ClickCease Pedal Commander Returns to the Ultra4 Racing: King of the Hammers 2021
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Pedal Commander Returns to the Ultra4 Racing: King of the Hammers 2021 Presented By Lasernut

Rahmi Doğucan E.
January 21, 2021

The Pedal Commander Team is kicking off 2021 with one of our favorite annual off-road events, The 2021 King of the Hammers Presented by Lasernut. King of the Hammers is one of the largest off-road playgrounds in the country. The event has grown so large over the years, that the annual popup city known as Hammertown USA has been given its own point on the map.

Via Google Maps

We loved every minute of KOH2020 and can’t wait to get coated in desert dirt all over again. Just rolling into Hammertown, Ca brings a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the racing and Powersports challenges coming in the next week. From watching drivers take on the famed KOH Backdoor, to the jump contest, and every class race in between The King of Hammers has yet to let the excitement level fall.

Getting the opportunity to meet our customers face to face and see the how much joy the Pedal Commanders brings to off-roaders has always been a favorite experience of ours. When it comes to succeeding at the challenges put forth by the King of the Hammers team, Control is key. Having the ability to change throttle sensitivity as ground texture and traction levels change gives drivers running the Pedal Commander an upper hand in any challenge from, crawling up the backdoor to drag racing across a dry lakebed. Check out our off-road units here and see how they can improve your driving experience:

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KOH 2019

This year Team Pedal Commander will be with team driver and super shredder Blake Wilkey, as well as welcoming X-Games Gold medalist, motocross star, and Team Pedal Commander Rider Destin Cantrell out with us. You can find Team Pedal Commander at our booth this year in Hammertown, or you may see one of our media team members filming the excitement, either way stop by and say "Hi!"

If the weeklong trek out into the Johnson Valley Desert isn’t in the cards for you this year you can watch all the events on the Ultra 4 Livestream Here (

You can also check out our recap video from last year here:

We can’t wait to see all of you out there!

Pedal Commander Returns to the Ultra4 Racing: King of the Hammers 2021 Presented By Lasernut