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Is Pedal Commander Useful For Towing

Cansu Erdal
September 21, 2022

As you know, the towing process has some difficulties for almost all drivers. But, if you put your comfort, safety, and performance first, you need to know everything about Pedal Commander towing. 

As Pedal Commander is a versatile upgrade for trucks and other vehicles, “Does Pedal Commander help with towing” is a question we often get. However, the answer is not so clear-cut, as some types of vehicles like SUVs and trucks like Ford F-150 have a specific tow rating. And that rating is determined by the engine’s power and the chassis capabilities

Towing has its distinct set of challenges for every driver.

The answer might seem like an obvious no, as Pedal Commander doesn’t give your car any additional power or make changes to your chassis. However, it is not so clear-cut an answer. Yes, if you want a better towing capacity from your vehicle, you should make changes to the engine or the chassis. However, Pedal Commander does have some tricks up in its sleeve to help you with towing

When you google Pedal Commander towing capacity, you will know how Pedal Commander makes the annoying towing process more tolerable and practical. Then, let’s talk about Pedal Commander towing capacity.

Does Pedal Commander Help With Towing?

When you want to tow a travel trailer, a small boat, or other vehicles with your vehicle, you need to adjust your acceleration to tow whatever you want safely. When you tow something with your car, you realize that towing increases the input with your press on the gas pedal. However, experienced towers know that good throttle control is the key when towing.  Unlike most other aftermarket upgrades, Pedal Commander effect towing by offering better control over your accelerator pedal’s sensitivity.

Pedal Commander has four adjustable modes, so you can minimize your acceleration to avoid the forces generated from the towing process. Pedal Commander has four adjustable modes: ECO mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode. ECO mode will be handy for towing as it offers slow and smooth acceleration, allowing you to have a safe condition during the towing. As you know, slow and steady wins the race when towing. Also, you need to avoid sudden direction changes or sharp maneuvers when towing. Like ECO mode, City or Sport mode will provide a more civil and comfortable ride when you tow and are on the move. With these modes, you can pull quicker from complete stops and the extra help with throttle response can make your load feel lighter for you. 

Pedal Commander will make your towing process more smooth.

Another important issue for towing is related to saving time which is as necessary as comfortable and safe ride quality. The reason is that Pedal Commander for towing reduces throttle response time, so you can get the sufficient acceleration you want.

While you benefit from a comfortable and safe ride with Pedal Commander’s ECO mode and City mode, you can also save time with Pedal Commander’s better throttle control. Thus, Pedal Commander towing capacity will fulfill your needs.

Should You Use Pedal Commander When Towing?

It is quite normal that everyone hates dealing with the problems of towing process. But, you must know that Multiple SEMA award winner Pedal Commander will help you during your towing and hauling missions. If you’ve read this far, you know you can depend on Pedal Commander for towing.

However, when you compare Pedal Commander for towing with other aftermarket parts, you will witness that Pedal Commander for towing gives you a more comfortable and safer ride than other traditional upgrades. For this reason, as you can guess, Pedal Commander towing capacity has a lot of passionate fans and haters.

Pedal Commander only improves the electronic throttle system. Once you install it on your vehicle, you will experience the best way to reduce throttle response time and consequently save time.  As a result, Pedal Commander for towing promises you a more comfortable and safer ride quality with Eco mode and City mode. Pedal Commander towing capacity allows you to eliminate poor throttle response and save time. So, if you want to benefit from all of them at once, you need to get a Pedal Commander for towing.

Is Pedal Commander Useful For Towing