the world, many consumers put purchasing a vehicle on the back burner. So, even though auto manufacturers have a financial crisis, they have to set high car prices. The reason is that the automotive chip shortage and supply chain vulnerability put the manufacturers in a poor condition. 

Semiconductor production is a difficult process, and any setbacks can influence everyone as we are experiencing it right now.

For this reason, as both the latest model car and used car prices are skyrocketing, many people tend to hold on to their old cars. While the crisis of automotive chip shortage and supply chain vulnerability comes to a boil, you don’t have to change your car with the latest one.

All you need to do is learn more about Pedal Commander. It promises you impressive power, practical acceleration settings, and smooth and agile ride quality with its four adjustable modes. Unlike other chip tunings adding horsepower to your vehicle, Pedal Commander does not interfere with the engine's operation and damage the original engine parts.

Even if you don’t get the latest model car, you can still make your car faster and more comfortable with Pedal Commander. So, tuning your veteran car is completely effortless and safe with Pedal Commander.

When Will the Car Prices Drop?

Today’s car enthusiasts associate fantastic driving pleasure with the latest model cars. For this reason, they are always curious about the answer to the “When will the car prices drop?” question. But, you know that bad news travels fast. As many people foresee, the latest model car prices will not decrease in the near future.

Supply chain and production was slow. It is still lacking now, affecting the car prices negatively for the buyers.

Unfortunately, this kind of inflationary recession is valid for used car prices. So, there is no positive answer to the “When will used car prices drop?” question. If you really consider used car prices, you can hold on tight to your old car. But, it doesn't mean that you never enjoy high-quality acceleration, performance, and comfort with your veteran vehicle.

Pedal Commander offers the most reliable and affordable service with a 2-year warranty. It is a versatile auto upgrade that guarantees better performance, acceleration, and fuel economy at the same time. For this reason, we claim that you will get the pleasure of driving the latest model car with your old car upgraded by Pedal Commander.

How Can Pedal Commander Help You Get Through This Crisis?

If you’ve read this far, you can realize that it is quite unclear when will automotive chip shortage end. As the supply chain of the automotive sector has come to a standstill due to Covid-19, even used car prices are skyrocketing. Instead of complaining about both the latest and used car prices in this economic crisis, you can upgrade your veteran car with Pedal Commander.

Pedal Commander will unlock your vehicle’s full potential. It reduces throttle response time and offers smooth and fast ride quality with its four adjustable modes. Although we don’t know when will automotive chip shortage end, we make sure that Pedal Commander will help you get through it. Let’s talk about how Pedal Commander works!

Pedal Commander makes you know the value of your veteran car. No matter which vehicle or engine you got, Pedal Commander will touch your car like a magic wand and turn it into a beast. It eliminates any throttle lag from your gas pedal and offers easy acceleration adjustment. Simply, it unleashes the monster within your car for you. 

Pedal Commander is so versatile and powerful that it will make you feel like you have four different cars. The reason is that it has four adjustable modes: ECO mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode. While driving, you can customize the acceleration of your vehicle with these modes.

ECO mode makes your vehicle accelerate slowly in different road and weather conditions and improves fuel economy by up to 20%. City mode offers a civil and smooth ride quality in the city traffic. Sport mode and Sport+ mode promises mind-blowing acceleration and make your car feel like a race car! All you need to do is get Pedal Commander and ignore automotive chip shortage.